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VOTE on January! And Other News...

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 31, 2013, 8:43 PM

:iconblueflowerplz: Voting on Top Submissions of JANUARY 2013! :iconblueflowerplz:

:iconcip15: TIME TO VOTE ON JANUARY 2013's FOLDERS! :iconcip15:

:iconsnowmanlaplz: :iconsnowmanlaplz: :iconsnowmanlaplz: :iconsnowmanlaplz:

~~~ :iconpoppy3plz: ~~~ HOW TO VOTE ~~~ :iconpoppy3plz: ~~~

Most Months, we hold a WHOLE GROUP Membership Voting, and we Welcome our AWESOME MEMBERS/[plus ADMIN.!] to VOTE on what each feel are the TOP Submissions from the Month, out of our Folders!
We believe this is the Group's Group.

:note: We will continue to ONLY vote on our FIVE original folders...
As for our new special folders, work WILL be highlighted from them periodically, in certain Special News Articles.


You May Vote on:

:bulletblue: 2 from "Birds, Iverts., Aquatics, Repts., Amphibs. JAN. 2013" - HERE:…

:bulletblue: 1 OR 2 from "Wild Animals JAN. 2013" - HERE:…

:bulletblue: 1 OR 2 from "Domestic Mammals JAN. 2013" - HERE:…

:bulletblue: 2 from "Nature Much Closer JAN. 2013" - HERE:…

:bulletblue: 2 from "All 'Scapes JAN. 2013" - HERE:…

:note: TWO FOLDERS, "Domestic Mammals OCT. 2012", and Wild Animals OCT. 2012 have a CHOICE between voting on ONE or TWO images.

The MAX number of submissions you can vote on for this month is: TEN [ 10 ].

[If more is sent, I will choose from your own votes. Thanks. :thanks:]

:note: ONE of your votes, could be of ONE of your own submissions, but ONLY IF you wish! :)

:pointr: SEND in a NOTE to me, Tea of TeaPhotography :iconteaphotography: up to TEN [ 10 ] of what you believe is The TOP Submissions in the way described above, using THUMBCODES, please. :thanks:

:note: NOTE: If you do NOT know how to do THUMBCODES,
check out this tutorial:

TUT: Thumb Codes, Links + Emb. by TimberClipse

If still unsure, PLEASE ask in a comment below, for any Member or Admin. to answer, or NOTE any ADMIN., or SEND the GROUP a NOTE. :)

:pointr: VOTING is from starting NOW, FEB. 1 through FEB. 7th, ending sometime around the afternoon, MY time, which is Pacific Standard Time, giving plenty of time into the evening and night, for ALL! ;)
:note: I will NOT be updating the voting journal, anymore, to say that voting actually closed. :thanks:


:iconcatearsplz: As soon as I possibly can, after FEB. 7th, I will assemble and log the votes, into my spreadsheet, and put together the Group News Article to showcase the body of work, The Members have voted on. :aww:

:iconcatearsplz: If you are actually IN the Group Journal, I will contact you directly, via NOTES about 4 days later.
PLEASE: If you DO SEE :eyes: it ahead of time, either COMMENT or :+fav: it, simply so that I *know* that YOU know, that you've been FEATURED.
This way, I do NOT have to send you a Notification from our Group.
This will save me SO MUCH MORE TIME, later. :phew: Thank you! :thanks: :rose:

:note: VERY Important to NOTE: :note:

"The Top Submissions of JAN. 2013" News Article will be coming out MUCH later, than usual.

Usually, it comes out around the 10th or 11th of each regular month.

But, in February, I will be AWAY most of the month, out of state.
My last day online is: Feb. 4th
I plan to return on: Feb. 21st

If it is at all possible, I might be able to check in onto dA, while I am away, but I can't guarantee it.
For certain, I won't be able to do anything major, like projects or news articles.

Thank you for understanding. :aww:

This Group is a FABULOUS TEAM!
:rose::thanks: :community::community::community::community::community: :thanks: :rose:

On behalf of the Administrators, we thank you for your truly phenomenal submissions during the month of JANUARY!
You continue to be AWESOME!
