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An Optimal October!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 9, 2012, 5:14 AM
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1. NEW- GIFTS & Other Cool Items
2. NEW- Away Note
3. NEW- Special Groups & Info.
4. NEW- Extra [EXTRA!] Special Thank You's!
5. NEW- Said & Did Features
6. NEW- 104th Special Random Feature!!
7. NEW- Special Edition Feature: "Autumn & A Spooky Touch"
8. NEW- Treasure Chest Features- Profile Page, Left-Side...


:wave: Hello and Thank You to Anyone who has a chance to read my journal.
I know time is precious. :aww: :rose:

:iconautumncolorplz: What Happened to September??
    Well, now that it's already here, I wish you ALL an OPTIMAL OCTOBER!

:iconcip33: GIFTS :iconcip33:

:thanks: Thank you to my very kind friend Dana :icondanaanderson: for: Green Wind by DanaAnderson :rose:
Such a beautiful nature image, that moves me, as well the sentiments along with it. Dana, has been a very kind and long-time friend, here on dA!
Please visit her fabulous work HERE: :heart:

:thanks: Thank you to my long-time good friend Sam :iconsamcatt: for: Dew Drops by Samcatt :rose:
A lovely and emotive feeling image, with sweet words to match. Sam is awesome, and she and I go "way back" by now.
Please visit her amazing work HERE: :heart:

:thanks: Thank you to my very good friend Sandy :iconiluvbiscuit2: for: A Stare That will KILL by Iluvbiscuit2 :rose:
I can't help but love this! Plus her comments are so sweet and amazing... like she is!
Please visit her wonderful work HERE: :heart:

:thanks: Thank you to my dear friend Mel :iconarte-de-junqueiro: for Flores de Monserrate by Arte-de-Junqueiro :rose:
What a truly beautiful gift, and with such thoughtfulness. Mel, has been such a wonderful and thoughtful friend, since meeting him on dA!
Please visit his fantastic work HERE: arte-de-junqueiro.deviantart.c… :heart:

:thanks: Thank you to my dear friend Martha :iconmarthig: for: Flowers for faithful friends and watchers by marthig :rose:
Such a stunning gift to be included with! Martha has meant a lot to me, for a looong time on dA!
Please visit her stunning work HERE: :heart:

:thanks: Thank you to my so sweet friend Beverly :iconartbybeverly: for: Sping's Eternal Beauty! by ArtBYbeverly :rose:
A gorgeous gift from a gem of a friend, who I truly treasure.
Please visit her outstanding work HERE: :rose:

:thanks: Thank you to my very kind friend Samii :iconsamiibunii: for: horse's eye for tea by samiibunii :rose:
What a most delightful gift, I just can't help but adore, from a really lovely friend! :rose:
Please visit her outstanding work HERE: :rose:

:thanks: Thank you to my very dear friend Selina :iconsesam-is-open: for: Victory by sesam-is-open :rose:
This gave me such a smile! :D And Selina's dear friendship always makes me smile, too!
Please visit her remarkable work HERE:

:iconcip33:Other Types of "Gifts" or Cool Items:iconcip33:
I'm also equally appreciative of these other following special things...
which for me, feel like gifts. :rose:

:thanks: Thank you so much to Matthias DemonMathiel :icondemonmathiel:
for featuring:
Keys to the Treasure by TeaPhotography
as a Daily Deviation!
Also featured here:
Conceptual DD summary - September 2012Welcome to the Conceptual Photography Daily Deviation - summary of  September 2012
Children story by MikkoLagerstedt feathers II by Dabadus .2867. by amosbeck Dancing Under the Sun Light by Vanquist Differently abled not disabled by FaMz My dreams fly over black water by olivier-ramonteu Life Left Behind by piximi Keys to the Treasure by TeaPhotography Your Space by BeautySpotCrafts :thumb279026979: Above the sound of crashing by Emily-White No Directions by girltripped simple miracle by SolMay Feathers by malsev Fragile by Wheels-Of-Joy Rainbow of Zentai by Anonymous-Art Hypnosis by slowriot 21. Century Digital Boy by ElyneNoir :thumb135575691: Fishing for the Sun by a3nima

I couldn't be more excited and so very pleased by this!
Thank you to everyone who has always supported me and my work, and those who had noticed and :+fav:'d this work BEFORE the DD, and to those who are supporting it now that they had seen that it received a DD.

