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The Shelter Project: Two Year Anniversary!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 28, 2012, 3:42 AM
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Special Edition News Article:

:iconlovetigerplz: :iconwalkingcatplz::icondoggyplz::iconblack-kittenplz::iconlilplz: :iconlovetigerplz:

:iconhurrahplz: As of this month of August, "The Shelter Project" is TWO Years Old! :iconhurrahplz:

~:rose:~ Intro., Purpose of Article, History, and Info. ~:rose:~
Welcome to The TWO Year Anniversary of "The Shelter Project"-…!
EVERYONE is welcome to be here, to be a part of the celebration, to learn more about this project and why it continues to be so important, and find out all about those here on dA who have even made this worthy cause even possible as something to participate in, right here on deviantART! :heart:

Truly the MAIN PURPOSE of this News Article is to give thanks and gratitude to ALL of the outstanding AFFILIATES of "The Shelter Project", as THEY are the ones who have made this a possible and successful project through deviantART!  While of course, there has been a lot of other support from friends, family, and other customers and promoters who are not a part of the deviantART community, to whom I am also extraordinarily grateful, I can only truly share with you the support that this project has been receiving from those with dA Accounts, as THEY have developed this as a deviantART project.

:iconaheartforyou: So, What IS "The Shelter Project"? :iconaheartforyou:
The place on dA, where I have been keeping and updating the most comprehensive information that answers this question best is within my first Sub-Gallery, The Shelter Project- Cats and Dogs:…

Of course, there is some other info. in the next Sub-Gallery, The Shelter Project- Other Animals Etc.:…

And then, for the info. on helping out the project for The Holidays, there is Holiday Cat and Dog Greeting Cards:… which has been recently updated with written info., and will be having more images added to it very soon.

Of course, you can always find info. at Tea Photography, where I have my more personal website, which we try to keep updated as often as possible.

There is always an annual "Tea Photography" Newsletter which comes out at the beginning of each Summer, which explains the connection to "The Shelter Project" and what's new with everything. This Summer was the first year, I sent them out via PDF files, due to the cost of the regular postal mail.  I can send one to anyone upon request.

And lastly, I always keep, info. about "The Shelter Project" right on my own dA Profile Page, HERE:

Of course, anyone can also contact The South Coast Humane Society to confirm with the director that this is an official fundraiser. :heart:

Basically, "The Shelter Project" officially began during the Summer of 2010, with the very FIRST purchasers, being right here on dA, in the month of August 2010, which is why I count August as the month of the Anniversary.

At the time I lived in the middle of California, and the proceeds went to the county animal facility where I was volunteering at that time.

I had decided to combine my love and compassion for helping animals in need with my passion for art, because my own personal situation had changed so drastically, in a financial way, that I was no longer able to also help out these animals in a monetary way, which was upsetting to me, since previously I was able to do this at times, in addition to the time I was volunteering.

I felt desperate, realizing the dire need for such assistance to these animals and to the facilities that were trying to care for them, in the best ways.

And thus was born the idea of "The Shelter Project", creating BOTH Prints and Greeting Cards, that with ANY of my ANIMAL IMAGES ordered, would be used to donate to and benefit the animal facility or facilities that I was also volunteering with.

One thing I try to be clear about is the fact that while it says 25% of every order is donated, I do not make any profit off of these purchases, because whatever is left, must go back into the list of materials it takes to create the product!  Plus, it is NOT the point that I should personally profit.

From the Summer of 2010 to about the Spring of 2011, donations went to the previous place I volunteered with in California, however we had moved in April of 2011 to the Southern Coastal area of Oregon, where we found a most wonderful humane society: The South Coast Humane Society and half of 2011's donations went there, and of course all of 2012's donations are going there, as well. :heart:

I love The South Coast Humane Society because I have been able to do soooo much more with them, in what seems to be of more help here, than ever before at other facilities I have volunteered with.

This is mostly due to the fact that, here, I am also their photographer for the local newspapers, and for their and FB pages, too, for pet adoptions, as well as their photographer at events they also hold throughout the year, such as "The Mutt Strut".

I began doing the Holiday Greeting cards, just these past Holidays of 2011, out of requests I had received for this!
But, for Holidays 2012, I just did a shoot at The South Coast Humane Society of some of their pets in "holiday theme" to round out the collection of images in this Sub-Gallery, Holiday Cat and Dog Greeting Cards:…, of which I will begin to upload soon, so that WE CAN BEGIN TO TAKE ORDERS ANYTIME, for this coming 2012 Holidays!
:iconsantalaplz: :iconfur14: :iconsantalaplz:

"The Shelter Project" was first introduced inside HERE:
If Only: The Shelter Project by TeaPhotography
regarding the PRINTS that can be purchased of ANY animals from my galleries.

