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March's TOP Subs of Unframed-Nature and NEWS!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 19, 2013, 12:22 AM

Welcome to MARCH 2013’s Top Submissions of Unframed-Nature.

Thank you for being here whether you are a Member yet or not!
We welcome you and your support! :thanks:

We continue to grow each month, with more talented artists of a variety of art media!

A GRAND Welcome to ALL of Our NEW MEMBERS!

:squee:  :clap: :clap: :clap:  :squee:

And a HUGE thank you to our loyal Members who have been submitting your fabulous Nature Work to our Group for a long time now.
Without you, we simply wouldn’t be here. :aww:


We usually have an ALL-MEMBERSHIP voting, as we believe this is the Group's Group, but once in a while, we have a few months during the year, where only the Admins. vote.

For March, we had an ALL-Membership voting, and so we thank ALL of the Members and Admins., who took some time out to vote on what they thought were the best submissions for the month-
we appreciate their time and efforts!

:clap: :heart: :clap:

:new: If you have not yet seen this, it would be a great idea to do so, since we do have a couple changes in our original general folders, and also since we have added NEW folders for 2013:
COMPLETE FAQ and Folder Rules for Unframed-Nature:iconhappysunplz: Welcome to Unframed-Nature,
and to Our NEW Complete Group FAQ & Folder Rules for 2013!
:iconwhiteflowerplz: Introduction and Welcome! :iconwhiteflowerplz:
First, I would like to take a moment to wish ALL of our Admins., Members, and Friends of our Group,
Below you will find our Group's New FAQ, New Folder Rules, and New Folders for 2013.
This Group News Article, intends to contain everything you need to know, in order to understand what we are about at Unframed-Nature, and what types of art work we are looking for, in each one of our folders.
We have made a few changes to our current folders, in order to hopefully clarify a few issues we've had during the past year, and we've added a few NEW folders, in hopes to give more meaning to our group, with both a

If you only need to know something very particular, scroll to the section that you need.

:note: Also, for your convenience, and the convenience of our Admins., the inside of each gallery folder has all the information and rules for each folder!

Let’s continue to submit our own BEST QUALITY work, enjoy it, improve upon it, enjoy the work of others, and Nature in general. It’s what it’s all about-
combining our art with our love of Nature, and coming together under that commonality!

Without further ado...

Please Enjoy The Voted Top Submissions of MARCH 2013.

[:note: Each section/folder has a small group, at the VERY TOP, where those had received just slightly more votes. These will be copied to the Featured Folder.
The others are in no particular order.]

:iconflower-plz: From: Birds, Invertebrates, Aquatics, Amphibians, Reptiles

Eskimo Curlew by NachiiiBlooms and Birds by GrouperThe Smiling Froggy by AnneMarksFlamingo 04 by s-kmp
A new world by Morgan-LouUn P'tit Coin d'Paradis. by sekhmet-neseretAras by JessicaSansiquetGator VIII by Aldistar
I'm not guilty, I didn't see that worm... by Seb-PhotosGrebes by SwordtemperOwl by IrinaLaraShutup by Ozkyks
Mocking Death by jbeau3dI love peanuts too! by JocelyneR


Bluethroat by rat-or-ratWatery dolphin by Panda-kiddieFalco peregrinus by ohlopkovBarons racer by AngiWallace
Hanging in there by cfoto.:. The Early Bird Gets The. . . .:. by AdARDurdenEurasian Golden Plover 04 by nordfold:thumb297302369:
Vulture Step Dance by SilkenWindsYou Missed by LydiaRhianneSpring 2013 by yungstarSwallows by ohlopkov
Searching for Spring by alexgphotoPeaceful by dorwein:thumb139126551:
Redpoll by sgt-slaughterRainbow by Morgan-Lou

:iconflower-plz: From: Wild Animals
Zebra eye by Arkus83Yes, it's me by miirexStartled by AnneMarksArctic Symphony by Lupinicious
Snow Leopard Close-up Yawn by OrangeRoomDark Side II by Alannah-HawkerLooking for more seeds. by JocelyneRMythical Creatures by BiBiARTs
Between you and me by DeviantTeddineYoung Reddish-brown Squirrel by JocelyneR


