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January's TOP Subs of Unframed-Nature and NEWS!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 25, 2013, 12:19 AM

Welcome to January 2013’s Top Submissions of Unframed-Nature.

:note: As several of you may remember, I was due to be away for much of February, and therefore this news article about January was due to come out very late in this month of February...
I've only been back a couple days, and I've been working feverishly to get this article together and out before the end of this month!  I know it is especially late, but I appreciate your patience and understanding!

Thank you for being here whether you are a Member yet or not!
We welcome you and your support! :thanks:

We continue to grow each month, with more talented artists of a variety of art media!

A GRAND Welcome to ALL of Our NEW MEMBERS!

:squee:  :clap: :clap: :clap:  :squee:

And a HUGE thank you to our loyal Members who have been submitting your fabulous Nature Work to our Group for a long time now.
Without you, we simply wouldn’t be here. :aww:


We usually have an ALL-MEMBERSHIP voting, as we believe this is the Group's Group, but once in a while, we have a few months during the year, where only the Admins. vote.

For January, we were back to an ALL-Membership voting, and so we thank ALL of the Members and Admins., who took some time out to vote on what they thought were the best submissions for the month-
we appreciate their time and efforts!

:clap: :heart: :clap:

:new: If you have not yet seen this, it would be a great idea to do so, since we do have a couple changes in our original general folders, and also since we have added NEW folders for 2013:
COMPLETE FAQ and Folder Rules for Unframed-Nature:iconhappysunplz: Welcome to Unframed-Nature,
and to Our NEW Complete Group FAQ & Folder Rules for 2013!
:iconwhiteflowerplz: Introduction and Welcome! :iconwhiteflowerplz:
First, I would like to take a moment to wish ALL of our Admins., Members, and Friends of our Group,
Below you will find our Group's New FAQ, New Folder Rules, and New Folders for 2013.
This Group News Article, intends to contain everything you need to know, in order to understand what we are about at Unframed-Nature, and what types of art work we are looking for, in each one of our folders.
We have made a few changes to our current folders, in order to hopefully clarify a few issues we've had during the past year, and we've added a few NEW folders, in hopes to give more meaning to our group, with both a

If you only need to know something very particular, scroll to the section that you need.

:note: Also, for your convenience, and the convenience of our Admins., the inside of each gallery folder has all the information and rules for each folder!

Let’s continue to submit our own BEST QUALITY work, enjoy it, improve upon it, enjoy the work of others, and Nature in general. It’s what it’s all about-
combining our art with our love of Nature, and coming together under that commonality!

Without further ado...

Please Enjoy The Voted Top Submissions of JANUARY 2013.

[:note: Each section/folder has a small group, at the VERY TOP, where those had received just slightly more votes. These will be copied to the Featured Folder.
The others are in no particular order.]

:iconflower-plz: From: Birds, Invertebrates, Aquatics, Amphibians, Reptiles

A Real Basilisk by FriendFrogMoonlighting... by RadekDemjanswan2 by markotapioOtter love... by Seb-Photos
Symmetric by Selene-Emotion:thumb349391320:-Little red bird and white giants- by Janek-SedlarMerops apiaster - Prigorie by RichardConstantinoff
Gluttonous. by andokadesboisglomp by MirachRavaia.:Winter Cardinal:. by RHChengLorikeet by LydiaRhianne
.:In Mid Air:. by RHCheng


:thumb347246271:Double Duck by plumita1Chatty Rollers by SilkenWindsSpeedpaint 18 by BrianJMurphy
Landing by BogdanBoevSay goodbye by JunJun510Goodfeathers by LanzieGreat Gray Owl-Missed Attempt by Wyld-Art-Photography
Petit Escargot by EveVictusButterfly by VempjeWood ducks by veracauwenberghsLittle Bird by jessburnett
I Am King by HestefotografEagle On Snow by Les-PiccoloMid Air Poise And Grace by InayatShahLanding Gear by TerribleTer
Pink by JessicaDobbsJellyfish 4 by Moonbird9:thumb346819290:Frozen apples anyone? by Rajmund67
Discovery by erezmaromLittle Blue Treasure by Night-LionessA King and His Castle by AlpoArts:thumb348473048:
Tailed Jay 100709 upperwing by inckurei