:heart: :wow: :heart:


:iconballoonsplz: Our Group’s NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS! :iconballoonsplz:

:trophy: February 2013's THEME, First THEME of 2013! :trophy:

:iconlovegreenplz: HEART-SHAPED NATURE :iconlovegreenplz:

OPENS: Feb. 1st, when our five original folders will open.
CLOSES: Feb. 28th, when our five original folders will close.

PLEASE, read the details about the RULES, Theme DESCRIPTION, and PRIZES directly in the Submitting Folder: HERE:…


Thank you in advance to any Affiliate Groups who promote it.


WE CAN'T WAIT to see your entries!!!

Details to come!



April - May
Firm Dates, Theme, and Details... coming soon!


:icondonatepointsgreenplz: Points for Our Group :icondonatepointsgreenplz:

First of all, Unframed-Nature can not thank enough our very generous Members, and Administrators alike, who have Donated and continue to Donate :points: Points to our Group! A few of them have done so, multiple times! :rose:


As we look to 2013, for our Group here, we DO plan on having AT LEAST our TWO MAIN BIG Contests, that we usually host, one in the Spring and one in the Autumn...

We would also like to host more Monthly Themes, which we treat as Mini-Contests!

Our FIRST Monthly Theme for 2013, is planned for February...

And of course we would like to have enough again, to renew our Super Group later in 2013...

To achieve the above in a great way, feel free to donate to our Group!

The Widget is HERE:
:points: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts: :points:

Any and ALL Donations are always HIGHLY appreciated... and you will read there how you will be recognized and rewarded for your kind generosity!


Admins. for Unframed-Nature!

We have several new & newish Admins. over the last few months.

However we are still willing to take applications if you are interested in joining our team.
Please read the following application, and then answer the questions inside, and then NOTE your answers to me,
Tea, TeaPhotography

Administrator Application for Unframed-NatureUnframed-Nature's Application for Administrative Position
Accepting Applications for Administrator Positions at Unframed-Nature is now: OPEN!
Before you apply, please know that volunteering for a large and active group here on dA, such as Unframed-Nature is a real and true commitment, which will take up some of your time on at least a weekly basis, maybe more.
Unframed-Nature is special in many ways, but from an Administrative view point, it is very special because we have always had good luck with our current Administrators, most of which have been with the Group, as Administrators, for a very long time.
We are a very friendly Team, both with each other, and with the Members, as well. This means when we do have to decline works, we do give a reason, and we are friendly about it.  It means, that upon occasion if there is something that we disagree about within the Admin. Team, we disagree nic

It's not as formal as it looks, we just want to understand better who are potential Admins. are!

:thanks: :heart: :thanks:

:iconteamoplz: Kind Reminders :iconteamoplz:

If you are not aware of this yet...
or maybe just not familiar with this enough yet,

Please read about the changes at our Group:

COMPLETE FAQ and Folder Rules for Unframed-Nature:iconhappysunplz: Welcome to Unframed-Nature,
and to Our NEW Complete Group FAQ & Folder Rules for 2013!
:iconwhiteflowerplz: Introduction and Welcome! :iconwhiteflowerplz:
First, I would like to take a moment to wish ALL of our Admins., Members, and Friends of our Group,
Below you will find our Group's New FAQ, New Folder Rules, and New Folders for 2013.
This Group News Article, intends to contain everything you need to know, in order to understand what we are about at Unframed-Nature, and what types of art work we are looking for, in each one of our folders.
We have made a few changes to our current folders, in order to hopefully clarify a few issues we've had during the past year, and we've added a few NEW folders, in hopes to give more meaning to our group, with both a

A few of the changes DO affect our five original general folders,
and the changes include a few NEW FOLDERS!


The above IS a COMPLETE FAQ sheet, so it is long... Scroll to the Folder or Folders that you NEED to familiarize yourself with.

As always, for your convenience, everything you need to know about EACH folder is INSIDE each folder!