I want to be the king of the jungle! by RavenithLynx by darkSoul4Lifefriendly by Oberon7upTail coat by Morgan-Lou
Can I have a hug, hooman? by PandonnasBoxSlow Traffic Ahead by DeviantTeddineSquirrel Airlines by plumita1Moutons de Panurge by sekhmet-neseret
Snow Leopard Close-up II by OrangeRoomToo bad, I've almost finished my meal... by Seb-PhotosI'm just a Big Kitty by Kiara-VestigiumMunching firefox by Seb-Photos
Go Vegetarian! by The--Dark--KnightWhat good is the warmth of summer by BlauBeerKuchen:thumb359414816:Lemur brothers by Riphath
Soulis: The King by soulis0Where do I go now? by Morgan-LouAoudad closeup by RiphathRocking the weekend by AnneMarks
Chase by Lupinicious

:iconflower-plz: From: Domestic MAMMALS

huh by vi-ol-etExcuse Me While I Camouflage by TeaPhotographykeara by BenCrowlePhotographyOn sugar mountain by valzart
Sunbathing by GallynetteRiggs (05) by Iluvbiscuit2Curiosity by alexgphoto:thumb362092867:


Hey by perigunawanSquishy Face by LydiaRhianneReilly by secrets-of-the-penLittle Cat II by luisbc
Look by mayat-sDreams of Paris by alexgphotoCat by Kisamisa-overdoseLittle Cat IV by luisbc
yummy! by tasiy:thumb340646209:Friends by WindInTheCoffeeCupI Don't Pose by bluemangoimages
Taking the time to stop and smell the flow by AnneMarksThree of a Kind by Iluvbiscuit2Feel the freeze 2 by DybcioCoco by ernest-art
Poupine - Light and Shadow by JocelyneRSweet cloud :) by Katrin-ElizabethPottoks - 2 by Aude-la-randonneuseMelancholy by divafica

:iconflower-plz: From: Nature Much Closer

Pastel Succulent by FauxHeadThe Last Sunflower by JocelyneRGive Me Your Hand by HelenaMimEnd of March - Fine by WillTC
F E E L by BlueAnomiSPOOR SOME SUGAR ON ME by AudraMBlackburnsArtSelf Centered by creativemikeyFrosty Morning 8 by feigenfrucht
Soulis: The Tulips of New York I by soulis0Anemone Blue by You I by PhilluppusDELICATE by sesam-is-openRed Wanderer by AldemButcher


After the Ice Has Melted by Velvet--GloveFlower Field by EnkidulanMorning in Drops by John-PeterSecret whisper by JunJun510
Vetrarbreytin by MarsiaMSNeedles of Dew by John-Peter:thumb336192344:Frozen Tear by FreeForms
Icelandic Poppy by FeralWhippetShimmering from the dark dephths by AldemButcherSolitary Food Source by AnileyaBLUE IVY VIOLET FOR MARILYN by AudraMBlackburnsArt
Magic Flower by invisigoth88Come to rest by VoidIndexFIRST RAYS OF DAWN by wiwionartcherry-blossoms by Ingelore
Sunny rain by JunJun510Hypnosis by alexgphotoOrange gerbera with water droplets by FrancescaDelfinoFragile. by MauiMelle
Drop 01 by s-kmpCluster of Mushrooms by Estruda:thumb358827415:

:iconflower-plz: From: All ‘Scapes

Warm Island by Natan Estivallet by Natan-EstivalletFrom A Distance by TeaPhotographyGlow Of The Gods by PeterJCoskunFollow me by DeviantTeddine
Planet Cali by AndrewShoemakerWhen The Moon Shines by torivarnFrost and Fog by Vineyard86-Yellow myth- by Janek-Sedlar
the water was warm by catch---22Lakeland Woods by scottoSpace Curtains by torivarn