:iconflower-plz: From: Wild Animals

Kouma by SagittorLook up by TiennaBeautiful by woxysAwaiting by cs4pro
Whiskers and Teeth by ronmonroe:thumb350102845::thumb346669390:Feel the Power by TeaPhotography
Play in snow by Eltasiasquirrel by markotapioHe May Look Innocent by CanadianRyRed Panda into the snow by StudioTamago
Wei the Little Panther by sekhmet-neseret


Good To Have Someone by HestefotografPortrait by Misfits13thWinter won't stop me! by GallynetteServal Kitten by darkSoul4Life
The Lion's Den by Kendra-PaigeSentry by BirdinByNoonMistyFied 2 by AnneMarksYellow in The Morning by Stuzal
Tiger by SoulCanvasEyes of the bengal tiger - traditional by Bisanti:thumb348479285:Checking You Out by SilkenWinds
The Hunt by Jac888Out on a limb by Riphath3071 by Rebel--HeartIntensely Watching You by cindy1701d
A close encounter iv by Rajmund67Let it snow by Sarahharas07Buck by CanadianRy

:iconflower-plz: From: Domestic MAMMALS

Kisses by TammyPhotographyFeed us, master! by MilosGizdovskiOrange Toby Boy by VasiDgalleryThe first steps... by Katrin-Elizabeth
Say goodbye by JunJun510Furry Ball by jankolasMax by MsCarmenElegance by Hestefotograf
Hypnotic fluffball by hoschieMessy by WindInTheCoffeeCupLucky Blue by ART-fromthe-HEARTSnow Grazing by tvurk
Ferals in Tangier by AstridBruning


Siberian Husky by ExiledenEvie by ChrystasRoseEmily's Snow Experience by MarardaHedgie by Deliquesce-Flux
Black Cat by SchwarzWieEbenholZA little Pianist by VikarusSmall Face Big Heart.. by pacificdreamsItty Bitty Kitty by hennatea
Snow Dog by FreyaPhotosKatie's Cuddly Christmas by TeaPhotographyPRETTY BOY - Acrylic PAINTING by AstridBruningWaterdog by TaceyN
How does snow taste? by wiingzzSapheer by GallynettePuppy wrinkles by chrisravensarRaygen by secrets-of-the-pen
Catnap by coffeenoirSiberian Husky by TaniaAVlittle buddy by MustafaSEZER:thumb349694308:

:iconflower-plz: From: Nature Much Closer

Delicate Details by AljoschaThielenIn Bloom by PassionAndTheCamera
Sunny Snowflake by GallynetteNarcis Yellow III by PhilluppusHoney in the Heart by Oer-Wout::.An Arranged Encounter.:: by AdARDurden
Storytime by MarsiaMSSnowflake 4 by GallynetteFlash by AljoschaThielenAutumn Melody by coby01
:thumb350519831:Blue and White Delphinium by JocelyneR


Little Sparkle by AljoschaThielencolor rose by DarkRoneHibiscus 2 by Heidi-V-ArtRain's Ephemeral Crown by alexgphoto
Let Her Into Your Heart by creativemikey:thumb340037011:Kiyomi's garden by kim-e-sensDemure I by whisperVeronika
Stellaria II by PhotopathicaBeauty Is In The Eye... (27.09.12) by Foxy-PoptartHeart of Dew by alexgphotoSmall, Fragile and Blue by MouseMakesMess
Modest Beauty by LydiaRhianneImperfect Beauty by Aquata92Natural feelings by SortvindLeave The Past Behind by MarcoHeisler
FOUNTAIN OF LOVE by wiwionartlight by saffi9Cineraire maritime by Princess-Suki-WFlor de loto by carmenharada
A coeur ouvert by EmbrymandreShiny Caps by Clu-artFloating by DeviantTeddinePanther Power by Clu-art
Memories by FrancescaDelfinoTiger Lily by lindelokseTouch Me if You Dare by DeviantTeddinefrozen drops by Ingelore
Celebrating Spring by jonathanjessupPink Cone Ginger by Heidi-V-ArtReflections of Autumn by alexgphoto

