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Good Stuff and Good Friends

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 27, 2011, 10:15 PM
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2. NEW- Cat Contest FEATURE!
3. NEW- Special Thank You FEATURES!
4. NEW- Said & Did Features!
5. NEW- 79th Special Random Artist Feature!
6. NEW- Treasure Chest Features- This time in my Recent News Art.
7. SAME- Passion For Compassion Box- [Please Scroll... ]
Read about: "HOW to HELP JAPAN" and MORE in the BOX, Too...


:wave: Hello and Thank You to Anyone who has a chance to read my journal.
I know time is precious. :aww: :rose:

~:rose:~ GIFTS ~:rose:~

:thanks:  Thank you to my good friend Kai :iconeuroxtc: for this other most gorgeous gift: Green is Life - For Tea by euroxtc :rose:
Kai is so especially talented, and of course I love this with all my heart! :heart: Kai is such a good friend, but not just because of his gifts, but because of the other ways that a friend can be supportive, and that's just how he is. A real sweetie. :heart:  Kai is also a  fantastic Artist!
Please visit him HERE: :heart:

:iconcatearsplz: CAT CONTEST FEATURE :iconcatearsplz:
From the Contest: "Content Cat"
by the Group PurrfectPhotography :iconpurrfectphotography:

:trophy: FIRST PLACE :iconrai-kaeda: with:
More From This Artist's Gallery:

:trophy: SECOND PLACE :iconmoowna: with: Sleeping beauty by Moowna
More From this Artist's Gallery:
WHAHAHA by MoownaDreams by MoownaPurple passion by Moowna
Euploea core by MoownaDragonfly by Moowna

:trophy: THIRD PLACE :iconhrwphotography: with: A Calming Nap by HrWPhotography
More From This Artist's Gallery:
Turkish Angora by HrWPhotographyMommy Come Back by HrWPhotography
Cherry Blossoms by HrWPhotographyif Only by HrWPhotography

:flowerpot::flowerpot:~~~Special Thank-You's! ~~~:flowerpot::flowerpot:

First of All...
THANK YOU, [AGAIN] to those who have :+fav:'d "Part 2" of THE SHELTER PROJECT, HERE: The Shelter Project: II by TeaPhotography
The Shelter Project was presented first, HERE: If Only: The Shelter Project by TeaPhotography

You may not think a :+fav: is a big deal with a project like this, BUT it IS, because by :+fav:'ing it DOES at least spread the word, and for such a good cause.

:new: From now on, the names of those who have taken The Shelter Project further in a variety of ways, through their various types of features of the Project, :points: on behalf of the project, and Purchases DIRECTLY through Tea Photography© will be placed on my Profile Page with the Custom Box[es] associated with the info. of both Project 1 and Project 2, as well as placed inside, in the Artist's Comments sections of each one. That way, they will always be there, in case one or both Custom Boxes are moved.

I want to give SPECIAL THANK-YOU Features to two wonderful Artists who have recently promoted The Shelter Project on their Journals. I hope they know how much this means to me, and the animals this has the possibilties to help! :aww: :rose:'s :heart:

Winter's Glow by mim304My First Daisy by mim304My Guy by mim304
Wheeeeeee... by mim304Pondering... by mim304Painted Moment by mim304


:note: The Extra Special THANK-YOU Features for DIRECT PURCHASES, are on the Profile Page, on the Left-side. :icondanaanderson: and :iconjenna-rose: ARE now included there with the other permanent/semi-permanent features! :heart:

:iconphilippel: :iconjocelyner: :iconmeljean1: and :iconartbycher: are still there, and remain there, for their business AND repeat business of my work. :happycry: :thanks: :rose: :heart: :thanks: :rose: :heart:

Repeat business, is not even all that a few of them have done, even though that's thoroughly the epitome of awesome. But the repeat promotions, in News Articles by Jocelyne and the ongoing promotion on her page, and Philippe's repeat promotions in his Journals & News Articles with commentary to the work he's received by me... and Cheryl's and Dana's promotions, too as can be seen on their Profile Pages! :aww:
They have worked so hard to help with this, and be very active participants with my work. I never could have imaged, not just better customers, but as if partners, throughout this whole Project. :nod:

:iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz:


Special Random Artist Feature!