Color Explosion by PeterJCoskunMisty Mountains by MadMoonIncFloating Island by MartinGolleryCeiling Zero_vsMCP by xLoversRevenge
East Shore Spring Lake Tahoe Nevada by MartinGolleryInfinity by SchwarzWieEbenholZGoldenwaves by torivarnWish Upon a Sun Star by ExplicitStudios
The Sunset of Duality (2) by IvanRadevFinality by NovaMcKnightenCreekside by LeashaHooker:thumb358532101:
Morning Warmth by PeterJCoskunA place to call home by Alex37Flowing Symmetry by Jordan-Roberts:thumb357447223:
Sand Harbor Nevada Sunset130310-33 by MartinGolleryAurora Borealis by BoarzxSnow forest by JoJoAsakuraPerfect day by WelshGlue
Pic du Midi de Bigorre by Aude-la-randonneuseA sunset with grapes by NorbertKocsis

:iconflower-plz: From: MARCH 2013's THEME:"Flying Nature"

FIRST: :trophy:  :iconpassionandthecamera: with: Welcome the season of spring by PassionAndTheCamera
120 :points:

SECOND: :trophy: :iconterribleter: with: Low Rider by TerribleTer
80 :points:

RUNNER-UP: :trophy: :iconnordfold: with: Sterna paradisaea II by nordfold
20 :points:

RUNNER-UP: :trophy: :iconalexgphoto: with: Take to the Sky by alexgphoto
20 :points:

:note: All :points: from Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts:
Thanks to all who have donated to our pool, to help make these Monthly Challenge Themes,
and BIG Contests, possible!


Honourable Mentions:
Hello, watcher ! by DorotejaCThe Dark Knight by The--Dark--KnightBalancing Act by AnneMarksQuack by NNarcissus
Great Horned Owl by sgt-slaughterHoney Bunny.sep by SchwarzWieEbenholZinked by sandeepsarmaTurkey Vulture by MistressVampy
Silhouette Of A Bird by surrealistic-gloomLittle Family on the Pond by philippeLWaxwing banquet III by Yanagi-no-YumeRed-tailed Bumblebee by Clu-art
Bird Bliss
Little being,
So fragile,
So beautiful.
So free as a new born symbol,
With dreams filled with marvel,
And living in the shadows of an angel.
With wings spread,
Nothing to comprehend,
Within the Clouds, it ascends.
The journey begins,
Within its soul there are no sins,
Just joyful and an everlasting bliss.
Costa's Hummingbird by adanielescu

:note: The Honourable Mentions, along with the top winners, will all be moved to
The Featured Folder, which means eventually they will be given an extra :+fav:
Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts:

Thank you to ALL participants! My goodness, what stunning work... I can't imagine trying to vote on them!


:iconflower-plz: RE-Featured From: “The Group’s Donors’ Folder”
To be Copied to the Featured Folder, and then eventually :+fav:'d by:

Kraslice by MirachRavaiaBloody velvet by MirachRavaiaDandelion lanterns by MirachRavaiaStill Gossiping by bewilderedconfused
Bradley by bewilderedconfusedWhat kitties do by bewilderedconfusedSpring Viola in The Grass - Macro by surrealistic-gloomMILKBLOOD by AudraMBlackburnsArt
Graveyard Shift - ACEO by faeorainAvel - Twine Dragon by faeorainTeresa's Two Flowers by CarolynYMYellow Flower by CarolynYM
Autumn Leaves by CarolynYMHow does it tasBLEARGH by Sasa-Van-GothWaterfall 2 by RiemeaKitty Cat by SilkenWinds
In Spite Of Everything by sesam-is-opencrocus by Ingeloreearly spring by VasiDgalleryCanned drink by awesome43
Soulis: Alligator and ... Friends by soulis0 PoetreeNOTE: The poem should have the shape of a tree. If it looks messy, your monitor is too narrow. Press "Ctrl" and "-" until it fits into your monitor, or follow the link in the author's comments. Thank you!
                                         In darkness sweet I dream I sleep; my fate to wait till time is ripe
                                      A tender leaf curled in the seed,               an idea that would be freed
                                  I dream of bra

:iconflowerthnxplz: Our Group’s MOST Recent Donors of :points: POINTS :iconflowerthnxplz:

Tulips Leaves Out Of The Snow by surrealistic-gloomIn The Forest by surrealistic-gloom

