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April 26, 2013
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:iconcuteheartzblue: Welcome to Unframed-Nature's Special Edition Article, Vol. 1 :iconcuteheartzblue:

:iconlovethesunshineplz: MAIN PURPOSE :iconlovethesunshineplz:

In Addition to our FIVE original folders that we've had since the beginning of 2012,
and the News Folder that we added in the middle of 2012,
we added FIVE Special Folders to our Group, at the beginning of 2013.


The main reason we did this, was to bring a deeper meaning to our Group, as far as our love and concerns for Nature.

With special news articles after every three months, which will reflect the work submitted to these folders, we are able to help share and spread awareness about particular issues that have an impact on Nature, which we would likely care about given the original idea for this group, to begin with.  If you joined this group it is because you love and care about Nature, and therefore you probably care about what happens to Nature-- after all, we are talking about everyone's common home, of Earth.

There are many things we can do, to actively help and support the wide variety of environmental issues that we face right in our immediate living areas, knowing that each of us are like a thread, within the WHOLE tapestry, and what one individual does in action, affects the WHOLE, like a ripple from a stone thrown into a lake.



Become a part of the solutions, and find ways to connect with others who feel similarly, and let's work together!

The following bodies of work, are from our FIVE Special Folders, from JANUARY, FEBRUARY, and MARCH of 2013.

Each folder grouping, while with some overlapping general concepts, is meant to reflect and express its own particular message.

Thank you Members and Administrators, alike, who have worked with these folders, both in submitting work, and accepting work to these folders.

Without you, we would not have these important things to share!

Animals for Adoption at Humane Societies, Jan., Feb., Mar., 2013:…

This folder contains animals up for adoption and submitted January 2013 - March 2013:

From: :iconlozzzy:
Tinsel Troy by lozzzyI do love tyres - Skipper RSPCA Leeds by lozzzyTyke - RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield by lozzzyLily RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield by lozzzy
Diesel RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield by lozzzyThe very lovely Sasha RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield by lozzzyCarla RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield by lozzzyRSPCA kittens by lozzzy

From: :icondeliquesce-flux:
East Valley Animal Shelter 23 by Deliquesce-FluxEast Valley Animal Shelter 22 by Deliquesce-FluxEast Valley Animal Shelter 20 by Deliquesce-Flux

From: :iconeverlastingwolf:
Walter/Wally by EverlastingWolfRalph by EverlastingWolfCasper by EverlastingWolfPatrick by EverlastingWolf

From: :icongeak-of-nature:
You Need Me... by Geak-of-NatureWhat Part of 'Take Me Home...' by Geak-of-NatureWaiting For a Home by Geak-of-Nature
Eyes Like Living Jewels by Geak-of-NatureI Will Rescue You by Geak-of-Nature

From: :iconhoschie:
In the green by hoschie

From: :iconmessimutt:
Annie by MessiMutt

From: :iconteaphotography:
Likes Modeling by TeaPhotographyWorthy of Love by TeaPhotographyTop Cat by TeaPhotographyTo Bring a Little Smile by TeaPhotography
What's Goin' On Over There? by TeaPhotographyWindows to the Soul by TeaPhotographyEngaging by TeaPhotography

The animals presented in this folder, may STILL be available for adoption!
If they are in your area, or even if you could travel to the area, feel free to inquire about these beautiful deserving animals. I am sure these artists would be happy to assist you. :aww:
If they are already adopted, there are certainly many more wonderful animals waiting for their FUR-EVER homes.

Please CLICK on individual images above to find locations of the animals, and websites of the facilities!

And don't forget to also check for animal adoption facilities near you!

Here is one great way to do that:

You can also visit and make a general donation to:

Feel free to do your own research, in order to find ways to help!

Animals of many kinds, not just cats and dogs, find their way to various types of humane societies, pounds, and shelters. Many have had extremely challenging beginnings in their lives, and are waiting for the right people to come along and give them the chance they deserve to belong to a loving family, who will be patient, and understanding with them.

Some animals wait for years in these facilities, and with the passage of time, their chances of being adopted decrease quite a bit, as it is most common to want to adopt kittens or puppies.

