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Submitted on
March 18, 2013
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Unframed-Nature's EARTH DAY, EVERY DAY Contest!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 18, 2013, 7:47 PM
:iconjoyloveplz: Welcome to Unframed-Nature's Next BIG Contest :iconjoyloveplz:

:iconearthplz: Spring THEME 2013: "Earth Day, Every Day" :iconearthplz:

About Earth Day, And How It Relates To This Contest

Earth Day is Global Holiday which began in 1970!
This year in 2013, this international celebration which aims to promote awareness, education, and action in order to help preserve and protect our Nature on Earth, falls on Monday, April 22nd!

I have gotten to know more and more about many of our very skilled and creative Members. As a result, I have come to realize that not only do we truly enjoy and love Nature, but I have gotten the feeling that so many of our Members genuinely CARE about our planet, and CARE about wanting to be helpful in protecting the beauty and our natural resources, that we seem to love so very much.

There are so many environmental issues, which do, in fact, adversely affect Earth, our common home.

Sometimes, it can seem overwhelming, or even sad to think about, however, we are actually NOT helpless!  I believe that many of our Members already know that we aren't helpless, and are aware of many of the issues, and engage in helpful activities on some regular basis, which benefit the planet!

After all, maybe one single human being can't affect change, but TOGETHER, it is definitely possible!

:community::community::community:  :icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz::community::community::community:

Plus, we should realize that this is also truly a CELEBRATION of Earth, and of what Earth provides for us, and has been providing since the beginning of time.

Here Are Some Questions To Think About To Get Your Creativity Started!

:pointr: What issue is of a primary concern to you?
:pointr: What issue would you most like to make the public aware of?
:pointr: What message about helping Earth would you like to express in an art medium of your choice?
:pointr: How can you best deliver your message about Earth Day, artistically?

I have always believed that we, as Artists, can promote positive change, and beneficial messages, through the artwork that we create.  We can use our medium of choice, to be the voice of promoting something important-
in this case, be the voice of our planet, through your work of art!

Create a single deviation very specifically centered around Earth Day, either to promote awareness of a particular issue, to promote a helpful act, or particularly about helping the Earth in general.

We are an All-Media group, and therefore ALL Media is welcomed to this Contest, as always in the past.
Such a wide variety of media would truly be EXCELLENT for this Contest, such as, but NOT limited to:

Traditional, for example Drawings, Typography, Paintings, Collages, Etc.
Photography, for example Photojournalism, Conceptual, Animals, Plants, 'Scapes, Still Life, Etc.
Literature, for example Poetry, Essays, Visual Poetry, Etc.
Flash, for example Animations, Movies, Etc.
Digital, for example Typography, Photomanipulation, Fractals, Mixed Media, Etc.
Designs & Interafaces & Customizations & Artisan Crafts

To help you get a greater handle on what are all of the many problems that Earth faces, and to help you understand how much we can do to help, and for more information on Earth Day in general, I have provided the following links to get you started:

What is Earth Day?
Learn More about Earth Day!
Earth Day 2013's Theme...

Please DO feel free to do your own research, to gain the most understanding you can about Earth Day!

The above sites will be of help, in giving you great ideas!

Your deviation could be about planting trees, recycling, air pollution or water pollution,  deforestation, urban encroachment, endangered species, helping animals in general, clean gardening, community gardening, gardening in general, clean energy- like wind or green, weather and climate change, people working together to help Earth, etc.,
as this list is truly endless...

So let's get started!!!!

dancing flower by pbheaven

:icongewalgon-divider1::icongewalgon-divider2::icongewalgon-divider3::icongewalgon-divider4::icongewalgon-divider5: :iconpbheaven::iconpbheaven::iconpbheaven::icongewalgon-divider5::icongewalgon-divider4::icongewalgon-divider3::icongewalgon-divider2::icongewalgon-divider1:

:nod: RULES :nod:

:bulletwhite: ONE Entry per Group Member.
:bulletwhite: MUST be a Member to Enter- Feel free to Join! :aww:
:bulletwhite: Starts: Monday, April 1st; Ends: Monday, May 6th, 2013 midnight, PST:…
[ 5 weeks long! No Extensions ]
:bulletwhite: Entry MUST be :new:NEW:new:, with a dA submission date of Jan. 1, 2013 and newer. And it can NOT already be submitted to the Group.
:bulletwhite: ALL-MEDIA welcome as always- see above section for details- as long as the THEME is clearly expressed or stated in some obvious way.