Then came the introductions of the GREETING CARDS:
The Shelter Project: II by TeaPhotography and Sparked by The Shelter Project by TeaPhotography
as they soon after, became available.

The second image of examples, was meant to show, that I do Prints and Greeting Cards of ANY of my images, even if only the animal ones go to this project... as it is very easy to mix and match images. :aww:

Lastly, THIS:
On Behalf of: The Shelter Project by TeaPhotography
my most recent example of my Greeting Cards,
was uploaded as a THANK YOU TO ALL AFFILIATES including the future ones!


:thanks: :rose:

But that brings me to...

:iconteamoplz: Thank You Awesome Affiliates! :iconteamoplz:

This has actually been a team effort,
:love: :community::community::community: :love:
meaning there's no way any of this could have happened, or could continue to be happening, without the following Affiliates!

:heart: The Direct Purchasers of dA! :heart:

The following fellow-animal supporters and protectors,
who love animals very much, like I do,
are the ones who have made purchases on behalf of
The Shelter Project, since the project began!

And to be honest, it really is the most direct way to help with this project.
We simply cannot help these animals in need without donations,
and in return you receive animal artwork for yourself, or to give to others,
to celebrate the fact that you have been a BIG PART of helping.

To date, this is the order of these types of Affiliates, [only from those on dA]
in which I have received their orders since August of 2010.

:note: The first THREE listed, have made multiple purchases. :heart:

Philippe philippeL :iconphilippel: :heart:
Hungry Lil' Thing by philippeL
Commuting Reading Relaxing by philippeLSuspended by philippeLDelighted Poison by philippeL
Lynx Maternal Love by philippeLDune: Irulan Corrino by philippeLHuge Placid Marine Beast by philippeL
Hey Gimme some love! by philippeLNapping Kitty for Jocelyne by philippeLBoot-iful Kitty by philippeL

Jocelyne JocelyneR :iconjocelyner: :heart:
Loving Eyes  - BW by JocelyneR
Church Of The Village by JocelyneRCuteness... by JocelyneRPipo 03 by JocelyneR
A Late Blossoming Sunflower by JocelyneRA Happy Squirrel by JocelyneRBee on Dahlia Decaying by JocelyneR
Autumn Colors by the River by JocelyneRYes I will get it! by JocelyneRSunlit Poupi by JocelyneR

Mel Meljean1 :iconmeljean1: :heart:
If she had works on her profile, I would feature her work.
She's an amazing photographer! :heart:

Cheryl ArtByCher :iconartbycher: :heart:

Dana DanaAnderson :icondanaanderson: :heart:
Pink Pearls for my dear friends by DanaAnderson
Happy Birthday Lara by DanaAndersonPink zinnia for Juno by DanaAndersonUnknown plant for Tao by DanaAnderson
With love for you by DanaAndersonColourful disk for Philippe by DanaAndersonHappy Birthday Lux by DanaAnderson
Sunflowers by DanaAndersonHypnotising Gaze by DanaAndersonInnocent look by DanaAnderson

Jennifer Jenna-Rose :iconjenna-rose: :heart:
Weeping Poppy by Jenna-Rose
The Wild Rose of Summer by Jenna-RoseRainy Day Splendor by Jenna-RoseWhat Big Eyes You Have by Jenna-Rose
In Flanders Fields... by Jenna-RoseGift Necklace 4 by Jenna-RoseTubes in Spring Hues by Jenna-Rose
Looking for Fairies by Jenna-RoseWith Wings Made of Glitter by Jenna-RoseChickadee in Autumn by Jenna-Rose

Cecelia bewilderedconfused :iconbewilderedconfused: :heart:
Shades of Blue by bewilderedconfused
Rainy Spring Day by bewilderedconfusedBuster's Day by bewilderedconfusedConeflowers II by bewilderedconfused
I see dead people! by bewilderedconfusedPale Pink Azaleas by bewilderedconfusedMighty Hunter by bewilderedconfused
Catherine by bewilderedconfusedHearts on Bradley by bewilderedconfusedGiraffe by bewilderedconfused

Joe Flyvapnet :iconflyvapnet: :heart:
If he was still on dA with his wonderful work, I would feature his work,
but he's not, and I have missed Joe!