Such facilities very often bear the huge burden of limited space, and therefore overcrowding, making it difficult on employees, volunteers, and alas the animals themselves.  With every adoption, space is created in order to bring in and save another animal from starving on the streets, from illness, from reproducing and making even more homeless animals.

:note: If you are someone who does this kind of adoption work often, and you want to submit a couple MORE than the TWO/MONTH limit to this folder, simply NOTE the Group with the image of the animal up for adoption, and we WILL request it! :nod:

:note: If you know OTHER people on dA who take photos or otherwise create images of particular animals which are up for adoption, PLEASE direct them to our Group, and to THIS folder specifically!
OR, you can NOTE the Group, with the Artist and we will go check their galleries to request the appropriate work.

This folder ALSO contains educational and promotional Artwork, in efforts to encourage adoption, or raise money for animals in NEED, submitted January 2013 - March 2013:

From: :iconsassawj:
STAMP - Spay, Neuter. by sassawj:thumb350238572:

From: :iconcynpai:
Adoption Saves Two Lives by Cynpai

From: :iconxpekalx:
Proud owner of a shelter cat by xpekalx

From: :iconarixco:
adoption saves two lives by Arixco

From: :iconparamoresucks:
Shelter Cat by paramoreSUCKSShelter Dog by paramoreSUCKS

From: :iconwahyawolf:
Colorful Personalities by wahyawolf

From: :iconteaphotography:
The Shelter Project: Two Year Anniversary!Special Edition News Article:

:iconlovetigerplz: :iconwalkingcatplz::icondoggyplz::iconblack-kittenplz::iconlilplz: :iconlovetigerplz:
:iconhurrahplz: As of this month of August, "The Shelter Project" is TWO Years Old! :iconhurrahplz:
~:rose:~ Intro., Purpose of Article, History, and Info. ~:rose:~
Welcome to The TWO Year Anniversary of "The Shelter Project"-!
EVERYONE is welcome to be here, to be a part of the celebration, to learn more about this project and why it continues to be so important, and find out all about those here on dA who have even made this worthy cause even possible as something to participate in, right here on deviantART! :heart:
Truly the MAIN PURPOSE of this News Article is to give thanks and gratitude to ALL of the outstanding AFFILIATES of "The Shelter Project", as THEY are the ones who have made this

:note: If you are someone who does this kind of work often, and you want to submit a couple MORE than the TWO/MONTH limit to this folder, simply NOTE the Group with your educational or promotional work supporting animal adoptions or raising funds for animals in need, and we will request it.

:note: If you know OTHER people on dA who do this type of work, PLEASE direct them to our Group, and to THIS folder specifically!
OR, you can NOTE the Group, with the Artist and we will go check their galleries to request the appropriate work.

If you know me, you know that this is a subject-matter that is extremely important to me...
but I realize I am NOT the only one, and I would like those who have come together for this type of folder at Unframed-Nature to reach out and find others doing similar work, not only to increase the content of this folder, but so that we may form a stronger support system, and help each other get this knowledge and information out!

Thank you everyone!

:icondoggyplz: :iconwalkingcatplz:

Endangered Animals, Jan., Feb., Mar., 2013:…

Besides doing right by our domesticated animals, who often have various great needs, and who are waiting for families to adopt them and love them,
We cannot forget our Wild Animal counterparts, who are endangered, or in danger of becoming extinct, due to different reasons. Most of the time, the reasons have to do with some kind of human involvement, such as encroachment on their natural habitats, deforestation, or directly killing or hunting such animals- and NOT for food!