Veggy Vortex by awesome43A face within my roots. by awesome43


herd of unicorns by mk-kayemWhoa WHOA by mk-kayem
Fat Cat by mk-kayemVenus Puppy Trap by mk-kayem

Purple Punk by BlueAnomiSB L U E by BlueAnomiS

The Graveyard. by CapnSarah

Soulis: Pelican by soulis0Soulis: The Queen by soulis0Soulis: Hyenas by soulis0
Soulis: Sunflowers Over Water by soulis0:thumb349514082:Soulis: Impression, Costa Maya I, Mexico by soulis0
Soulis: The Magnolias of New York III by soulis0Soulis: Impression, Gerbera Daisies I by soulis0

Snow Trees by Lust0fADeeperPainBlue-2 by Lust0fADeeperPainSilent Snow by Lust0fADeeperPain
Pheasant by Lust0fADeeperPainMale Blackbird by Lust0fADeeperPainSpecial Thank You by Lust0fADeeperPain
Pumkins by Lust0fADeeperPain

God Bless Ming by WDWParksGalTree of Life Unobstructed View by WDWParksGalPretty Clouds by WDWParksGal
Mum pic directly off iPhone new submission option by WDWParksGalSilly Kitty by WDWParksGalContentment by WDWParksGal


Frog in Bamboo by nordfoldDragonfly IV by nordfoldEurasian Golden Plover II by nordfold
Silene dioica 02 by nordfoldForget-me-not III by nordfoldNorwegian Fjord Horse by nordfold
Plumeria II by nordfoldEquisetum arvense by nordfold

Snowy Dogwoods by bewilderedconfusedKitt by bewilderedconfused

Golden Eagle by philippeLLost in Thought by philippeLA new pet? by philippeL
Reaching towards Eternity by philippeLFlipper and Flipperette by philippeLSuspended by philippeL

Surviving the Depths of Winter by TeaPhotographyCelebrate Good Times by TeaPhotography

Yellow Flower by CarolynYMWaterfall by CarolynYM
Path by CarolynYMWhite-throated Sparrow by CarolynYM

:iconheart5plz: Our Group’s MEMBERS of THE MONTH :iconheart5plz:

Thank you to these fabulous Members who have been loyal to our Group in various ways- submitting their work, plus voting each month, and supporting our Group in many other ways, too!
We are very grateful to them for all they do and for being a fantastic part of our Group here! :heart:

awesome43 :iconawesome43: :iconflowersplz:

Veggy Vortex by awesome43A world of color by awesome43Blue Beauty by awesome43
California Coast. by awesome43A face within my roots. by awesome43Cat in a homeless camp. by awesome43

surrealistic-gloom :iconsurrealistic-gloom: :iconflowersplz:

Sunlit Black Cat Study by surrealistic-gloomSunflowers Decaying by surrealistic-gloomReflected Trees In April by surrealistic-gloom
Forest Road by surrealistic-gloomFreezing Hyacinth Bud by surrealistic-gloomTulip Petal - macro by surrealistic-gloom

:icontulipplz: Promoted to Co-Founder :icontulipplz:

Thank you for all of your hard work you've done for our group, for such a long time, by now!

Lily Annissina :iconannissina:

Air by AnnissinaLove is Simple by AnnissinaFlowers by Annissina
Spring Love by AnnissinaPeaches by AnnissinaThe Summer is Magic by Annissina


:iconteamoplz: Admins. for Unframed-Nature! :iconteamoplz:

We are still taking applications if you are interested in joining our team!
Please read the following application, and then answer the questions inside, and then NOTE your answers to me,
Tea, TeaPhotography

Administrator Application for Unframed-Nature by TeaPhotography

:note: And remember, it is NOT as formal as it looks, and of course you do NOT need to know everything,
but it is a very helpful tool for us to assess who might know what. :aww:

:thanks: :heart: :thanks:

:iconballoonsplz: Our Group’s NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS! :iconballoonsplz:

:trophy: Our Next BIG CONTEST... :trophy:


Read ALL About it HERE:

:iconearthplz: Unframed-Nature's EARTH DAY, EVERY DAY Contest! by TeaPhotography :iconearthplz:


Just over TWO weeks left!