John-Luke Shirimasen :iconshirimasen: :heart:
Things are looking up! by Shirimasen
Rosemallow by Shirimasen1113 M Street by ShirimasenLola by Shirimasen
Impatience by ShirimasenRuthie: Looking in the distance by Shirimasen...and it's all mine! by Shirimasen
Leap of Faith by ShirimasenOxeye by ShirimasenAnartia by Shirimasen

Sandy Iluvbiscuit2 :iconiluvbiscuit2: :heart:
Day with Dad 04 by Iluvbiscuit2
Day with Dad 01 by Iluvbiscuit2Reflections in the Water by Iluvbiscuit2Smile and Be Happy by Iluvbiscuit2
Ramishka - Owned by ShapeShifter by Iluvbiscuit2Azzie! by Iluvbiscuit2Very Merry Meggie Christmas by Iluvbiscuit2
Cleo by Iluvbiscuit2Favourite Times by Iluvbiscuit2Kallum And Emma 12 by Iluvbiscuit2

Teresa Tigles1Artistry :icontigles1artistry: :heart:
AND YOU ARE NOT ASLEEP...U R STUCK TO THE P.C. ... by Tigles1Artistry
THE WHOLENESS OF COURAGE by Tigles1ArtistryI AM MORE FLEXIBLE THAN MUM.... by Tigles1ArtistryEnchanted Flowers by Tigles1Artistry
For Allie...SURPRISE.... by Tigles1ArtistryFor Christina by Tigles1ArtistryKINDRED SPIRITS... by Tigles1Artistry
Spring for You by Tigles1ArtistryRicardo Hang Gliding in Mont Blanc Area by Tigles1ArtistryPas de Deux ... by Tigles1Artistry

Mel Arte-de-Junqueiro :iconarte-de-junqueiro: :heart:
Heath Gorse by Arte-de-Junqueiro
Around the Castle VI by Arte-de-JunqueiroMonserrate Flowers II by Arte-de-JunqueiroThe Giants Legs by Arte-de-Junqueiro
Happy Birthday Lois by Arte-de-JunqueiroSeen my Mummy? by Arte-de-JunqueiroA path to my heart by Arte-de-Junqueiro
Pine Needles by Arte-de-JunqueiroThe Palace II by Arte-de-JunqueiroA misty sunrise I by Arte-de-Junqueiro

:note:  A Special thanks to Pauline kurios-kat :iconkurios-kat:
her partnership in a SPECIAL PROJECT, called:
"The Shelter ART Project":
The Shelter ART Project by TeaPhotography
in which she sponsored the above Artwork that I donated and presented to
the first animal facility, that was benefiting from
The Shelter Project, before I had moved. They requested framed works of mine for the walls there.
There was even some left over for a direct donation, and due to all of this, it is why she is included here!

Pauline kurios-kat :iconkurios-kat: :heart:
Portrait of Pika by kurios-kat
Wellington Harbour Scene by kurios-katStormy Sunrise by kurios-katI would Never catnap Fella! by kurios-kat
Uh Oh, They Spotted Us! by kurios-katNot Asleep...Can't Catch Me by kurios-katTe Waka by kurios-kat
Tiny Baby Possum by kurios-katIt's All Too Much by kurios-katPohutakawa Flowers by kurios-kat


In addition to the purchases and actions by the above magnificent and generous people, which have directly benefited animals needing help, many of them have also done a huge number of other sundry things to help support, promote, and continue the existence of what they believe is a worthy project.

Some have promoted the project on their journals and profile pages, often repeatedly or permanently.  Some have gone to great lengths in these areas to get the message of suffering animals who are looking for permanent loving homes, across to society at large.  Some have told others about the project in a variety of ways, some have placed the project in their comment taglines, a couple have donated points :points: on behalf of the project, created videos or other media with The Shelter Project as the subject!
I know this list is not complete...

:heart: Our Other Affiliates :heart:

:rose: INDIVIDUALS :rose:

:note:  A Special thanks to Scott sukoto-san :iconsukoto-san:
for his direct help with both "Tea Photography", the business, and "The Shelter Project".
He created the site Tea Photography which opened in OCTOBER of 2010, and he he maintains and updates it, has often as he is able. I am very lucky and blessed. He also created this special skin and CSS for the anniversary of "The Shelter Project",
not to mention he works directly and regularly with the animals at The South Coast Humane Society and also has recently created a BLOG for them: South Coast Humane's Blog.
which he updates, to publicly share news  He has other plans, too, such as creating a YouTube Account for them, and uploading videos and updates there... but we will have to wait until we have a 2nd computer and a new video camera... so once we have the equipment, well...  all in good time. :heart:

Scott sukoto-san :iconsukoto-san: :heart:
Hi-Key Kitty by sukoto-san
A Rainbow Of Chuck Taylors. by sukoto-sanWhat Lies Beyond by sukoto-san
Jelly Fish by sukoto-sanKitty In A Blanket by sukoto-sanKatey The Homeless Kitty by sukoto-san