These animals are integral parts of our life on earth and the balance of our eco-system.  But more so, they also deserve our care, concern, and our protection!  There are plenty of ways to get involved, and to help preserve the beautiful animals of our planet! The first step, is AWARENESS! :heart:

This folder contains work submitted by artists during January - March 2013, which reflect certain animals which, to the best of our knowledge, are considered endangered or critically endangered:

:bulletpurple: SEA TURTLES
*SEA TURTLES* by LOURDES-LAVEAUGreen Sea Turtle by dolfinguyCindy's Turtle by k8lagHonu of the Holy by X5-442
Reef by EboneneeSea Turtle by Miss-Whoa-Back-Off:thumb292425781:

:bulletpurple: THE SEAL
Stop The Seal Hunt! by GreenVoiceCape Cross by enohla

:bulletpurple: THE POLAR BEAR
The Last Sleep by Deviant-SentientPolar Roar by LCibosPolar Bears by CarolynYMHolding on... by jbeau3d

:bulletpurple: THE PANDA
PANDA CUB WATCHES CUTE GREEN TREE FROG by PsithyrusKing Of China by A-MotiveSad panda. by OraCruzThe higher up in a tree, the more comfy by WindInTheCoffeeCup
and still hungry by nari-meA Lovable Panda by Ectoplasmic-SlugHelp us to survive... by Panda-kiddiePanda Lore by DragonDew

:bulletpurple: THE RHINOCEROS
Unicorns in the sunlight by AnneMarksTriste decadence by JessicaSansiquetGot your back by AnneMarks

:bulletpurple: THE ORANGUTAN
Decisions Decisions 2-Painting by AstridBruning

Scimitar Horned Oryx by Riphath

:bulletpurple: THE KOALA
Love at first sight. by MauiMelle

:bulletpurple: THE INDIAN ELEPHANT
Protecting Their Baby by A-Motive

:bulletpurple: THE AMUR LEOPARD
Amur Leopard - Its Black and White by TKStasiukAmur Leopard - Endangered Eyes by TKStasiuk

:bulletpurple: THE SNOW LEOPARD
Playtime by KattFlokaYoung Snowies by KattFloka

Look buddy, the fighting will start... by Seb-Photos

:bulletpurple: THE CHEETAH
Being Beautiful by clippercarrilloAwoken Cheetah by CarcaneloceStalking Cheetah by TVD-Photography
I will protect you by TlCphotography730

:bulletpurple: THE WHITE TIGER
Mmm... Delicious! by OrangeRoom

:bulletpurple: THE TIGER
Wait, I swoops down on you... by Seb-PhotosA tiger's portrait by TlCphotography730Aupres de mon arbre by JessicaSansiquet
I was shoked, as I´ve seen on the TV, that short movie, that says there are only 3,200 (free) Tigers left on earth!
So two years ago I started to search for informations and do some researches. There are two main reasons, of tiger disappearing :
1. Illegal Trade of Tiger body parts
2. Deforestation
So I´ve started donating money to several organisations, who are saving wild animals. But it doesn`t felt like I´ve done enough.
I talked to some of my friends and people in my school, and recognized, that It´s not like they don`t care about this problem, they just didn´t know about it!
So I´ll paint some tigers and hang up this pictures in the toilets at my school. The text on the pictures will ask people to use both sides of toilet paper, to suspend the deforestation on our earth.
Because, cmon, it´s only toilet paper! We use it for our sh**! so there is no need to use meters of toile
...DISAPPEARING... by IrinaLaraThere's no mom anymore... by Panda-kiddie

For a COMPLETE LIST, which is updated daily, of Endangered Animals, Worldwide:
Earth Endangered LIST.

This EXACT LINK can be found DIRECTLY inside our "Endangered Animals" Folder,
for the convenience of our Members, AND Administrators.

Thank you SO MUCH to EVERYONE, who submitted work to this folder, related to Endangered Animals!

Please feel free to click on ANY of the above images, and learn more about these particular animals, WHY they are endangered, and HOW YOU CAN HELP!

:note: If you are someone who creates this kind of work often, and you want to submit a couple MORE than the TWO/MONTH limit to this folder, simply NOTE the Group with your work of art that is clearly depicting an endangered animal, and we will request it.

It doesn't have to have info. about it being endangered in your Artist Comments, HOWEVER, it is VERY much preferred AND appreciated!

:note: If you know OTHER people on dA who create this type of work, PLEASE direct them to our Group, and to THIS folder specifically!
OR, you can NOTE the Group, with the Artist and we will go check their galleries to request the appropriate work.