Issues We've Noticed Since Re-Opening:

1. We NOW have a separate folder for ANY NATURE work that might contain HUMANS, ARCHITECTURE, or TRANSPORTATION within the work, called: "Humans, Architecture, Transportation in NATURE"

There are still quite a few Members submitting such works to "ALL 'SCAPES" or even "Domestic Mammals" where definitely no humans should be showing in "Domestic Mammals" [sometimes if it's a pet, a little bit of their home might be seen.]

Remember, the focus STILL MUST BE ON or ABOUT NATURE! :D

2. ALL of our Folders are about Nature, even our brand new ones! So whatever is submitted must be obviously about Nature.
If it is TOO abstract for our Admins., to determine that it is about Nature, and there is nothing about your Title, Category, or Artist Comments, to explain how the deviation speaks to Nature, we WILL ask! :nod:

3. In ANY of our Folders, we do NOT accept ANY work that is about or contains:

And this is NOT a change. It has always been this way at this group.

4. Also, Otters and sharks are considered Aquatic Animals, and should be submitted and accepted to:
Birds, Invertebrates, Aquatics, Amphibians!

This is also NOT a change, but I have had to move three otter images and one shark image to the correct folder.

Please help out, by being familiar with all of our folders.

It is difficult for me to continue to move work to the correct folder.

I will begin to remove work that doesn't belong in our NATURE Group, at all, soon, but I really don't want to have to do that.

Thank you SO MUCH for NOTING our Rules!
It is so much appreciated, and will make all of the work at our Group, much easier!


:iconlovepurpleplz: Affiliate Groups’ News & Contests :iconlovepurpleplz:

:icondawishingwell: is an awesome wonderful Group!
It’s where “Wishes Can Come True!”
So if you have a dA wish, come check us out!
We also hold and participate in a variety of special and positive activities...
such as: “Tuesday Treats”
Tuesday Treats: That Thing You Do!... my thing is so swag! ...
Everyone has a 'thing' they do or say that just reminds you of them whenever you see or hear it. What 'thing' sets you apart from others? Do you duckface? Do you snap your fingers, cross your eyes, lick your lips, whistle nonstop, tap pens...? Find a deviation that represents something you do regularly that you don't always intend to do and link it in a comment on this blog! One deviation per member please. Each submitted deviation will be featured in the next TT! Enjoy and have the best day ever!

Last week, we discussed cats and their... cat-ness...
Comfort and Healing by TeaPhotography Meow! :3 by Sparrow-Leon :thumb332478557: Dramatic Gaze by petits-bonheurs

Have a suggestion? Just send the group a note with subject of Tuesday Treats Suggestion!

and: “Wonderful Wednesday and YOU”
Wonderful Wednesday and YouHello Dear Members, Watchers and Visitors
It's the middle of the week again
 Share the artistic talents of your watchers or friends
Here is what you can do to help promote your watchers or friends: 
* Visit your watchers or friends list and pick one from the list you would like to share. 
* Visit your chosen deviants gallery and pick one deviation from their gallery. 
* Copy the deviation link and paste the link into the comments of this blog. 
Next: Tell us "Why the chosen deviant and deviation is Wonderful?" 
Example deviation: the deviation reminds me of bright and sunny day. 
Example deviant: the deviant is always positive, kind and friendly. 
Please remember to leave a comment and link to this blog on your friends or 
watchers profile page, by doing so they will know you are helping them 
gain exposure in a very positive way 
Wonderful Wednesda

which then gets featured to, weekly to: “WishingWell Weekly”
WishingWell WeeklyThe Wishlist | Granted Wishes | Featured Member | Featured Print
Point Features | Well Wishes | Tuesday Treats | Feature Friday |

January NOMS:
The Noms: January Resolutions and February Peak!The Noms
Get your fill!
:damphyr: The Special in January
January starts a new month and a NEW YEAR! Happy 2013 everyone! Lots of people make resolutions at the beginning of the new year to help them on their way to becoming a better person in so many ways! Some people want to be kinder, thinner, healthier, funner, happier, richer and more! What kinds of New Year Resolutions have you made? We want to know!
:new: Coming up in February!!!