Emma em32 :iconem32: :heart:
Buddies by em32
Pride of London by em32Daisy by em32
Toucan by em32Wispy Sunset by em32Stare by em32

Aina SirKittenpaws :iconsirkittenpaws: :heart:
Ovipets specie lotor by SirKittenpaws
Goddess of Sun by SirKittenpawsI miss You by SirKittenpaws
Sleep little Star by SirKittenpawsWave by SirKittenpawsLittle Zane by SirKittenpaws

Sass sassawj :iconsassawj: :heart:

Rona MadeByRona :iconmadebyrona: :heart:
For Momotte by MadeByRona
Orange lust by MadeByRonaOn a hot summer night... by MadeByRona
Oh Annie, I'm not your daddy by MadeByRonaSo sleepy by MadeByRonaEarly morning flight by MadeByRona

Cindy cindy1701d :iconcindy1701d: :heart:
Red Sky At Night by cindy1701d
Five O'Clock Somewhere by cindy1701dTiger Lily by cindy1701d
Web of Colors by cindy1701dAmani by cindy1701dWant A Leaf by cindy1701d

Katy Kaz-D :iconkaz-d: :heart:
Day 236: Wobcebs and Flowers by Kaz-D
Day 238: Storm in a Teacup by Kaz-DDay Sixty One: Golden Daffodils by Kaz-D
Day One Hundred and Nine: Rolling Clouds by Kaz-DDay 229: All you need are strawbs! by Kaz-DBlack Heart by Kaz-D

Jayde Amber SaphoPhotographics :iconsaphophotographics: :heart:
f u n k i  f r u i t by SaphoPhotographics
h a p p y by SaphoPhotographics.: a n t e n n a :. by SaphoPhotographics
t i n k e r b e l l by SaphoPhotographicsu n t i t l e d by SaphoPhotographicsmiss pretty puss by SaphoPhotographics

Bella Bellayona :iconbellayona: :heart:
Hogan-Dazs by Bellayona
Intimate by BellayonaHere With Me by Bellayona
Lashes by BellayonaInnocence by BellayonaFamiliar Touch by Bellayona

Mia Miarath :iconmiarath: :heart:
Burning Trees inside the Burning Ship by Miarath
Bat Inside  :) by MiarathFour Letter Words by Miarath
Bones by MiarathNo despair tonight by MiarathTrap in Space by Miarath

Brian Brian-B-Photography :iconbrian-b-photography: :heart:
Dawn's Early Light 2 by Brian-B-Photography
The Eye of the Needle by Brian-B-PhotographyTime for Dessert? by Brian-B-Photography
A River Dawn by Brian-B-PhotographyWon't Someone play with me by Brian-B-PhotographyTop Gun for Eagles ? by Brian-B-Photography

Ashley AshleyLeePhotography :iconashleyleephotography: :heart:
Geese on the Green by AshleyLeePhotography
Majesty by AshleyLeePhotographyYou gonna feed me more bread? by AshleyLeePhotography
Summer in Beaverton by AshleyLeePhotographyA Prince by AshleyLeePhotographyWarm Nature by AshleyLeePhotography

Lucia LuciaSeriin :iconluciaseriin: :heart:
Black Dancer by LuciaSeriin
Pikachu OC Ref WIP by LuciaSeriinLittle Goat by LuciaSeriin
Fluffball by LuciaSeriinSplendid Glow - Pony Adoptable by LuciaSeriinThe gathering by LuciaSeriin

Martha marthig :iconmarthig: :heart:
Opalescent gems - ApoChallenge 143 by marthig
Caves of - - - blue - ApoChallenge 139 by marthigApoChal32-Blooming Mandy by marthig
Crystalline Shrine for Dr.B.M. by marthigPretty Flipped Disk-ApoChal8 by marthigAlmost but not quite-ApoChal28 by marthig

Mim mim304 :iconmim304: :heart:
Eddie by mim304
Raised on Country Sunshine by mim304Nap Time by mim304
Touch by mim304K-9 Arthur...Rest In Peace by mim304For Candy by mim304

Crista Nature-as-is :iconnature-as-is: :heart:

Mike creativemikey :iconcreativemikey: :heart:
Aspiring Notion by creativemikey
Inward Action by creativemikeyBack from whence we came by creativemikey
Sovereignty by creativemikeySomewhere in Time by creativemikeyNovember Zen by creativemikey

Lin Lirulin-yirth :iconlirulin-yirth: :heart:
Royal person by Lirulin-yirth
Somewhere up there... by Lirulin-yirthQuiet Spot by Lirulin-yirth
Autumn of Eden... by Lirulin-yirthMoonlit darkness... by Lirulin-yirthSoft glow by Lirulin-yirth