Environmental Protection Work, Jan. Feb., Mar., 2013:…

While these five special folders, do relate with each other and overlap in certain ways, I feel that this folder speaks MOST directly to Earth Day!  

The submissions below to this particular special and important folder, would also be considered GREAT examples of contest submissions to the "Earth Day, Every Day" Contest. [Though, so would many of the above animal works.]

I cannot thank these artists enough for participating here, because their messages speak loudly and clearly about our planetary issues, and the obviousness of what we should NOT do, and what we SHOULD do to and for Earth!

Legacy by RavingEagleMediaEnvironments fate by Stoffkamel
Think Green Wallpaper by celticpathGO GREEN by xxfrozenflamesxxHarmony by Maszrum

Think Green stamp by celticpathRecycle Stamp by Kezzi-RoseRecycle Stamp by altergromit

:note: If you are someone who creates this kind of work often, and you want to submit a couple MORE than the TWO/MONTH limit to this folder, simply NOTE the Group with your work of art that is clearly depicting an environmental work, and we will request it.

:note: If you know OTHER people on dA who create this type of work, PLEASE direct them to our Group, and to THIS folder specifically!
OR, you can NOTE the Group, with the Artist and we will go check their galleries to request the appropriate work.

Humans, Architecture, & Transportation in NATURE, Jan., Feb., Mar., 2013:…

Human beings and our actions are not lost on the impact and the potential impact that we have on our planet.

Certainly, as we obviously exist, and co-exist with all other life on Earth, we jostle to make a place and a space for ourselves and our families.  And of course, we seek to be happy and to enjoy our lives, as much as possible.

And yet, in so doing, we have a very specific responsibility to all other life around us.  How we choose to interact and treat animals and plants, and the Earth as a whole, does directly come back to affect us as humans.

So, it actually does behoove us to tread with care and kindness in our efforts to peacefully co-exist with all other life forms.  If we want our future fellow-humans, such as our own children and grandchildren, and children in general to live in a clean environment, and one that is humane to all creatures, we need to act accordingly right now!

For example, as far as architecture is concerned, of course humans need homes in which to live, but, it is all about WHAT we build, as far as materials go, HOW we go about it, and WHERE we build.  We need to do so with MUCH thought, and consideration to the land on which we build, and what is already living there.

It is a matter of striving to strike a balance between ALL living things, which will result in positive outcomes for us ALL both in the present, AND in the future long-run.

As far as transportation, of course human beings need various transportation to get us from place to place, but it helps to be mindful of what kind of vehicles we drive. Are there some that are more environmentally beneficial than others? HOW and WHERE we build roads, highways, and bridges is also very significant.

What about, when could we carpool with others?  When could we take public transportation?  When could we instead ride a bike or walk?

After all, our natural resources are NOT unlimited. They are very limited, and with overuse, we pollute the environment in incredible ways with transportation, alone!

These are simply things to think about with regard to Transportation in Nature.

How we, as humans directly interact within Nature, is very important, too. Sure, we should be able to walk along a beach, hike a mountain trail, walk to a destination in town, but again HOW we do that, matters.  For example,
there is no need to throw our trash out while we are out enjoying nature. It's not only harmful, but it's simply disrespectful.

How we interact with our pets, and domestic animals, and animals at zoos, etc., is of utmost importance. How we do interact and NOT interact with animals in the wild, is equally important.  We have the power to make things better for our animal friends, simply with proper care, treatment, respect, and a whole lot of common sense.

Animals do have needs, thoughts, and feelings, too!

Below is a SAMPLE of works from this folder, which reflect interactions of Humans, Architecture, and Transportation within NATURE!

This collection is much larger than the first three, so I apologize that I cannot include all of them.