:iconflower-plz: From: All ‘Scapes

-Summoning the sun- by Janek-SedlarFreedom Found in Surrender by Oer-WoutIn the mist by chavez666Woods by Just-a-Witness
Planet Pacific by AndrewShoemakerAir Glow over Mono Lake by MattGranzPhotographyNorth Berwick by SebastianKrausFirst Snow by Clu-art
Smoothing out the waves by isotophotoAngry sea by weaverglenn3112 by Rebel--HeartFoggy Morning by FeralWhippet
Cradled In Love by catch---22The Old Man of Storr by TobiasRichter


:thumb349418458:AERIAL VISION by scumpiWinter in Finland wallpaper by Rebekka85Hoar Frost on Lone Tree by OnTheMarkPhotos
Sunset over the Savanna I by DeviantTeddineDays of Slumber by Oer-WoutTrotternish by TobiasRichter
:thumb348018215:Lighting on the Horizon... by midnightrider79:thumb350807118:Sunset 3 by LorenzoDiFolco
Be Still by JacquelineBarklaThe Sleepy Mountains by MaximeDavironDust off the Palisades by PeterJCoskunSurrealistic Winter by torivarn
-Secrecy of transformation- by Janek-SedlarNorth Berwick by SebastianKrausAfrican Sunset by serhatdemirogluReflections by Lilleninja
The Kromme Rijn at Werkhoven in the evening by HansmarLainbach 2.1 by MK-NI:thumb351277712:-Forgotten song of autumn- by Janek-Sedlar
:thumb348577002:Set Fire and Shine by TeaPhotography

:iconflower-plz: RE-Featured From: “The Group’s Donors’ Folder”
To be Copied to the Featured Folder, and then eventually :+fav:'d by:

:thumb179010452:A  Kaleidoscopic Sidewalk by Brian-B-PhotographyAlright I'm Coming by Brian-B-Photography
Bay of Fundy by Brian-B-PhotographyLily Of The Valley by JocelyneRPoupi resting... by JocelyneR
Bouquet Of Birch Trees In Spring by surrealistic-gloomBouquet Of Flowers - Sepia by surrealistic-gloomFor you by Vampirbiene
Young by VampirbieneYellow Beauty by RiphathWhat you lookin at by Riphath
Pelicans taking off by sgt-slaughterPurple Beauty by primalfuryanBlack and White Warbler by CarolynYM
Orange Tree by CarolynYMWoodland by CarolynYMMallard (Male) Preening by Kaosah
Butterfly I by KaosahLooking Back by KaosahA Host of Golden Daffodils by Velvet--Glove
Ibis Gets a Cool Drink by SalemCatWinter Apple by hoshitsuSEASIDE HORSES by primalfuryan
Winter Wolf by cindy1701dbunch of roses by Ingelore.:.:Dreaming of You:.:. by AdARDurden
Eternal flame by ShinyHeels

:iconflowerthnxplz: Our Group’s MOST Recent Donors of :points: POINTS :iconflowerthnxplz:

I call it love by ShinyHeelsColorful riverside by ShinyHeelsMorning glow,Bulgaria by ShinyHeels
Countryside winter,Finland by ShinyHeels:thumb348282773:Along the Highway,Finland by ShinyHeels

Pink Smell by BlueAnomiS

Secret Place by sesam-is-openSolitude by sesam-is-open

ROYALTY by Sugaree-33

The last Dahlia by JocelyneRFrail Capuchin in Autumn by JocelyneR
Baby Poupine by JocelyneRMysterious Thoughts by JocelyneR

Fractal Sunrise by mk-kayemSummer Songbirds by mk-kayemNight Cyclone by mk-kayem
One Magical Night by mk-kayemBlue Ice by mk-kayemFlowers For Tea by mk-kayem

Marsh In The Forest by surrealistic-gloomWeeping Leaves in Fall by surrealistic-gloom

The African sky by AshHughes

Zebras by philippeLThe Fish-Lizard UPDATED by philippeL
March 2008 in Quebec City - 3 by philippeLChild and Kitty by philippeL

:thumb87724820:Autumn is Here by LydiaRhianne:thumb304266619:
Seebensee by LydiaRhianne:thumb311853924:Next Target Located by LydiaRhianne

Heavens Light by Aztil


here's Leo by Cmac13peeking out by Cmac13

The Sharing Place by TeaPhotographyMemories of the Heart by TeaPhotography

Aaaaaargh... Poupine... by JocelyneRThey Were Inseparable. by JocelyneR
Cob Web by JocelyneRSunny Bee by JocelyneR