Diahn Diahn-C :icondiahn-c: :heart:
Baby Horse 01 by Diahn-C
Scrabble Pieces Group Icon by Diahn-CSunset 10-23-10 05 by Diahn-C
Moon Chimes by Diahn-CPuppy 02 by Diahn-CMonsoon Season 01 by Diahn-C

Angie angelfunkstudio :iconangelfunkstudio: :heart:
Gem Stone Blues - Other View by angelfunkstudio
Oopsidaisy by angelfunkstudioPeace to The World Back by angelfunkstudio
I Bagz the Bed by angelfunkstudioPeace to The World Front by angelfunkstudioSummer Sunset by angelfunkstudio

Seven seven-s :iconseven-s: :heart:
Song of the Sun by seven-s
Convergence by seven-sTrees of Hesperides II by seven-s
Code of Life by seven-sCome September by seven-sEvening in Spring by seven-s

Selina sesam-is-open :iconsesam-is-open: :heart:
Under My Umbrella by sesam-is-open
Inner Light by sesam-is-openSweetness of August Roses by sesam-is-open
Fresh by sesam-is-openNew Member In The Family by sesam-is-openMister Perfect by sesam-is-open

Cass PartyFeline :iconpartyfeline: :heart:

Michelle VisualPoetress :iconvisualpoetress: :heart:
Cutie Pie Faerie by VisualPoetress
Fairie At The Window I by VisualPoetressN I K K I by VisualPoetress
Saturday In The Park by VisualPoetressElven Sisters Relaxing by VisualPoetressPlaying Cupid by VisualPoetress

David Melancholy-Man :iconmelancholy-man: :heart:
Golden Slumbers by Melancholy-Man
A White Rose by Melancholy-ManLook What You've Done To Me by Melancholy-Man
Melancholy Man by Melancholy-ManChase The Blues Away by Melancholy-ManWhere The Wild River Rolls by Melancholy-Man

Eleanor wintersmagic :iconwintersmagic: :heart:
Tarot-The Magician by wintersmagic
Tarot-Strength by wintersmagicTarot -The Wheel by wintersmagic
Tarot-The Sun by wintersmagicThe Messenger by wintersmagicThe Goddess Morrigan by wintersmagic

Andrea EffItJustDance :iconeffitjustdance: :heart:
Gimme That Camera by EffItJustDance
No More Silence by EffItJustDanceCalm Autumn Lake by EffItJustDance
Mother Goose by EffItJustDanceSunrise On the Lake by EffItJustDanceRascal by EffItJustDance

Alex EarthBirds :iconearthbirds: :heart:
Feline Leadership by EarthBirds
One-eyed Sweetheart by EarthBirdsAdopt a Shelter Animal by EarthBirds
Birds in Flight by EarthBirdsStand Alone by EarthBirdsMunchies by EarthBirds

Athina chryssalis :iconchryssalis: :heart:
DROWN IN DEEP GREEN.. by chryssalis
I'M GONNA GET YOU! by chryssalisPEACE AND PURITY.. by chryssalis
THE BEAUTIFUL MELODY OF DARKNESS.. by chryssalisME(OW) HATE SUMMER... by chryssalisTIME, CRADLE OF HOPE.. by chryssalis

Michelle Photos-By-Michelle :iconphotos-by-michelle: :heart:
Seagull In Flight by Photos-By-Michelle
Aye Chihuahua II by Photos-By-MichellePink Tulips III by Photos-By-Michelle
Grevy's Zebra by Photos-By-MichelleSacramento Train by Photos-By-MichelleA Racoon's Protector III by Photos-By-Michelle

Mark morningstarskid :iconmorningstarskid: :heart:
Purple realities by morningstarskid
DEDICATION for PROPHET by morningstarskidVERTIGO by morningstarskid
HUNGRY BOYZ by morningstarskidRED VIOLIN...... by morningstarskidChickadee by morningstarskid

Nana NanaOsaki88 :iconnanosaki88: :heart:
P A T I E N C E... by NanaOsaki88
La Sagrada Familia by NanaOsaki88All you need is love... by NanaOsaki88
F R E E as a bird... by NanaOsaki88:thumb319610935:Without you I'm nothing... by NanaOsaki88

Juno Juno-Janus :iconjuno-janus: :heart:

Gabriela TheDarkenedBride :iconthedarkenedbride: :heart:
571 by TheDarkenedBride
715 by TheDarkenedBrideBridge Over The River by TheDarkenedBride
Too Late Too Soon by TheDarkenedBrideVanilla Cranes by TheDarkenedBrideAmber Wars by TheDarkenedBride