Enjoy the Art from this folder:

Table Top to Ocean by smallsofthamishA Snowys' Horseman by MarkLuceyWater Tuk-tuk by DeviantTeddineEilean Donan. by Rajmund67
Red Tide by zoomzoomHarbour Tranquility by parallel-pamGolden Gate Bridge VI by eseePittsford Erie Canal by CecilyAndreuArtwork
Going Gently by bluemangoimagesSunset in Genova I by FrancescaDelfinoprotected under stars by YoumitoriPula Croatia by cpphoto
Where's my breakfast? by An-DrakeMy Favorite Place by LydiaRhianneMarine Peace by TheGalleryOfEve:thumb347841005:
Shooting hut... by YancisHappy Birthday Kris by 1001GPassing by by SeiMissTakeRomania Winter by skyzorR
Winter invitation by VampirbieneHunting by Sam-432Snow Covered Tree by Lust0fADeeperPainThe red wooden bridge by DeviantTeddine
Church II by Just-a-WitnessBodensee Vineyard, Germany by catalindragoshValle Intelvi by Sasa-Van-GothBackyard Splash by LilSunnyGirl
:thumb349714791:Winter Beach (Re-upload) by grape01Winter light by PawelMatysPeaceful Bridge by Lilleninja
New Life - girl by Katrin-ElizabethMalori at Harris Beach by TeaPhotographyFurther by Playdeadarts11Along the Sambre by YunaHeileen
Queen Of The Lake by InayatShahWith Nature, You're Not Alone by TeaPhotographyTrollstigen - Norway (15) by LorcanPLClose to Home by Brian-B-Photography
Dancing on Ice by photoripBack to Basics by TeaPhotographyBurlington Northern by MacroMagnificentWinter garden with a view by Mirax-chan
Landscape by Anto2bWalk Towards the Light by steverankinThrough The Mist by roamingtigressAutumn by sylverface
FIAT LUX - by ha-rat-kiriwinter by IngeloreSerenity by eat-ride-listenCollected, two of a kind. by Night-Lioness
Snowy mist by djzealotHungry Lil' Thing by philippeLOur Piece of Heaven - Vermont Camp Scene by AlpoArtsTasty Human by LydiaRhianne
Path to unknown by YokoshiroWounded Mum Squirrel 03 by JocelyneRdaydreams by sandeepsarmaI'm On Firer by TinaCaper
R. So Lush And Green by LacedShadowDiamondSunday Morning in December by coffeenoirGlimmering Gorge by lilithfireflyBench by jellemartijn
Once upon a time by klapouchColors of dawn by VoidIndexSummer in countryside,Finland by ShinyHeelsLi River Yangshou by A-Motive
:thumb353390783:Where I'm Going by dragon-fly-to-meNight traffic by NorbertKocsisSerenity by Akeen7000
The other side by VampirbieneAntelope by VempjeNalgum lugar by klapouchDrowning II by RealityIntolerant
Blue Beauty by awesome43God's Trail by DanvanbilderbeekAutumn Glow by Clu-artNihil by artimisso
Zaanse Schans by marinsuslicLong Shot by TerribleTerSoulis: Colors of the Sunset by soulis0:thumb354093083:
Late Train by ZedrakeBlack_Forest_afternoon_jm2265 by joergens-miPort Victoria - Seychelles by NavvyblueSchnee by PushYa
Gateway to... by Tazmaniac13Fiat Lux 3 by ha-rat-kiriDunstanburgh Castle by scottoDsc 7291 000 by parsek76
:thumb330290303:the hidden city by IngeloreHarvest by MacroMagnificentLooking Out by ChaosOfGods
Between the clouds by kachahahaOne for fun by MacroMagnificentThe Helping Hand by plumita1Solitude by MogieG123
AM 48 - Through The Trees by LacedShadowDiamond-Moment of embrance- by Janek-Sedlarreflection by RikitzaBluebonnets by the Fence by Aiken-Photo
Felix x Johnny by Leny97The Stroseisundet Bridge (Norway 17) by LorcanPLThe Way Out is The Way In by alexgphotoMaiden's Tower,ISTANBUL by MustafaSEZER
foot and foot by MirachRavaiaChapel in Prahulje by DeviantTeddineBlack Forest Farm by Vineyard86Way to the land of the free by An-Drake
Limitless Possibility by Identifyed-KhaosAt Water's Edge by Mongrel-Photography*** by irremediosGenoese castle by FrancescaDelfino
Rialto Bridge,Venice.. by The--Dark--KnightThe daffodils of Baumgardner Rd - 2013 by CrystalMarineGalleryTexas Windmills by cheslahLa ou Naissent les Couleurs Nouvelles by Laanscapes
Penn Farm 3 9 13 3 by NMatychukHemingford Church Scene by Rice3Silivri by ozgurayhanUnder the mist by Arayashikinoshaka
:thumb358448634:A misty day... by LiveInPixSummer In Sweden by BarbaraPommerenkeDam by Sasa-Van-Goth
Don't Fall by ZayoonBefore the Storm by MacroMagnificentHut by IchBinJayneForest stroll by saffi9
Ocean by DigitPhilGriffiths Gully Sunrise by DanielleMiner:thumb338410448:Explode by nviki89
Crabs Hand by m-eralpWalking upside down human shadow and a doggie by Panda-kiddieJourney by TammyPhotographyThe night is my companion by Morgan-Lou
Alone by EstrudaSoulis: Sailboat in the Sunset by soulis0I´m Dreaming Of A Beautyful Summer by eskileSummer in Finland by Clu-art
The Iceway Maker In Arcipelago February 2013 by eskile:thumb360756627:The view from the bus stop by BoarzxEnjoy Life by TeaPhotography
This Is China by A-MotiveLights upon Finland 2 by IkilaamaRed Train by Artsy-NinjaSkyrat wanna a Red Robin steak fry?? by LadyAliceofOz
The Shire - Arctic Edition by torivarnSilivri2 by ozgurayhanSharing a moment with a sweet green friend by Momotte2:thumb357883996:
Mexico - Huatulco by lux69aeternaReclaimed by TheDewdropFairyFilip by danuta50