I thank you ALL, for your gracious support!


SEE :eyes: something you like on dA, that you feel should receive a DD??

Then, please check this out:
FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?

:thanks: Thank you to my friend Taylor :iconwindinthecoffeecup: for: Interview with TeaPhotographyThe awesome :iconTeaPhotography: was kind enough to let me interview her!
She shares her tips for other photographers, her favorite thing about photography, and the animal she's always wanted to capture.
What's your favorite animal to photograph?
Well, I don't really have a "favourite", in the real sense of the word, since I do like ALL animals.
But, I think if I was going to pick just one, I would say domestic CATS, and that is only because for me, this is and always has been the easiest animal for me to photograph. This probably, has a lot to with the fact that I have the most experience in this area. Since heavily getting into photography, there have been a lot more various opportunities to photograph cats, and so I have had the most practice with this animal.
What do you find is the hardest thing about animal photography?
It isn't the easiest thing to do, to be honest, and I am not sure if there is one difficult thing more than another. But the first thing that came to mind, is the
from the Group :iconanimalsoftheworld: Founded by another friend Ami :iconsilkenwinds:
This was a wonderful opportunity, and I thank them both, and the Group, itself. :heart:

:iconwhiteflowerplz: Personal AWAY Message! :iconwhiteflowerplz:

:note: Just a brief "AWAY Message" to let you all know that I will be away from dA [and the internet] completely from:
OCTOBER 23rd through OCTOBER 30th or 31st.
Last day around/available is Oct. 22nd and returning on Nov. 1st.

Taking a break, from ALL of my routines, which includes dA, my business, plus regular work, etc.,

It has been a while, since I've taken a really good break, and I need it for both mental and physical health.
It is very possible, I will actually be going out of town during some of this time.
In fact, I truly hope this will happen! :nod:

It's just one of those necessities, in order not to burn out on everything I regularly do.

I know you understand! :cuddle:

:iconshinyheartplz: Special Groups & Info.! :iconshinyheartplz:

Unframed-Nature :iconunframed-nature:
My Main Group has just begun our next BIG CONTEST:
Autumn Theme: "Bold Perspectives on Autumn"
:iconautumnplz: Unframed-Nature's BIG Autumn Contest:iconfireworkplz: Welcome to Unframed-Nature's Next BIG Contest :iconfireworkplz:
:iconautumnplz: AUTUMN THEME: "Bold Perspectives on Autumn" :iconautumnplz:
BOLD: Adjective- courageous, confident, and fearless; ready to take risks:
PERSPECTIVE: Noun- 1. Point of view; 3. the appearance of objects to the observer.
Synonyms: viewpoint, position, angle, attitude, ... outlook range, span:
BOLD, in meaning and definition, more with how it relates to PERSPECTIVE: Noun- Standing prominently out to view; markedly conspicuous; striking the eye; in high relief:
BOLD PERSPECTIVE, as far as THIS Contest: A unique and creative viewpoint or view on or about the season of Autumn. Something that really stands out, because the submission is diff
You can also read about it AND submit DIRECTLY to the Contest Folder,
1,000 POINTS :points: available for FIRST PLACE!!
Not to mention, we have other fantastic prizes, including many features!