In Anticipation - by BDWFH by philippeLWinterland 1 STOCK by philippeL
Sailing away by philippeLCat MURO on Feature 33 by philippeL

Elixir of Love by VasiDgallery

Eyes On You by TheGalleryOfEveCherished by TheGalleryOfEveSome joy for you by TheGalleryOfEve
Trust in me by TheGalleryOfEveCute Cat by TheGalleryOfEveGood moments together by TheGalleryOfEve
Admiration by TheGalleryOfEveDaydreaming Bird by TheGalleryOfEve

RavingEagle Media I.D. by RavingEagleMediaVocal Training by RavingEagleMedia

Soulis: Impression, Pumpkins I by soulis0Soulis: Reflections of Sunflowers by soulis0Soulis: Colors on the Sunflowers by soulis0
Soulis: Gamma Rays to the Planets IV by soulis0Soulis: Children of the Surf by soulis0Soulis: The Sunflower Field I by soulis0

Huge Placid Marine Beast by philippeLBlossoming Tree Branch by philippeL

:iconheart5plz: Our Group’s MEMBERS of THE MONTH :iconheart5plz:

Thank you to these fabulous Members who have been loyal to our Group in various ways- submitting their work, plus voting each month, and supporting our Group in many other ways, too- plus, Foxy-Poptart is one of our Admins.!
We are very grateful to them for all they do and for being a fantastic part of our Group here! :heart:

Foxy-Poptart :iconfoxy-poptart: :iconflowersplz:
DA 45 - Missy Cat by Foxy-PoptartHB 28 - Follow Barrier Ditch by Foxy-PoptartDA 79 - The Tyger by Foxy-Poptart
PN 77 - The Beauty Of Black and White by Foxy-PoptartR. So Desolate by Foxy-Poptart

elen89 :iconelen89: :iconflowersplz:

Christmas gift -Svan- by elen89birds in the tree by elen89-Ice World- by elen89
blue forest by elen89Aby Superstar by elen89

:iconsbg-crewstock: Promoted to Moderator! :iconsbg-crewstock:

Foxy-Poptart :iconfoxy-poptart: :iconflowersplz:
DA 52 - Just... Hanging Around... by Foxy-PoptartPurple Glow (02.01.11) by Foxy-PoptartDA 69 - Just Staring... by Foxy-Poptart

:iconteamoplz: Admins. for Unframed-Nature! :iconteamoplz:

We are still taking applications if you are interested in joining our team!
Please read the following application, and then answer the questions inside, and then NOTE your answers to me,
Tea, TeaPhotography

Administrator Application for Unframed-Nature by TeaPhotography

:note: And remember, it is NOT as formal as it looks, and of course you do NOT need to know everything,
but it is a very helpful tool for us to assess who might know what. :aww:

:thanks: :heart: :thanks:

:iconballoonsplz: Our Group’s NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS! :iconballoonsplz:

VERY Important Group News!

Don't forget:

COMPLETE FAQ and Folder Rules for Unframed-Nature by TeaPhotography

We have enough changes, all together, to warrant everyone, Members and Administrators, alike, to become familiar with everything that is NEW for our Group in 2013!

Again, I apologize for the length... but it IS a "Total FAQ Sheet"...
And again, I'm sorry I am unable to place the HTML Codes within the Article, so that you would only need to click on what you wanted to read, at the TOP, so it could take you to where you wanted within the Article.
Unfortunately you will have to scroll, after all.

:note: But for everyone's convenience, ALL info. and rules for EACH folder, is conveniently located within EACH folder.

Thank you for your attention to these matters,
as taking NOTE of these items, will certainly help our group to run more smoothly!

:rose: :thanks: :rose:

Our Group’s Upcoming THEMES

:pointr: FEBRUARY 2013 - Our Group's First THEME of 2013!
:heart: Heart-Shaped Nature :heart:


Closes: Feb. 28th

HURRY! Only a few days left!!
:la: :la: :la:

For Details, see directly inside the folder for the theme's description and rules:…


:pointr: MARCH 2013's THEME: "Flying Nature"

:bulletblue: ONE Entry per Member!
:bulletblue: Submit ONE Entry that contains some kind of living creature that is able to fly!
:bulletblue: THINK: WINGS! If it has wings, it probably has some kind of capability to fly.
It does NOT have to be IN flight, but that would be cool, too!  So, it either can be flying or it doesn't have to be flying, as long as it is a visible and obvious type of living creature that CAN fly.