Still Life, Conceptual, Abstract, Fantasy NATURE, Jan., Feb., Mar., 2013:…

This folder is a little more "Just For Fun" -- however, I strongly believe that Nature depicted as Still Life, Concepts, Abstracts, Fantasy, and even Crafts, is completely different way to view, understand and interact with Nature. It is a way to think about and visualize Nature in a uniquely creative and beautiful way!

Below is a SAMPLE of works from this folder, which reflect Nature in terms of Still Life, Conceptual, Abstract, Fantasy and Crafts!

This collection is much larger than the first three, so I apologize that I cannot include all of them.

Enjoy the Art from this folder:

still day by sternenfernUse Me by bluemangoimagesA Gentle Breeze - OIL PAINTING by AstridBruning:thumb308277250:
Christmas Deers by ausrejurkeHappy Birthday by lnpDoily 'Kittens in Love' by by Yancis
Ice-Cherry by funnyzzzPatterns on the Pavement by AndehDulacuntitled 2.1.13 by essencestudios
bubblefish by essencestudiospink fish by essencestudiosRed gerbera with drops by FrancescaDelfinoWinter in the forest by HelaLe
mohn by tikitakiHappy Birthday Teresa by Tigles1ArtistryPEGASUS LOVE by primalfuryanIris Aflame 2 by zaphotonista
deer skull mask by danaan-dewykTreasure by daliahmeSymmetry 05 by McKenzie-JamesChrysanthemummies by GrahamSym
Death of a Flower by MirachRavaiaTree Buds - 1 by surrealistic-gloomLeaf no.1 by moranaF:thumb349025567:
Neon River by simplySereBaby Ella by martintinazEverything Changes by coby01Apples 'n' juice by Just-a-Witness
Apricots by Just-a-WitnessNever Know by sesam-is-openRoses in Shabby ChicnessII by Anj3llaGolden Snails by Ludifico
:thumb349731845:Leisure Monday by bebefromtheblockJust a Leaf by shadwgrlUntitled II by Lyck
Only Dreams by TammyPhotographyMaking an Appearance by janinesmith54Love by FrancescaDelfino:thumb348945774:
Meadow king's realm by MirachRavaiaDelicious juice by Sam-432LOVE MESSAGE from my own WONDERLAND by LIDIAMARINAThe Tree of Duality by IvanRadev
Where Dreams Flourish by Emerald-DepthsMemories by buoyaaWestern dragon by An-Drake:thumb349949369:

:iconheartcandleplz: Happy 7th BIRTHDAY to UNFRAMED-NATURE! :iconheartcandleplz:

This is one of the oldest Groups, [or Clubs, as they were called "back then"] here on dA.
It was Founded April 26th, 2006, but not by me, as I hadn't even joined dA yet.