A.D. SoftplaceToland :iconsoftplacetoland: :heart:
Chirp by SoftplaceToland
Once upon a time was a lake by SoftplaceTolandFirst Among Equals by SoftplaceToland
Wail For Death by SoftplaceTolandBrightest by SoftplaceTolandBlue Shades Of Malice by SoftplaceToland

Caz Cazamelia :iconcazamelia: :heart:
Lone Hunter by Cazamelia
Horse sketch by CazameliaBear hug by Cazamelia
Seagull reflections by CazameliaPatterns of light by CazameliaKeeper of the Books by Cazamelia

Lainy secrets-of-the-pen :iconsecrets-of-the-pen: :heart:
Rosenote by secrets-of-the-pen
Day 81 - ACEO by secrets-of-the-penDay 34 by secrets-of-the-pen
Day 237- ACEO Drawing Project for Charity by secrets-of-the-penDay 178 - ACEO Drawing Project for Charity by secrets-of-the-penDay 116 - ACEO Drawing Project by secrets-of-the-pen

Audra AudraMBlackburnsArt :iconaudramblackburnsart: :heart:
NO YOU ARE NOT TRIPPIN' by AudraMBlackburnsArt
DR. HOOK by AudraMBlackburnsArt033 by AudraMBlackburnsArt

M. Elwing-Isiliel :iconelwing-isiliel: :heart:
Paint the grey sky in pink by Elwing-Isiliel
In black and white by Elwing-IsilielThe little princess by Elwing-Isiliel
Hug me - square version by Elwing-IsilielCome wander with me by Elwing-IsilielFarewell by Elwing-Isiliel

Carolyn CarolynYM :iconcarolynym: :heart:
Darius at 1 by CarolynYM
Zebra by CarolynYMCorn Field in Oil by CarolynYM
Mr. Cardinal by CarolynYM:thumb304465106::thumb306708102:

Ami SilkenWinds :iconsilkenwinds: :heart:
For The Love Of Cats 13 by SilkenWinds

Heather essencestudios :iconessencestudios: :heart:
body language 2 by essencestudios

Jo JamminJo :iconjamminjo: :heart:
Bambi by JamminJo

Cindee FreeSpiritFotography :iconfreespiritfotography: :heart:
Has time enough ... by FreeSpiritFotography


You don't have to be a direct purchaser, to help this project along in other ways. :aww:

The above Affiliates have done such a wide variety of things to help support, promote, feature and advertise this project in order to spread the word and continue the existence of what they believe is a worthy project.

Some have promoted the project on their journals and profile pages, often repeatedly or permanently.  Some have gone to great lengths in these areas in order to be sure the voice of this project is heard, so that perhaps they'll find others who will be able to directly help these animals.  Some have told others about the project in a variety of ways, some have placed the project in their comment taglines, a couple have donated points :points: on behalf of the project, or created some artistic media with The Shelter Project as the subject!
I know this list is not complete...

:note: Regarding the donation of dA :points: in the name of "The Shelter Project"...
When this first happened, which completely caught me off-guard, though extremely grateful by such generosity, I wasn't sure how I could use the points directly for the project, and I wanted to be able to do that, as closely as possible... so I developed a method of good usage for such points, whereby I give them to good Groups I have found on dA with the attention to the fact that they should be animal-based groups, MOST preferably educationally based, AND  usually with folders for animals up for adoption at humane societies, or perhaps other types of rescue or animal rights-based folders, and then of course noticeably collecting points. :nod:

In this way- one of several other ways- The Shelter Project is more than itself, in that, it partners with other similar efforts, and becomes part of the huge animal educational factor, that the project also seeks to implement and dispense.

So, I never keep such donated points for myself, for any reason. Again, it is not meant that I should profit from this project.

:groups: deviantART GROUPS :groups:

Profits-For-Animals :iconprofits-for-animals:
From the "Humane Societies-Rescue Organizations" Folder:

stopBSL :iconstopbsl:
From the "Pet Adoption Promotional Artwork" Folder:

Adopt-Dont-Shop :iconadopt-dont-shop:
From the "Save Us.. Adopt Us" Folder:

deviantHEART :icondeviantheart:
From the "Connections" Folder:

SkyAndNatureClub :iconskyandnatureclub:
From the "August 16th - 31st 2012" Folder:

AnimalsofTheWorld :iconanimalsoftheworld:
From the "Dogs and Cats" Folder:

New-NomCat :iconnew-nomcat:
From the "Animal Rights" Folder:

Somnambulist-Aisle :iconsomnambulist-aisle:
From the "Our Cool Pets" Folder:

feel-art :iconfeel-art:
From the "Traditional Paintings" Folder:

dAWishingWell :icondawishingwell:
From the "Tuesday Treats Picks" Folder:


The above Groups had, in some way found out about "The Shelter Project" and decided on their own to feature the project, in some kind of way, whether in a group journal, or somewhere on the group's profile page... in a few cases, this has been done repeatedly or permanently. Even if, the project was only mentioned publicly one time, the Group, became an affiliate because of it, and I will always adore and appreciate these groups for what they've done in their efforts to spread the word...