By the way...
if you might be interested in becoming a part of the ADMIN. TEAM at our Group,
Read THIS:
Administrator Application for Unframed-NatureUnframed-Nature's Application for Administrative Position
Accepting Applications for Administrator Positions at Unframed-Nature is now: OPEN!
Before you apply, please know that volunteering for a large and active group here on dA, such as Unframed-Nature is a real and true commitment, which will take up some of your time on at least a weekly basis, maybe more.
Unframed-Nature is special in many ways, but from an Administrative view point, it is very special because we have always had good luck with our current Administrators, most of which have been with the Group, as Administrators, for a very long time.
We are a very friendly Team, both with each other, and with the Members, as well. This means when we do have to decline works, we do give a reason, and we are friendly about it.  It means, that upon occasion if there is something that we disagree about within the Admin. Team, we disagree nic

And remember, that each item listed in the application section is NOT a requirement, but as a whole, we are simply assessing what might be known by the applicant. :nod:

Also our Group now has a NEW LOCATION FOR DONATIONS of POINTS! :points:
:pointr: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts:

Thank you to ALL, who have donated so far!

WolfyDeviants :iconwolfydeviants:

If ANYONE, would like to take over the Foundership of
WolfyDeviants PLEASE NOTE ME! :nod:

It's a small group, almost 500 Members, and someone there just surprised us, by making it a

So, it's already been SUPERED! ;)

This group has been hanging on for several years now, and I had led it as Co-Founder for several months, and then it was left completely, and then dA made me Founder to "save it" and so I've been trying to keep it alive as Founder for over a year now.

But, I can no longer give it any of the attention it needs and deserves, for a variety of reasons. :hmm:

Right now, it is low-key and basic, but because it is still this way, it has MUCH possibility to be shaped as the new Founder would like! :nod:

If a new Founder isn't found by November... the group will likely close up permanently. :hmm:

SolutionsSanctuary :iconsolutionssanctuary:
Have you ever wanted to be part of the SOLUTION??
This might be the Group for you! :aww:

Check out recent Blogs:
A Guide to Group-Hosted Contests on dAIntroduction
The ever-wonderful ValaSedai posted an article about Individually Hosted Contests this morning. It covered a lot of important stuff like gathering prizes and organizing your entries. This guide is going to cover much of the same stuff, but from a group admin's point of view. :)
Prepare and Organize
The Summer Contest that myself, SilverInkblot, and spoems hosted through DailyLitDeviations literally took months of planning. We wrote and revised the prompt, rules, entry guidelines, prizes, judging guidelines, and more. Then when the contest was announced, people had questions and the questions most frequently asked were added to an FAQ section in the article. Then there was collecting and finalizing the

Points Challenge: Be A Hero, Report a Miscat!
Miscats: What are they? Why do they matter? How do they happen?
:new: REMINDER: This challenge is only open until October 31st! Get your comments in by then or miss out on points!
A "miscat" is a deviation that has been submitted to the wrong gallery, or mis-categorized, on deviantART. For example, literature does not belong in the photography gallery, even if there is a photograph supplied as a preview picture for the writing.
They matter for several reasons. Miscats make searching for specific types of deviations tedious, particularly if you are looking for newer submissions. A search of the Writing Tutorials gallery for popular deviations in the last 24 hours brought up four deviations, all miscats. Miscats also make the site disorganized and even harder to navigate for new comers. Lastly, they make your work harder to reach by taking up space in the wrong gallery.
I'm sure others can think of reasons why miscats are annoying, and I invite you to leav

:heart: :community::community: :heart:

stopBSL :iconstopbsl:
This great educational group about "The Love of All Dog Breeds"
has been on dA for a long while now!
They also support animal adoptions, in general! :aww:
:iconlilplz: :iconwalkingcatplz:

Also, from the Founder, and my friend, Sass :iconsassawj:
Operation TNR
Check out their NEW SITE, which is also linked now in the above Article...
Thank you to those who've helped or spread the news of this project around.
They continue to need help to continue the growth of this worthy and necessary program!