February is all about sharing the love and giving back! deviantHEART, a group we are affiliated with whose goal is to "Promote Positivity," is hosting an event, "14 Days of Features" (courtesy of one of their amazing admins, Astrikos!). Starting on Feb 1st, you can check out different features such as 14 kinds of Chocolates, 14 Different Smiles, 14 Ways to say I Love You, and more! And on Day 14 (Valentine's Day), there will be a huge feature on what YOU think of LOVE! No need to join the

Watch for FEB. NOMS!
And everything else this group does... many features daily, projects, and events happening!

:rose: :rose: :rose:

:icondevnews: is a positive group spinning the world of dA NEWS your way!
Simply JOIN, to find out what’s going on in the dA world around YOU! :nod:
We, our group, of Unframed-Nature has been featured with them many times,
among so many wonderful things reported here... It’s a work of heart. :heart: :love:

Some great exmaples:
Photography Troubleshooting: LandscapesI first started out with landscape Photography and it's something that I particularly enjoy now whether that's rolling hills, rolling clouds, or a bit of both on a stormy day. Photographing landscapes can not only highlight the natural terrain of the earth, but also what's going on in the sky and the weather effects of the day. o-kaykay asked for some Landscape pointers - so here are some handy tips on how to achieve great landscape shots:
1) Use a Tripod
There are times when you just won't have the time. But equally if you've got a fantastic scene in front of you and you have a moment or two to set things up, then please do. You'll honestly be more pleased with your results. Where you may have a landscape that involves a bit of water, you might need a longer shutter speed. The tripod will help stabilise you. Consider also using a shutter release to help you as well. For a bit more information on tripods and when and where to use them
Improved deviantART Integration on TwitterWe're excited to announce that we just implemented enhancements to the way deviantART links display on Twitter, giving you and your artwork more prominence and exposure!
We're always looking for ways to give artists better exposure -- both on deviantART and across the web. Not only do these changes give artists a bigger presence across Twitter by allowing them to reach a bigger audience, but they also encourage proper attribution.
(Hylian Shirt by *blo0p)
What's New
Artwork will appear larger on Twitter.Titles and descriptions of artwork are now automatically included!
Links to Profiles, Groups, Favourites, Galleries, Collections, Journals, and items will now display inline! When profiles are shared, it pulls in your deviantID and bio.
Tweets including deviantART links are now eligible to show up in
How to be a devious deviant:UpdatesEdit: Fixed embedding of phoenixleo's deviation, kind of. I also added llamas by popular demand + added more information about various things.
Your feedback will be added in the next article! :la: (see end of article) Community version for the win! :eager:

Some people only seem to care about numbers. Watchers/llamas/views/ the like. Those are important and lovely, but not just by them self.
:dummy: Here are a few simple ways to get more involved with the community. :dalove:
Go join a group! Explore Groups So many to chose from!
Consider volunteering for that group, helping moderate it, welcoming new people. :la: If you are looking for a particular group, I have written a small guide
Groups: Tutorial + Resources
Groups: DeviantART Relate

While the regular editions have been placed on a hiatus for a while,
Please keep your eyes :eyes: out for the NEXT one.


:icondeviantheart: a group that’s all HEART! :heart:
“Promoting Positivity”
This group supports positive initiatives and projects around dA,
as well as a variety of positive art and artists. It is a helpful and kind group.
Recent awesome articles, about great stuff!
ARKs: Kindness Quilt Contest! Winner!:heart: Acts of Random Kindness Contest
What are Acts of Random Kindness?
What is a Kindness Quilt?
Winner: Mommy-of-Ein

Please see the prizes you will be receiving at the bottom of this journal.
Unfortunately, even with a month-long extension, most participants were unable to finish their quilts. With that issue, does anyone have any suggestions for how we should approach or run the next Kindness Quilt Contest?
:star: The Contest Specifics
Start date: November 1
End date: December 31
Quilts accepted: After October 15
Gallery: ARK Quilt 2012
Category: Community Projects / Projects & Clubs / The Ki
I LOVE: Now ClosedThis project is now closed. Please look forward to other great deviantHEART projects!
February Top 2 LOVE HAPPENS
Internship ProgramWe will only accept :bulletred: 5 :bulletred: interns at this time
This is a large group on deviantART, which means it comes with large responsibilities. For any deviant interested in being a part of our positive promoting team they will start their time in our administration as an Intern for a minimum of two weeks. Within that time the Intern should decipher and fully digest the tasks our administration handles and decide which field best suits their skill-set.
