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November 21, 2012
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Something Personal, Plus Tribute, and Thanksgiving

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 21, 2012, 9:10 PM
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Sharing Something a Bit Personal

Dearest Friends/Watchers here on dA...

I hope you don't mind if I share something a little bit personal.
I'm not used to sharing things publicly, that are personal, let alone dedicating a whole journal to it.

But... being that we live very far away from any sort of family, and have made so few local friends since moving here,
I feel a therapeutic need to put together a little something here, on dA, where this has been the only online community I have been visiting for almost five years now... it has become a type of family for me...
And I hope it is okay to say so. :heart:

I was away from dA, for a while again recently...

... and I know that some of you already know why, because as I've been trying to come back, I have been answering my notes, and whoever has left me notes during the time I was away, I told of these happenings.

Also, though it was not explained in any sort of detail, as to why I was not here for my commitments at my main group of Unframed-Nature I appreciated the post my Co-Founder made on my behalf.  I was amazed to received so much kindness and support, and I thank the admins., and members of Unframed-Nature alike- they really are so wonderful there. :heart:

First of all,
I became quite ill more than a week ago by now... so much so, that I was bedridden for the long while...
Nothing contagious, but having to do with a few of my ongoing medical problems "rearing their ugly heads" all at the same time.

I do not usually discuss my illnesses or health, publicly, and even now, I am not up for explaining these details.

But, this particular time, it was all made a lot worse, and it has been much more difficult to recover, because of something else that began to happen during the time I was so sick.

My beloved Beagle, Malori, took a really terrible and strange turn for the worse. :hmm:

It started very suddenly last Thursday.

I heard her in the living room, making all kinds of noise, and I found her stuck behind some shelves and tangled in some cords. After I freed her, she ran across the room and got trapped behind the T.V. in those cords, and then got stuck between the refrigerator and the wall, and so on and so forth.  But I could not keep up with this sudden and erratic energy with potential of great harm!  Normally, she likes to rest and eat treats, etc.  This was so bizarre!

We took her to the vet immediately, and though they were not for sure what was wrong with her, they thought maybe she had a stroke.  They gave us special food, and some sedative medications, and said to wait until Monday...

Instead of improving, she got MUCH worse and fast. She could NOT be sedated by ANY amount of sedative medication!  We called a vet on the weekend, who told us to also give her adult Benadryl, but still she could not rest or sleep!  
And she had become frantic and very upset... she started crying and crying...

Her arthritic body was being forced to move, by whatever was happening in her brain, and her body was just in such pain.

It was a most terrible weekend... :(

As soon as we could, we took her back to the vet on Monday...
and after updating the vet, and  from their observation, they thought more that she had a brain tumor pressing on the "Activity Center" in her brain, compelling her body to physically and continuously move.  

They said there was not much else to do, and sadly we did have to put her to sleep...
But we were with her there, holding her until she passed, finally at peace.

I feel very badly that she suffered so much in her last few days, but... it is good that she is no longer living with this terrible misery.

I am of course very happy that she could live MORE than 16 years! That is amazing, I know this, and I have soooo many memories with her, and of my life with her in it! :aww:

However, as a result, she was in my life and by my side for so long, that I can barely remember life before her...

So of course, it is a very sad time, and we are greatly missing her.

For some therapeutic value, I post the following tribute, which includes every photo I have ever shared of her here on dA:

Tribute for Malori Joy

Sweet Sixteen by TeaPhotography
This collage image of Malori, was the most recent upload that I just shared here on dA!
She had made it to 16 years, on Oct. 11th, and we had quite the party for her, and I'm
so thankful we did. :heart:

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

Fifteen Years of Santa's Little Helper by TeaPhotography
Malori's Christmas 2011 portrait!  
Malori was always an easy going type of dog... she went with the flow!
She was happy to help raise money for the humane society, so other doggies,
[and cats!] could also have loving homes. :heart:

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

Fifteen by TeaPhotography
Her 15th b-day portrait...
she wasn't feeling too well around this time, and had something wrong with her eye.
But here she was making a bed out of the sand, at the beach!
She actually got much better in a lot of ways since that time. :heart:

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

Yay, The Beagle Made It by TeaPhotography
Her 14th b-day portrait. This was just after the Summer she was diagnosed with
Congestive Heart Failure, but with the proper care and medications,
she continued to thrive for more than two more years!

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

Malori at Harris Beach by TeaPhotography
Malori, with her human daddy, on a trip to check out the new area, that we did end up moving to!
She was just turned 14 here. :heart:
She adored taking walks, and exploring her own yard, and new places, like a seaweed smelling beach! :heart:

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

Cut from Different Cloths... by TeaPhotography
Malori is just over 13 years old here,
always so gracious and tolerant each time we got a new cat...
even allowing Tsuki, as a kitten, to snuggle with her!
Amazing! :heart:

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

From One to Another... by TeaPhotography
She's just over 13 here, and doing one of her favourite things:
Relaxing! :heart:

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

I Love My Sister by TeaPhotography
Malori with her favourite living being in the whole wide world: her "sister" Canela,
which was taken just a couple days before Canela herself, had passsed... :heart:
Not long after, Malori began to seek more attention from humans.

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

Beagle's Eagle Eye by TeaPhotography
Malori is 12 and a half here...
She used to dig into any and all types of blankets and pillows and make "cave-like" beds!