For example, if a photograph of flower is submitted, this might be okay, IF you have placed somewhere in your artist comments, a brief statement of your own, about how it relates to Earth Day!

But if it's a "regular" submission of Nature, and it does NOT state some kind of helpful information, or message about Earth Day, in some kind of way, it MAY be declined.

The point of this contest, is to give more meaning to our group, challenge each of us a bit more than usual, and promote this important international holiday in some kind of artistic way.

In other words, we are already GREAT at submitting beautiful birds, landscapes, flowers, etc., but if you DO, we must SEE :eyes: somewhere, a specific message about Earth Day... so find a way to "TELL US MORE" even if it's in your Artist's Comments! :D

:iconpointrightplz::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: DO, Place in the Artist Comments of your Entry,
stating that your entry is for : devunframed-nature : 's "Earth Day Every Day" Conest

[Take out the spaces around devunframed-nature, so that it can be clicked on.]

AND, then, place the LINK or THUMBCODE of THIS Contest Journal here in your Artist Comments.


If you do NOT follow this rule, first, Admins., will leave you a COMMENT on your Entry to give you a chance to correct this, but if we don't hear back from you in a few days, it will be declined.

:bulletwhite: Must adhere to all other general rules of our group.  

:bulletred: As always, no violence, gore, or blood- NO Mature Content!


:iconearthplz:  Entries  :iconearthplz:
View Entries and Submit Entries


There will be a panel of judges from a variety of artistic backgrounds, unrelated to our group- [non-members].

Judging will take place from: May 8th - May 16th
Results should hopefully follow by: May 19th.

Judges will vote based on:
1. The QUALITY of your work within your medium of choice.
2. How CLOSELY you are able to follow and express the THEME.

:iconteamoplz: JUDGES :iconteamoplz:
[Hope to have at least 12.]


:icongewalgon-divider1::icongewalgon-divider2::icongewalgon-divider3::icongewalgon-divider4::icongewalgon-divider5: :iconpbheaven::iconpbheaven::iconpbheaven::icongewalgon-divider5::icongewalgon-divider4::icongewalgon-divider3::icongewalgon-divider2::icongewalgon-divider1:

:iconfirstplaceplz: PRIZES :iconfirstplaceplz:

:trophy: FIRST -

1,060 :points: - from: Our Group's Points Pool @ Unframed-Nature-PTS
40 :points: - from Annissina directly

Interview - from Unframed-Nature

Custom Random Slide Show Feature on Profile Page - from: TeaPhotography

Gift Art Dedicated Specifically to this placement - from: TeaPhotography

:trophy: SECOND -

730 :points: - from: Our Group's Points Pool @ Unframed-Nature-PTS
30 :points: - from Annissina directly

Shared Gift Art Dedicated to 2nd through Runners-up Placements - from TeaPhotography

:trophy: THIRD -

440 :points: - from: Our Group's Points Pool @ Unframed-Nature-PTS
20 :points: - from Annissina directly

Shared Gift Art Dedicated to 2nd through Runners-up Placements - from TeaPhotography

:trophy: FOURTH -

250 :points: - from: Our Group's Points Pool @ Unframed-Nature-PTS
10 :points: - from Annissina directly

Shared Gift Art Dedicated to 2nd through Runners-up Placements - from TeaPhotography

:rose: :rose: :rose: There will be FOUR Runners-Up

75 :points: to EACH from: Our Group's Points Pool @ Unframed-Nature-PTS

Shared Gift Art Dedicated to 2nd through Runners-up Placements - from TeaPhotography

Feel free to either donate POINTS :points: directly to this Contest, or to the Group's Donation Pool
HERE: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts:
and your donation of points, will greatly help us to have this Contest, as well as continue with our activities this coming year!


Journal Features From These Groups or Individuals
sesam-is-open PLUS LLAMAS!
Studio-28 For TOP 4 Winners, only
AnotherContestGroup WINNERS PACKAGE!
O-Gosh - the first three winners, only!

:note: Llamas to ALL the Winners from: WDWParksGal!
:note: Llamas to ALL the Winners from: LacedShadowDiamond!