... it is much like the individual affiliates, even if the project had been mentioned just once, they became an affiliate of the project... after all, I am always deeply moved by such an act... realizing the potential that this has to help animals!

I am so honestly grateful beyond measure from the very bottom of my heart, for what each and every above affiliate, to date, has done, or has continued to do in their efforts for this project! I never thought there would be this much support in general, but from one internet site, such as wonderful dA!! It really shows the community spirit, that I have always felt is a huge positive about dA!

The Affiliates have created themselves, as I have in no way "headed up" such a group, but indeed that is what they, themselves, became, by virtue of their own actions. It was simply that, the more support that was gathered the more I realized what they were- a Group of Affiliates!

:icongottadanceplz: :icongiantlovehug: :iconsecrethandshakeplz2: :iconglomglompplz: :icongottadanceplz:


Please know I that I support and will continue to support my friend
Sass's :iconsassawj:'s Operation TNR for NE Ohio:
and also website HERE:
If you can do anything to contribute to this, we would be very grateful!

I think it's wonderful of Sass to take this initiative, but when you care about the well-fare of animals this much,
and you've seen the awful problems, that lack of care has created, you can't help but want to do something!

The trapping, neutering, and releasing of feral cats in our society, is so very essential to the overall health of cats in general, and if we are having ferals to begin with, then this must be considered. It is important to at least become informed about this subject, because even if you are not that fond of cats, as an animal, they are out there living in your neighbourhoods overpopulating and becoming ill.

Such programs serve to alleviate this problem in the most humane way possible!

When you are also supporting "The Shelter Project" you are also supporting our own "Spay/Neuter Release" programs in our area, which constantly needs funding in order to continue.


I recently found something that I wish all people could read and understand when considering to adopt a dog, [or even a cat], or when choosing to keep any domestic animal for a pet.
It's by: :iconmotherearth01:
Absolutely true and wonderful. :clap:


I also recently discovered something really great and helpful, for anyone that has ever considered trying to help and donate items for a humane society that is nearest to them.
It was compiled and written by: :icongothgirl145:
Tips for Humane Society DonationsThis is a journal for my group :icon2ndChances4Animals: I wanted to share this with all of my watchers here too :)
I've compiled a list of things that can be donated to your local Humane Society. Since they're non-profit organizations they rely on volunteers and donations to take care of the animals. So here are some things that you can do to help your local animal shelter:
(1)     Food is something that's always needed. Kitten and adult cat food; puppy and adult dog food; wet food; special diet foods for dogs and cats (ex. Foods to help aid in digestion, sensitive stomachs, urinary tract; ect.).  Majority of Humane Society's request premium foods such as Iams or Pedigree (anything that's not generic, really). Ole' Roy should never be bought for animal shelters or your pets. Some of the ingredients prevent the blood from clotting properly during surgery or when your pet gets injured. Treats are always welcome too
(2)    Blankets in

If there is ANY way, you can help or donate to a humane society that is close to you, you really should!
All animal facilities are in need of some kind of help, at all times, believe me!

You may want to consider asking ahead of time, what they are most in need of at the time, or types of items they DO or do NOT accept, as there are sometimes rules about it. :aww:

The PLUS to helping out through a program like "The Shelter Project" is that your donations are going to fund the necessary programs to properly take care of the animals that currently stay in a particular facility. The donations also go toward the medicines and supplies that the vet at the humane society depends so much upon to properly heal the various illnesses which some of the animals come in with, or develop while living there, and for the routine vaccinations and spaying and neutering of ALL animals that come through.  The donations go toward whatever they are most in need of.

And of course you get your prints and/or greeting cards as a result, to commemorate your help.

Plus, not all animal lovers and protectors live near to a humane society, and yet wish to have some way to help one.