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

Learned to live together by TeaPhotographyThe tolerant Beagle by TeaPhotography
Malori is about 12 and a half, and hanging out with Sha-Sha, being a good sport about having
cats in the house! :heart:

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

Friends give friends a leg up by TeaPhotography
Here, Malori is 11 and a half,
and as usual the "dynamic duo" is doing something silly! :heart:

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

becoming friends by TeaPhotography
Malori at 11 and a half, learning how to be friends with cats,
Sha-Sha in particular... who is about full grown here. :heart:

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

Beagle drinks from a cup by TeaPhotography
Malori, 11 and a half, drinking from a cup, at the park, on a picnic. :heart:

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

Beagle and Human Mama by TeaPhotography
Malori, 11 and a half, with me at the park on a picnic. :heart:

:rose: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

I actually have a TON more photos of Malori...
but with the other pets, I've had to balance out who gets shared online and when, otherwise, the bombardment of pet photos would be astounding!

I wish I could share with you photos from when she was a puppy!
But from age 11 and earlier, ALL such photos are on film, and I don't have a scanner, nor do I want to pull apart actual photo albums, or photo frames, to take a photo of a photo...

But she was the runt of her litter, very tiny and very much BLACK all over, especially her head and her ears!
She was absolutely adorable and loved so much to play with her older "sister" Canela. :heart:

There are so many funny memories of Malori... plus, she got into so much over the years, we used to call her "the DOG with nine lives".  But she was a survivor, and her pure stubbornness of strength and sheer will certainly helped keep her going for very long.

Of course I am grateful to have had this wonderful dog in my life for so long, but with so much shared history, it is hard to imagine life without her.

I realize that to some people, pets are "just animals", but to me they have always been SO MUCH more than that- rather they are integral parts of the family.  They are always there when you come home, and they are loyal, and they love you no matter what kind of day you've had and how you may have behaved.  Simply, these are just my opinions, and how I feel. :heart:

Thanksgiving Thoughts

This is the week that the USA observes their Thanksgiving, and I know there are some other countries, who observe a similar holiday, but at a different time of the year.

For me, my favourite thing about the holiday, is taking and making the time to really stop and think about what we are thankful for.

Sometimes, this is a lot harder when we are going through our own difficulties, and when there is so much other strife and struggle in the world...

But it also a good idea to balance this out, by remembering to focus on what IS good and what IS beautiful... because there is also this!

I know I have much to be thankful for, and though I try to make it a practice to pause periodically and at least make such a mental list, I would like to be especially mindful of my list this week. :heart:

One thing I would like to share, is my thanks and gratitude for the kind of support and strength from the friendships I've made here on dA, and the kindness from those I have had the pleasure to meet here, too.

This is the "giving" part of Thanksgiving, in my opinion, and I am very much grateful for the "giving" qualities that people do possess. :heart:

Whether you observe this US Thanksgiving, or a type of Thanksgiving holiday of your own at some other time of the year,
I wish you ALL a most pleasant time of giving thanks for whatever you find in your life that is good.

And thank you for allowing me to share this personal journal... :rose: :heart:

:note: I realize that in many cases, people might not to how to respond to something like this.
If you should read any of this, and not know what to say in a comment, please don't feel bad about that.
You do NOT need to comment at all!

To be able to have a SPACE where I can create this personal journal, is therapy in itself, and I am thankful for THAT!

:note: I hope to get back to my regular types of journal postings near the beginning of December!

December is so soon already!

:heart: :iconchristmastreeplz: :heart:

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Photograph by Tea Photography
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SeaSpryte Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
:heart: Oh Tea. I just saw this. I'm so sorry to hear about your poor Malori. Hugs. :heart:
chryssalis Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012
:(You had told me about this..I can imagine what you went through,i had watched one of my kittens to suffer like this..i don't even want to talk about it..
At least she lived her full years and very happily too,with you who loved her so much..
It is so hard to loose a pet so beloved..She was a part of the family..No wonder why your health got worse...
I hope you're fine now,my sweet..Take care,i love you so much..
poserfan Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Professional
Just read this journal - I'm sorry for your loss! :hug: Though I'm not a dog owner I know how you feel as I lost several of my cats over the years. It always hurts and it gets harder everytime, especially if such things happens totally unexpected and out of the blue. I had to made that experience too with my cat Charly. And these are the only personal journals of mine too. Usually when I write something personal in a journal I'll later edit it and delete that part, but the journals about my cats will stay.
surrealistic-gloom Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
I am really sorry for the loss of your beloved Malori, it is so sad, it is breaking my heart! :iconsadhugplz:

At least, she has had a happy life and has received so much love!
But this is not diminishing your pain for now, I know! :iconskizzplz:
JamminJo Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh dear Tea :heart:

I'm so sorry for my late reply and for the passing of Malori :heart:

May Malori's memories forever live in your heart and soul my dear friend.

I hope that your headaches are have stopped :cuddle:

Love and Friendship to you Always :heart:

TheDarkenedBride Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm truly sorry for your loss :hug: to me pets are friends; animals have soul and most of all a loving heart, they are loyal and selfless unlike many people :iconbeautifulheartplz: may M A L O R I rest in peace
Zwoing Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
It's been a so long time we haven't spoken together, but I remember you as one of the nicest person, Tea. I send you a lot of love :heart: xoxo
TeaPhotography Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Professional General Artist
Isabelle! :wave:
I have missed you, too... :huggle:
It is lovely to see you, and I feel that you were always one of the sweetest people I'd ever met here... not to mention your talent! :nod:

Thank you for your supportive comment, too.
Much love to you, as well!
awesome43 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Sweet dreams Malori you were loved during your joyful life and now remembered through eternity. So sorry for your loss TEA your memories will always be with you. I do hope your health is improving I know this had to be very hard on you on top of everything else.
TeaPhotography Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Professional General Artist
Aw, my gosh, thank you for your very beautiful as well as your comforting words, during what's been a difficult time...
Yes, we have so many memories with her, this is true. :aww:
Recently, I am finally improving from the worst of that last bout of illness, and I should be okay again for a while, thank you so much for your kindness.
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