This theme is great for a wide variety of Art-Media, which is great, since we are an ALL-Media group!
This idea can be represented with photography, traditional, digital, photo-manips., fractals, animations, etc.,
it could even be presented in literature, by writing about something in Nature that can fly.

:bulletblue: Common examples of this are:
Most any type of bird, as well as many types of insects!
So get out there with flying nature, and represent it, with your favourite medium of art!


:bulletred:  Must adhere to all other rules of the group, for example, NO submissions of anything dead.

:bulletblack: Be careful with humans, architecture, and transportation... it is possible such items could be present in the submission, since we do now have a special folder where these items can be PART of a NATURE submission.
Just be sure that the submission is actually about the theme- something in Nature that flies!!
Similarly, if it is a Conceptual, Abstract etc., piece, as long as the subject matter is very clear, and if it's not obvious enough, please describe how it is reflecting flying nature, in either the title or Artist Comments, or both.

There really is lots of lee-way, so HAVE FUN WITH THIS!



:trophy: FIRST: 120 POINTS :points:
:trophy: SECOND: 80 POINTS :points:
:trophy: RUNNER-UP: 20 POINTS :points:
:trophy: RUNNER-UP: 20 POINTS :points:

All points :points: will be from Unframed-Nature's points pool at Unframed-Nature-PTS

All Winners WILL Be Featured in the TOP SUBMISSIONS of APRIL News Article.
The folder will be voted on by the WHOLE Membership, during the time that the Members are voting on our other original Five Nature Folders. :aww:

There might be an HONOURABLE MENTION group, that is also featured, if they have "slightly more votes" and will also get copied to The Featured Folder, along with the TOP FOUR Winners. :heart:


:trophy: Our Group's NEXT BIG CONTEST :trophy:

Spring of 2013, [NH] possibly starting on April 1st!!!!


:iconspreadmoreloveplz: Coming SOON... :iconspreadmoreloveplz:
Our VERY Special Edition News Articles, will be coming SOON!

As, hopefully, many of you know, we have added a few NEW folders to our group, since the start of 2013.
There are TWO reasons that we did this:

1. To help clarify a couple issues that we had last year, and define the folders more clearly,
which should make it easier on both Members and Admins., when submitting, as long as we are familiar with the new folder system.

2. To bring a deeper meaning to our Group, as far as certain issues within Nature, that are important for us as a society, and which Nature-lovers would surely understand and be interested in.

Our five NEW folders, will have their moment, as the work that has been submitted there WILL get highlighted through features in special news articles that aim to also be a little bit more informative.

As the five NEW folders, run THREE months at a time, then the first one of these articles will be due to come out after March!  So, we should see the FIRST of these Special Edition News Articles sometime during APRIL!


:icondonatepointsgreenplz: Points for Our Group :icondonatepointsgreenplz:

First of all, Unframed-Nature can not thank enough our very generous Members, and Administrators alike, who have Donated and continue to Donate :points: Points to our Group! A few of them have done so, multiple times! :rose:


As we look to 2013, for our Group here, we DO plan on having AT LEAST our TWO MAIN BIG Contests, that we usually host, one in the Spring and one in the Autumn...

We would also like to host more Monthly Themes, which we treat as Mini-Contests!

Our FIRST Monthly Theme for 2013 will end on Feb. 28th

And March's Theme is already planned!

And of course we would like to have enough again, to renew our Super Group later in 2013...

To achieve the above in a great way, feel free to donate to our Group!

The Widget is HERE:
:points: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts: :points:

Any and ALL Donations are always HIGHLY appreciated... and you will read there how you will be recognized and rewarded for your kind generosity!