Please read ALL RULES, VERY CAREFULLY before submitting!

dancing flower by pbheaven

:trophy: Upcoming Themes :trophy:

Because we are having a BIG CONTEST all through April, and part of May,
we will NOT have monthly Themes, during those months,
and likely no theme in June, either, to give a bit of a break to all of us.

We PLAN to resume Monthly Themes in July!
Upcoming themes, TO BE ANNOUNCED!


:iconspreadmoreloveplz: Coming SOON... :iconspreadmoreloveplz:
Our VERY Special Edition News Articles, will be coming SOON!

As, hopefully, many of you know, we have added a few NEW folders to our group, since the start of 2013.
There are TWO reasons that we did this:

1. To help clarify a couple issues that we had last year, and define the folders more clearly,
which should make it easier on both Members and Admins., when submitting, as long as we are familiar with the new folder system.

2. To bring a deeper meaning to our Group, as far as certain issues within Nature, that are important for us as a society, and which Nature-lovers would surely understand and be interested in.

Our five NEW folders, will have their moment, as the work that has been submitted there WILL get highlighted through features in special news articles that aim to also be a little bit more informative.

As the five NEW folders, run THREE months at a time, then the first one of these articles will be due to come out after March!  So, we should see the FIRST of these Special Edition News Articles sometime near the end part of April.


:icondonatepointsgreenplz: Points for Our Group :icondonatepointsgreenplz:

First of all, Unframed-Nature can not thank enough our very generous Members, and Administrators alike, who have Donated and continue to Donate :points: Points to our Group! A few of them have done so, multiple times! :rose:


As we look to 2013, for our Group here, we DO plan on having AT LEAST our TWO MAIN BIG Contests, that we usually host- one in the Spring and one in the Autumn...
the first one of 2013, is CURRENTLY in Session!

We would also like to host more Monthly Themes, which we treat as Mini-Contests!

We have had two monthly themes so far... and we hope to resume them in July, August, & September.


And of course we would like to have enough :points: again, to renew our Super Group later in 2013...

To achieve the above in a great way, feel free to donate to our Group!

The Widget is HERE:
:points: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts: :points:

Any and ALL Donations are always HIGHLY appreciated... and you will read there how you will be recognized and rewarded for your kind generosity!


:iconteamoplz: Affiliate Groups’ NEWS & CONTESTS :iconteamoplz:

:icondawishingwell: is an awesome wonderful Group!
It’s where “Wishes Can Come True!”
So if you have a dA wish, come check us out!
We also hold and participate in a variety of special and positive activities...

Here are our most recent Articles:
WishingWell Weekly by TeaPhotographyThe Well is NOW OPEN AGAIN *yay* by dAWishingWellTuesday Treats: When Bugs Fly by dAWishingWell
The Noms: Spring Cleaning in April by dAWishingWellPoint Feature by dAWishingWell

There's actually some kind of special feature and news about fulfilling wishes, practically every day!
Here's a Special and Recent Example:
Weary Wishes GRANTED by dAWishingWell
Come check out this amazing group!

:rose: :rose: :rose:

:icondevnews: is a positive group spinning the world of dA NEWS your way!
Simply JOIN, to find out what’s going on in the dA world around YOU! :nod:
We, our group, of Unframed-Nature has been featured with them many times,
among so many wonderful things reported here... It’s a work of heart.  :heart: :love:

Some great examples:
Pimps and Whoas - April 17, 2013 by Moonbeam13:thumb363712937:Project Positivity by Aeirmid
Skin the News by GillianIvyMini Youtube Player embeddable code by CypherVisorCSS Did You Know? - April 9th, 2013 by bradleysays


deviantHEART :icondeviantheart: promotes Positivity!
Current Contests, Projects, and Initiatives:

ARKs: Kindness Quilt Contest! Winner! by deviantHEARTHeart Art Submissions Open! by deviantHEARTActs of Random Kindness! by Hardrockangel


:icontreelovers: is hosting a BIG and Year-Long Community Project called:
“Art for Trees”
Read about this wonderful and worthy project HERE:
Art for Trees - project by MirachRavaia

The FOUNDER of the above Affiliate Group, :iconmirachravaia:
who is also a very good friend and support to our group HERE,
is hosting a really fun and wonderful GAME here on dA, and you could
WIN HALF the Points :points: in her POINTS POOL!
Check out the Article about it HERE:
sifro. - solve the codes and win points! by MirachRavaia
It's awesome! So finally, FEEL FREE to participate.