When I joined dA in March of 2008, this group was the first "Club" that I did join, a few months later.
For that reason alone, this has always been a Group, that was very special and dear to me. :aww:

Then in early 2009, the Founder began to let go of the reigns little by little, and asked me if I would run the Group, but as a Co-Founder, and I said yes, but of course I was NOT alone!  I had great help from a lot of Admins., from nearly that time onward, many of which, are STILL part of our Admin., Team, TODAY!

Nearing the end of 2011, the Founder had eventually simply left dA all together, and some Members and Admins., went to dA's Help Desk, and soon I was officially placed as Founder, and soon after THAT, we were made SUPERGROUP, by quite a few generous and helpful Members and Admins.! :rose:

It's almost a year and a half since that time, and we and have grown and changed in really wonderful and amazing ways!
While quite a few of our current active Members, have actually been a part of this Group/Club, since before I was,
there are other brand new active Members, who have just joined, and everyone in between!

No matter WHEN you joined this Group, we SO much appreciate you, your beautiful submissions, and all of the awesome support and encouragement that you give to Unframed-Nature, in SO many different ways.  


:iconbluebplz: This Birthday Celebration is for ALL Members and Admins. of: :iconunframed-nature: :iconbluebplz:

No matter WHEN you joined, it is because of every Member and Admin. that this group has been here as long as it has.


To celebrate your positive participation, your sensational support, and your very hard work,
let's have a feature from... none other than, THE FEATURED FOLDER!

These are simply random selections...

:iconyaayplz: Fun With The Featured Folder:… :iconyaayplz:

Enjoy the Art from this folder:



:iconjoyloveplz: Don't Forget About Our CURRENT CONTEST! :iconjoyloveplz:

Earth Day, Every Day!

:iconearthplz: :thumb360304022: :iconearthplz:

It is also recognized that this very first Special Edition Article, has been published just a few days after Earth Day, which is always celebrated internationally on April 22nd, of every year since 1970.

But the idea of the contest is that Earth Day should be EVERY Day- and not just something to celebrate and learn about once a year.  Rather, it is a call to keep Earth Day and its call to actively seek out what is hurting our planet and how to live our lives each day in ways that benefit and help the Earth, rather than to do harm, or even do nothing.

For BIG prizes, this contest encourages artists to create something meaningful about caring for planet Earth, in some kind of way.

Read for the RULES and the PRIZES, Here:
:iconearthplz: :thumb360304022: :iconearthplz:

Only TEN DAYS LEFT, from the time that this article published!

So get your entry in, as soon as you can!

:iconheckyesplz: :iconheckyesplz: :iconheckyesplz: :iconheckyesplz: :iconheckyesplz:


To learn more about "What is EARTH DAY?", feel free to use the following links:

What is Earth Day?
Learn More about Earth Day!
Earth Day 2013's Theme...

:iconbeatingheartplz: Thanks and Gratitude :iconbeatingheartplz:

I can't thank you all enough, active Members and Admins., alike who put their time, effort, and support into this group in a WIDE variety of ways. :rose:

This group is unique and special for many reasons, and it takes a whole team to make it as truly AWESOME as it is!


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


This is a quarterly News Feature, as the folders highlighted run every three months.
So, for this first volume, work from Jan. Feb. & March 2013, is discussed and featured here in April.

Volume 2, will reflect work from these folders but from April, May, and June, and therefore is due to come out in JULY!

Thank you so much for everyone's participation, help, and support!

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jennystokes Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
Congrats on your 7th Birthday.
Brilliant work you do.
ArtBYbeverly Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy 7th Birthday Unframed Nature :w00t: Wonderful features, all of them!! I will visit some of these when I can...Lovely journal Tea!
SalemCat Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for including my work! :hug:
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Today, I was able to update my appreciation journal here [link] Thanks you so very much my dear friend for all that you do for so many here on DA including me. :iconfloatingheartplz:
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