But if you do live near one, find out how you can help! :heart:


"The Shelter Project" LINK LIST

:bulletblack: My Personal Website: Tea Photography
:bulletblack: South Coast Humane's Site: The South Coast Humane Society
:note: This includes our humane society's PETFINDER.COM page, with all the photos of our pets that are available for adoption!
:bulletblack: South Coast Humane's new BLOG: South Coast Humane's Blog
:bulletblack: My Profile Page: Tea Photography's Profile Page, right HERE on deviantART
:bulletblack: Main Sub-Gallery on dA with Info.: The Shelter Project- Cats and Dogs
:bulletblack: Secondary Sub-Gallery on dA with some Info.: The Shelter Project- Other Animals Etc.
:bulletblack: Supporting the project for the Holidays: Holiday Cat and Dog Greeting Cards

:note: As mentioned above, there are more images for these cards COMING SOON! The photos have been taken during the month of August, and will be uploaded throughout the month of September, and this will help round out the available images for the HOLIDAY GREETING CARDS, that will be available for ordering beginning the month of SEPTEMBER 2012, for THIS December 2012's holidays. :nod:

:iconsantalaplz: :iconfur14: :iconsantalaplz:


Coming Soon: Tutorial on Photographing Shelter Animals

I have been asked about doing this by a couple of people, and I do think it is a really great idea!
Time, is my main challenge! :lol:

I would like to make this a goal of mine... and if I can't complete by the end of 2012, I hope to do so during the early part of 2013.

There are so many talented artists/photographers here on dA, and even though I have met a few people on dA, who photograph animals at shelters in some kind of official capacity, I just honestly believe that with all of this talent right here on this site, it could be another great way to put such talent to great use for a worthy cause!

I don't know how many times I have heard that it is so important to have good quality photos for the adoption sections of newspapers and for adoption websites, as opposed to quick snap shots and small files, that are sometimes blurry and so on and so forth.

If artists/photographers were to approach humane societies with an offer to volunteer such services, chances are they will be very open to the idea of it, as most do not have professional quality images that they are using to adopt out their pets.

More on this to come... :D


I want to thank my friend :iconnanaosaki88:
for making me this "SUPPORT" image for "The Shelter Project" almost a year ago by now:
The Shelter Project by NanaOsaki88
At the time, I knew she was making me something, but I had no idea the subject would be about this project!
I was so moved, beyond words... and I have kept it on my profile page ever since!
It belongs here, too! :heart:


My dearest friend and HUGE proponent of this project, Teresa :icontigles1artistry: very recently created for me TWO videos!
One is more tailored for "The Shelter Project" and timed just perfect for this Anniversary!

It was such a lovely and amazing surprise to receive BOTH of them which I keep on the I.D. of my Profile Page.


And finally...
I recently stumbled upon THIS:

Over the top? Maybe... maybe NOT,
but definitely super cute, and for me, it shows, just how much and how deeply animals should be cared for!

:heart: :iconkittyglompplz: :heart:

Domestic Animals Feature!

Cats and Dogs


Other Domestic Animals



As many of us may already know, cats and dogs- and in MORE cases dogs only- are the two main types of animals that fill humane societies... but often enough, animal facilities- or certain ones- are called upon to take care of, or take in other types of animals.
In my own experience, between the various types of facilities I have volunteered for, I have seen and heard of some chickens, a couple roosters, several ferrets, a few rabbits,  a couple of goats, and even a few horses!  Yes, this happens, and for various reasons, too!

"The Shelter Project" may appear to be mostly focused only or mostly on cats and dogs, and this would only be true because of the proportion of cats and dogs that there are to be photographed to help them find permanent homes, in relationship to other types of animals. In addition, these are the only two types of rescue pets I myself have had!  

However, "The Shelter Project" aims to support equally ALL domestic animals, as well as ALL wild animals, both in general, and regarding the needs of protection of ALL animals, and in favouring ALL Animal Rights!

"The Shelter Project" loves ALL animals, greatly, and seeks to promote the welfare of all animals. :heart:

:note: My collection of all animals, and especially of cats and dogs, here on dA, is just GIGANTIC! I sure do wish, I could have represented ALL of my supportive friends on dA who have such beautiful work that they've shared, but unfortunately it is impossible... and so I just took from my most recent favs.
Thank you for understanding. :thanks:

Stamps and Personal!

"Rescued is my favourite breed."

Stamps- Just a Sample of my Favourite Related Stamps!

Cats and Dogs- A Sample of my own work...

Other Animals- A Sample of my own work...

Thank you to everyone! :heart:

Thank you to those who have had any time and interest to go through this article, either in the entirety,
or even just partially. :aww:
It means more to me than you realize. :heart:

And thank you to ALL who have ever had a kind word of support to say to me about "The Shelter Project" and just faving the work involved is always helpful, believe me...

MORE importantly, thank you to everyone who cares so much about animals, and works to improve their conditions, in whatever kinds of helpful ways.

And a SPECIAL HUGE THANKS to ALL the dA Affiliates of the project, for it is because of YOU, that this project even exists, especially right here on dA!

:iconspreadmoreloveplz: :iconpurplekittyplz: :iconspreadmoreloveplz:

Design and CSS by sukoto-san
Photograph by Tea Photography
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