Here is a breakdown of responsibilities needing administration:
:bulletblack: Quality Control: Review notes, blog posts and address administrative concerns to ensure group standards are met.
:bulletgreen: Chatroom Moderators: Responsible for maintaining order, hosting chat events and awarding points to group members and guests participating in :#devheart: events. --> Ideal candidate will spend a lot of time on the dAmn network connecting with the community.
:bulletwhite: Public Relations: Serve as an


:icontreelovers: is hosting a BIG and Year-Long Community Project called:
“Art for Trees”
Read about this wonderful and worthy project HERE:
Art for Trees - project:iconspringtree-1plz::iconspringtree-2plz::iconspringtree-3plz::iconspringtree-4plz::iconspringtree-4pl5:
"When is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. The second best time? Today."
- Chinese proverb
2014: This is the 3rd year of the project. There are many people supporting it, featuring it in their journal and offering art. BUT... There have been NO trees planted for it in the last year (I don't count mine). So, instead of talking about it, how about getting up and actually planting a tree, if you are able to? There is a lot of wonderful art waiting for you as a reward!
Trees are important, valuable and necessary to our very existence. It's not too hard to believe that, without trees we humans would not exist on this beautiful planet. Trees are the largest and longest living organisms on earth. To grow tall the tree has become a miracle of engineering and a complex chemical factory. It is able to take water and


The FOUNDER of the above Affiliate Group, :iconmirachravaia:
who is also a very good friend and support to our group HERE,
is hosting a really fun and wonderful GAME here on dA, and you could
WIN HALF the Points :points: in her POINTS POOL!
Check out the Article about it HERE:
sifro. - solve the codes and win points! IMPORTANT: the login into the submmitting system currently doen't work. I'll try to fix it somehow, but until then, the "Try it without login" link still works. If you submit the solution to a cipher, it will give you a link to the next one. It just won't remember your position in the game, so better save that link, or remember the solution so you can get it again.
:new: July/7/2014 - After a year and half, we finally have a next winner! It's Dimensionwalker21, winning 360 points. Congratulations!
Dec/24/2012 - We have a next winner! It's WintersRead, winning 306 points!
Nov/11/2012 - The second winner is nuvak! He generously refused the point reward, so there is still a lot of points in the pool for the next winner!
Oct/12/2012 - We have the first winner! It's ninquetari, who wins 475 points!
The easy day was yesterday! Today, the game begins! And It's just in time for dA's birthday! :D

It's awesome! So finally, FEEL FREE to participate.

:iconseaofsadness-sos: is a wonderful compassionate group, wanting to make a difference!
If you care about animals, as I know SO many of our own Members here DO,
this IS the group for you!
This group is based on the cause of primarily the protection of DOLPHINS!
Please Read Their Journals about this!
Then consider joining!

Not only will you be a part of a great group,
but at the same time you will part of a VERY worthy cause!
:icondolphinplz: :icondolphin-plz: :icondolphinplz: :icondolphin-plz: :icondolphinplz:

:iconsolutionssanctuary: is a completely awesome group!
It's about helping to run things more smoothly here on dA! :heart:
Most Recent Articles:

PE: dA help - in English or Other LanguagesOn a big site like deviantART you're no doubt going to come across something you have a question about or just don't quite understand. There are many channels you can use to find the answers to various types of questions - such as the faq, the welcome tour, the deviantART Tutorials category and the :#help: chatroom. How do you know which to use?
The best point to start with any question or problem related to dA is the official Need Help? thread. It lists all official help channels and what they can be used for. In this article we focus on the +faq - as well as places to find dA information in many other languages! Let's start with English.
English - The FAQ
The FAQ (a common abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions) c
Daily Deviation Suggestion Drive!Back By Popular Demand!
In January of 2012, the community was challenged by thorns to do something about their complaints on dA. Thus was born this very group! But before the group, it was just a fledgling idea on LiliWrites's account that began with a DD Suggestion Contest. The results of that contest were overwhelming. And so, under the prodding of quite a few Community Volunteers, we're going to do it again! 