:note: Llamas and :+fav:'s will be given out by: Unframed-Nature-PTS, one llama for EACH Winner, and a :+fav: for each winning piece. :nod:

:bulletblack: Prizes subject to possible changes and hopefully additions! :nod:

:note: IF you would like to offer POINTS :points: or even Premium Memberships to this Contest, directly, you are very much welcomed to do so! :nod:
Simply NOTE me about it, or COMMENT below with your offer, and I will add your Donation to this List! :aww:
You will be featured, and have work requested, and have access to the Group Donors’ Folder in the same ways as if you were to donate to the Group’s Donation Pool, after you have completed your donation. :heart:
Read more HERE: Unframed-Nature-PTS

:note: Any and ALL types of Prizes ARE WELCOMED!
If anyone would like to make stamps, or gift art for any of the winners, it would be really lovely and awesome!
Feel free to GET CREATIVE with PRIZE IDEAS! :boogie:
NOTE ME, or COMMENT BELOW, so that I can add you with your prize offer, here! :heart:

:note:  If YOU, individually, or your GROUP would like to FEATURE the Winners of this Contest, please NOTE ME, or Comment Below, so that I can add you to here!

:note: Likewise, if YOU, individually, or your GROUP would like to PROMOTE this Contest, please DO tell me by NOTE if you have done so, or Comment Below, so that I can add you here...

Sometimes a person or Group, Promotes a Contest AND Features the Winners, but sometimes they only do one or the other. So, let me know! :)

:iconspreadmoreloveplz: Any help, support, and prizes for this Contest, is SO greatly appreciated!! :iconspreadmoreloveplz:


:icongewalgon-divider1::icongewalgon-divider2::icongewalgon-divider3::icongewalgon-divider4::icongewalgon-divider5: :iconpbheaven::iconpbheaven::iconpbheaven::icongewalgon-divider5::icongewalgon-divider4::icongewalgon-divider3::icongewalgon-divider2::icongewalgon-divider1:

:icondonatepointsgreenplz: Points for Our Group :icondonatepointsgreenplz:

First of all, Unframed-Nature can not thank enough our very generous Members, and Administrators alike, who have Donated and continue to Donate :points: points to our Group! A few of them have done so, multiple times! :rose:


When you donate, you are donating to a large and active group, with regular features, news, contests & other events!
To help us to continue, we truly appreciate each and every single donation!

The Widget is HERE:
:points: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts: :points:

Any and ALL Donations would be HIGHLY appreciated... and you will read there how you will be recognized and rewarded for your kind generosity!




dancing flower by pbheaven

:icongewalgon-divider1::icongewalgon-divider2::icongewalgon-divider3::icongewalgon-divider4::icongewalgon-divider5: :iconpbheaven::iconpbheaven::iconpbheaven::icongewalgon-divider5::icongewalgon-divider4::icongewalgon-divider3::icongewalgon-divider2::icongewalgon-divider1:


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marthig Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Excellent Tea ! Will add a link to this journal in my own Journal "Tea's Space" :D and start browsing the entries
Congratulations and good luck to all participants :icontrophyplz: :icongrouphugplz:
Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013   General Artist
Featured this lovely community article here :heart:
TeaPhotography Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Professional General Artist
I will place you in promotions, thanks so much!
Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013   General Artist
JocelyneR Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
Hello Tea! You may add to the prizes that I will feature the winners (4) and the runners-up (4) in a News Article.
As for the promotion of the contest, I am doing it on my profile page: [link] . :hug:
TeaPhotography Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Professional General Artist
How wonderful, thank you so very much Jocelyne!

I will add you to promoters and prizes!
dogyjoe Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013   Writer
Thank you for sharing, I featured your contest here:

:groups: Spiritual-Life -> [link]
:groups: Spiritual-Awakening -> [link]

Love and Light, and good luck to all. Namaste! :pray:
TeaPhotography Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Professional General Artist
Of course you are welcome, and I look forward to what you come up with as an entry! :boogie:

Thank you so much for promoting the contest in these two wonderful groups!

I will add them to our list of promoters.

And thank you for your lovely kind wishes, as well.
dogyjoe Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013   Writer
I thank you for this opportunity, I love Mother Earth and I am trying as hard as I can to save her :aww:
Missvirginia Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013

Your contest has been found and is to be added to our listings at #AnotherContestGroup, a group dedicated to giving contest hosts a place for their contests to be seen and users a place to find them. This listing should appear within a day if not earlier.I hope you get some fine entries. :aww:

Feel free to note us if you have any questions you can't find in our FAQ! It also contains information about our Winners Pacakge, Poll Feature, and how to become a staff member (which we're almost always in need of!).

Let us know if you change your deadline or cancel your contest so we can keep our records up to date. :aww:


Please do not hide this comment, it alerts other staff members that this contest is currently being listed so we can work faster and more efficiently
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