:iconseaofsadness-sos: is a wonderful compassionate group, wanting to make a difference!
If you care about animals, as I know SO many of our own Members here DO,
this IS the group for you!
This group is based on the cause of primarily the protection of DOLPHINS!
Please Read Their Journals about this!
Then consider joining!

Not only will you be a part of a great group,
but at the same time you will part of a VERY worthy cause!
:icondolphinplz: :icondolphin-plz: :icondolphinplz: :icondolphin-plz: :icondolphinplz:

:iconinspirationstation1: our newest Affiliate, and a fabulous group,
is hosting a WONDERFUL idea for a Contest: "Opposites Attract- Spring & Autumn"
Please check it out HERE:

:iconpinkflowerplz: Opposites Attract ~ Spring and Autumn Contest! by InspirationStation1 :iconautumncolorplz:
Go forth, and become INSPIRED!

:iconskies-and-seasons: is hosting a super Contest called:
"Signs of Spring"
An update and deadline extension:
Spring Contest - Choose your Winners! by Skies-and-Seasons

:iconpetpicks: A very friendly group about pets, animals, and nature!
We hope you'll join! :D
CONGRATS to PetPicks on their recent SUPERGROUP status!!!
It was a wish they made at dAWishingWell about a year ago, and
dAWishingWell finally was able to make this wish come true for them!

To donate points :points: to continue to help them, with possible future contests,
and to maintain their SUPER status, go to the page of the Founder:

:heart: :iconlilplz: :heart:

:trophy: Affiliate Groups’ CONTEST WINNERS! :trophy:

:iconanimalsoftheworld:'s CONTEST WINNERS for "Cute Rodents"

:trophy: 1st :iconmkuegler: with: Afternoon visitor by mkuegler

:trophy: 2nd :iconlou-in-canada: with: just chillin' by Lou-in-Canada

:trophy: 3rd :icondeviantteddine: with: Between you and me by DeviantTeddine

:heart: Honourable mentions:
Guinea Pig Trio by Blueeyes0001I got them! by JocelyneR:thumb336857890:


Thank you for your attention to our Wonderful Affiliates. :thanks:


Thank you ALL,
Members and hard working Admins. alike!

:note: A SPECIAL HUGE Thanks to my fellow-Admins., who are always doing a truly fantastic job here!
There are just no words great enough to express my utter appreciation for my fellow admins.
I just love our TEAM!


:iconbutterflyplz: :iconbutterflyplz: :iconbutterflyplz:

We, at Unframed-Nature hope you have been having an Amazing April..
We look forward to seeing more of your sensational submissions,
during the rest of this month!

I know that we are nearing the end of this month, and I apologize that this article is out later than usual this time,
... too much happening.

:note: Remember, if still you are NOT sure about some of the changes that we've made for 2013,
after reviewing them from the Group's FAQ Sheet, or checking inside the folders, feel free to send the Group a Note, and we will do our very bests to help you!


Tea :iconteaphotography:
Your Founder

CSS and Photo By Michelle Ramey
This event occurs and is reported upon once a month,
along with #Unframed-Nature's news, and news from our Affiliates!
Enjoy! :heart:
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My :iconfloatingheartplz: :icontea: thank you so much for your encouragement it means the world :iconworldplz: to me. Once more I would like to let you know that you have been included in my appreciation journal latest update here. [link]
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And of course, other photos are beautiful too :)

Kisses, and have a lovely day :wave:
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thanks for the feature Tea! What a lot of work for you.. amazing.. I so wouldn't able to make something that pretty. It's eye candy!
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Wow, thank you for all the news, gorgeous deviations, and for including me, dear Tea:heart:
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Great collection and I see a lot of photos that I will fav in a minute :aww:
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You have very beautiful work, no need to be too surprised. ;)
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I'm curious... Where the polls occur? :)
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