:new: UPDATE: Less than 1 week in and we've already got 100 suggested DDs and 2 accepted suggestions!! :onfire: Keep up the great work guys and gals.  Please remember that you need to leave a link to every deviation you suggest in this journa

:community: :handshake: :community:

:icontrees-with-character: is hosting a new and lovely Contest: "Winter Wonderland"
Ends: Feb. 17th, 2013!
Check out all the details HERE:
Winter Contest - Winners!!!After a long wait here are our fabulous winners!!
:iconsparklesplz::trophy::iconsnowflake5plz::spotlight-left: First Place :spotlight-right::iconsnowflake5plz::trophy::iconsparklesplz:
Window to the Dream World

More from Her Gallery;

:iconsparklesplz::trophy::iconsnowflake5plz::spotlight-left: Second Place :spotlight-right::iconsnowflake5plz::trophy::iconsparklesplz:
Winter Light

More from Her Gallery;

:iconsparklesplz::trophy::iconsnowflake5plz::spotlight-left: Third Place :spotli

A wonderful group..
Please join!
To donate points :points: to them,
go to the page of the Founder:

:heart: :iconwalkingcatplz: :heart:

:iconspreadmoreloveplz: VERY Important to NOTE: :iconspreadmoreloveplz:

From deviantHEART :icondeviantheart:'s "Kindness Quilt Contest"

:trophy: FIRST PLACE: :iconmommy-of-ein: with:
My Kindness Quilt by Mommy-of-Ein
More from this Artist:
Pixie by Mommy-of-EinPair of Centaurs by Mommy-of-EinEsmeralda by Mommy-of-Ein

From AnimalsofTheWorld :iconanimalsoftheworld:'s "Winter Holiday Pets Mini-Contest"

:trophy: FIRST PLACE: :icondeingel-dog-stock: with:
Siberian Christmas Husky by DeingeL-Dog-Stock

:trophy: RUNNER-UP: :iconkornrad: with:
Looloo by kornrad

:trophy: HONOURABLE MENTION: :iconenalla: with:
Starry Eyed by Enalla

:trophy: HONOURABLE MENTION: :iconkarelliann: with:
How the Cat Stole Christmas - 2012 Edition by Karelliann

Thanks for your attention to our Wonderful Affiliates


Thank you ALL,
Members and hard working Admins. alike!

:note: A SPECIAL THANKS to my ADMINS., for continuing to do an amazing and loyal job with our Group, here!

I just love our TEAM, here!

:iconbutterflyplz: :iconbutterflyplz: :iconbutterflyplz:

We, at Unframed-Nature wish you ALL a most Fabulous February!

We look forward to seeing more of your outstanding submissions
during this next month! :aww:


:iconlovewhiteplz: :iconloveredplz: :iconlovewhiteplz: :iconloveredplz: :iconlovewhiteplz: :iconloveredplz:

CSS and Photo By Michelle Ramey
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DorotejaC Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
danlev Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
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SilkenWinds Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you Tea for featuring our recent contest winners. :hug: You always make such lovely features!
TeaPhotography Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
You are very much welcome, Ami! :wave:
Truly a pleasure. :hug:
And thank you! :heart:
LydiaRhianne Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
:doh: Sorry - I was probably one of those people who submitted an otter to the wrong folder. :stupidme: I will definitely remember next time!
TeaPhotography Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
I don't remember off hand who it was... but it sort of does sound familiar, now that you mention it! :cuddle:

No worries, I know our animal folders might be grouped a little uniquely, but I appreciate you taking the time to read about the "issues"... it is as much to help our members as it is to help our admins., as well! :heart:
LydiaRhianne Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Yeah, I know how annoying it can get to have to move photos to the correct folder (I have to do it frequently in one of the groups I admin). It is sometimes a bit hard for me to keep the different groups' folder rules in my head, but I'll definitely remember this one now! :D
davincipoppalag Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man.. I dunno if I can handle almost three weeks with no TEA! =D lol... so much going on!.. :hug: :hug:
TeaPhotography Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
I don't think you can handle it either! :giggle:
davincipoppalag Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Heheheheh noooo :hug:
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