:bulletorange: Special Random Talented Artist Features Began in March 2009!:boing:

:new: The 79th Special Random Talented Artist goes to Steph :iconfractal2cry: whose very talented! I hope that you will visit her for yourself. :D Here are some examples:
Bones by fractal2cryJulian Gem by fractal2crywave by fractal2cry
Color By the Stream by fractal2cryHdri Attempt by fractal2cry


:bulletblue: Active on dA for 1 year or more.
:bulletblue: 10K page views or less.

Wanna spread some happiness by NamedaPAY IT FORWARD by luffsfromafriendEncourage others stamp by Ramen27

Page views alone do not necessarily reflect levels of creativity & talent. I think there's a lot of wonderful art/artists out there who just haven't been seen enough.
[For all the immense support and generosity that I have received since being on dA, I Pay it Forward ...>>>...>>>>]


I do not need to tell the overwhelmingly devastating story of the people in Japan. :(   It's just amazing how ongoing that this story is...
Here is a LINK to a page that contains all the links to well-known donation places, all in one place!
How to Help Japan: :pointr:…

You will find on one page links to: American Red Cross, Global Living, Save the Children, Salvation Army, Americares, Convoy of Hope, International Medical Corps., and Shelter Box.

IF YOU CAN, any little bit helps, as always. :heart:
Of course there are always other ways and other organizations to donate through-
please just be careful and do your research, to make sure the place is legit, so that your donations are really going where you want them to go. :aww:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

EDIT: The PayPal Account for this Need, is STILL Active. Thank you for those who have taken an interest in this case. It is very important. :nod:
Feel free to read below:
This is from a NEWS ARTICLE… written by my dear friend Martha :iconmarthig: who is a very compassionate person trying to help out her friend Light :iconsuicidebysafetypin: who is working very hard to  help her sister have her children back with her. Feel free to follow the links to see why they are asking for donations. The total amount they are in need of is $460 USD.
Of course EVERY tiny bit counts- or at least feel free to help spread the word. :aww:

I've not been in this exact situation, but I have always been on correct side of the law, never in trouble in the least, and yet, I have been in situations where laws were not meant to help, but have hurt and made much more difficult the life/lives of the good person/people involved, rather than defend against or pursue those involved who were actually breaking the laws and performing unethically and underhandedly.
There are a LOT of strange laws like this, and the system is just "funny" like that.  :hmm:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :rose:

EDIT: My friend Gypsy could still use some support. It's going to be a bit of a road for her. :nod:
What Happened:
My dear friend Gypsy :icongypsyh: took a BAD fall down a CONCRETE flight of stairs on Feb. 14th, rendering her quite injured. :hmm: She's mostly okay, but recovery is not easy as her body was badly bruised all over, and she's been in much pain ever since, and it will take a while to be well again.
A fall such as this can take a toll on a person's body the way that certain car accidents can, and in some instances may have some lasting affects- NOT saying that the latter would be true for Gypsy.
However, I have been very concerned for my friend, and I am already happy to see she's been getting some support from here on dA, which is wonderful, and is just one reason I do love dA. :heart: :love:
IF you know her, or even if you don't YET, feel free to pop by her page, and give a "Get Well" comment if you wish... I'm sure she'd appreciate it! :D  
[ :note: It is taking her longer than usual to get around dA, due to recovery... ]

:note: PLEASE, feel free to NOTE ME, anytime you hear of someone you know on dA, who is in need and needs the awareness/info. spread, for help to be gathered, OR if you hear of anyone who does good deeds, or who has done a good deed, OR if you have or know of a very worthy cause-- simply think COMPASSION. If it fits THAT bill, I would be more than willing to consider featuring it/the person/the issue, and possibly the art [depending on how or if that relates], HERE- in The PASSION FOR COMPASSION Box! :aww:


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