:iconloveblueplz: Affiliate Groups’ NEWS & CONTESTS :iconloveblueplz:

:icondawishingwell: is an awesome wonderful Group!
It’s where “Wishes Can Come True!”
So if you have a dA wish, come check us out!
We also hold and participate in a variety of special and positive activities...
such as: “Tuesday Treats”
Tuesday Treats: Envy Me by dAWishingWell
and: “Wonderful Wednesday”
Closed ~ Wonderful Wednesday by JamminJo
which then gets featured to the weekly article: “WishingWell Weekly”
WishingWell Weekly by TeaPhotography
and our monthly event, which gets updated: "Nomination Station"

There's actually some kind of special feature and news about fulfilling wishes, practically every day!
Come check out this group! :aww:

:rose: :rose: :rose:

:icondevnews: is a positive group spinning the world of dA NEWS your way!
Simply JOIN, to find out what’s going on in the dA world around YOU! :nod:
We, our group, of Unframed-Nature has been featured with them many times,
among so many wonderful things reported here... It’s a work of heart.  :heart: :love:

Some great exmaples:



deviantHEART :icondeviantheart: promotes Positivity!
Current Contests, Projects, and Initiatives:



:icontreelovers: is hosting a BIG and Year-Long Community Project called:
“Art for Trees”
Read about this wonderful and worthy project HERE:

The FOUNDER of the above Affiliate Group, :iconmirachravaia:
who is also a very good friend and support to our group HERE,
is hosting a really fun and wonderful GAME here on dA, and you could
WIN HALF the Points :points: in her POINTS POOL!
Check out the Article about it HERE:
It's awesome! So finally, FEEL FREE to participate.

:iconseaofsadness-sos: is a wonderful compassionate group, wanting to make a difference!
If you care about animals, as I know SO many of our own Members here DO,
this IS the group for you!
This group is based on the cause of primarily the protection of DOLPHINS!
Please Read Their Journals about this!
Then consider joining!

Not only will you be a part of a great group,
but at the same time you will part of a VERY worthy cause!
:icondolphinplz: :icondolphin-plz: :icondolphinplz: :icondolphin-plz: :icondolphinplz:

:iconsolutionssanctuary: is a completely awesome group!
It's about helping to run things more smoothly here on dA! :heart:
Recent & Helpful Articles:

:community: :handshake: :community:

:icontrees-with-character: is hosting a new and lovely Contest: "Winter Wonderland"
Ends: Feb. 17th, 2013!
Check out all the details HERE:
It is NOW closed, and they are in the process of voting, and finding out WHO the Winners are...
We will feature the Winners, in our NEXT appropriate Article!

:iconpetpicks: A very friendly group about pets, animals, and nature!
We hope you'll join! :D
To donate points :points: to help them,
become a Super Group, one day, go to the page of the Founder:

:heart: :iconlilplz: :heart:

:iconanimalsoftheworld: is hosting a MAJOR CONTEST: "Cute Rodents"
It ends: March 10th! :la:

:trophy: Affiliate Groups’ WINNERS :trophy:

Best Bird Photography of 2012 Contest Winners

:trophy: First Place Winner
In first sunrays
:thumb334542824: by :iconjmrocek:

Second Place
Scops owl... the tiny shadow
:thumb313370100: by :iconphalalcrocorax:

Third Place
Hummingbird of Oakland
:thumb328023658: by :iconcanislupuscorax:


Thank you for your attention to our Wonderful Affiliates. :thanks:


Thank you ALL,
Members and hard working Admins. alike!

:note: A SPECIAL HUGE Thanks to my fellow-Admins., who are always doing a truly fantastic job here,
there are just no words great enough to express my utter appreciation for them!
I just love our TEAM!

I am feeling extra appreciative to those Administrators who worked very hard for this group,
while I was away for much of February!  They really did a lot to help things run as smoothly as possible,
and I just can't thank them enough!


:iconbutterflyplz: :iconbutterflyplz: :iconbutterflyplz:

We, at Unframed-Nature hope you had a great FEBRUARY... and very soon MARCH will already be here,
and it will already be time for us to vote on February!
:faint: ;)

We look forward to seeing more of your fabulous submissions,
during the month of March 2013! :aww:

:note: Remember, if still you are NOT sure about some of the changes that we've made for 2013,
after reviewing them from the Group's FAQ Sheet, or checking inside the folders, feel free to send the Group a Note, and we will do our very bests to help you!


Tea :iconteaphotography:
Your Founder

CSS and Photo By Michelle Ramey
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