TreeLovers :icontreelovers:
This awesome group is holding a great year-long project:
:icontreehuggerplz: Art for Trees - project:iconspringtree-1plz::iconspringtree-2plz::iconspringtree-3plz::iconspringtree-4plz::iconspringtree-4pl5:
"When is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. The second best time? Today."
- Chinese proverb
2014: This is the 3rd year of the project. There are many people supporting it, featuring it in their journal and offering art. BUT... There have been NO trees planted for it in the last year (I don't count mine). So, instead of talking about it, how about getting up and actually planting a tree, if you are able to? There is a lot of wonderful art waiting for you as a reward!
Trees are important, valuable and necessary to our very existence. It's not too hard to believe that, without trees we humans would not exist on this beautiful planet. Trees are the largest and longest living organisms on earth. To grow tall the tree has become a miracle of engineering and a complex chemical factory. It is able to take water and

Also, the Founder and my friend Mirach, :iconmirachravaia:
is holding a game! WIN POINTS :points: ! :nod:
sifro. - solve the codes and win points! IMPORTANT: the login into the submmitting system currently doen't work. I'll try to fix it somehow, but until then, the "Try it without login" link still works. If you submit the solution to a cipher, it will give you a link to the next one. It just won't remember your position in the game, so better save that link, or remember the solution so you can get it again.
:new: July/7/2014 - After a year and half, we finally have a next winner! It's Dimensionwalker21, winning 360 points. Congratulations!
Dec/24/2012 - We have a next winner! It's WintersRead, winning 306 points!
Nov/11/2012 - The second winner is nuvak! He generously refused the point reward, so there is still a lot of points in the pool for the next winner!
Oct/12/2012 - We have the first winner! It's ninquetari, who wins 475 points!
The easy day was yesterday! Today, the game begins! And It's just in time for dA's birthday! :D

DevNews :icondevnews:
This is a positive Group spinning the world of dA NEWS your way!
The latest Article is HERE:
:pencil: DevNews 17th Edition, 2012.Hello Members, Watchers and Visitors,
Welcome to DevNews 17th Edition, 2012.
DevNews is a group that aims to promote deviantART's Community by
spreading information about all current and upcoming events that are
relevant to deviants.
Please do add this article to your collection and share with your watchers and friends
StaffAppreciation Happening Now!
The home of the committee for planning the deviantART Staff Appreciation Week
of 2012! We aim to strengthen community ties to staff, and to show them
that we appreciate their time, effort, and dedication!            

DevNews Deviant and Group of the month, August 2012.

Deviousness Award, August 2012
There's not been a new article in a little while,
Keep your eyes :eyes: open for what's next!

dAWishingWell :icondawishingwell:
Not only does The Well help grant dA wishes, but we host
various weekly and also, monthly events:
:rose: Tuesday Treats: The Little Thingsmmm, peppermints
Sometimes it is the little things that can make all the differences in our lives. For me, it is a smile, a peppermint candy or the offer to help wash the dishes. What little things make your life a little bit brighter? Find a deviation that shows a little thing that makes you smile and link it in a comment on this blog! One deviation per member please. Each submitted deviation will be featured in the next TT! Enjoy and have the best day ever!
Last week, we indulged in PURPLE!!!
::LAVENDER:: by onixa Commission Octo by tacoroach Loneliness... by LittleBeautifly

Have a suggestion? Just send the group a note with subject of Tuesday Treats Suggestion!
:rose: Wonderful WednesdayHello Dear Members, Watchers and Visitors

It's the middle of the week again
:dalove: Time to share the artistic talents of your watchers or friends :dalove:
Here is what you can do to help promote your watchers or friends: 
* Visit your watchers or friends list and pick one from the list you would like to share. 
* Visit your chosen deviants gallery and pick one deviation from their gallery. 
* Copy the deviation link and paste the link into the comments of this blog. 
Next: :sprint::sprint::sprint:
* Tell us "Why the chosen deviant and deviation is Wonderful?" 
Example deviation: the deviation reminds me of bright and sunny day. 
Example deviant: the deviant is always positive, kind and friendly. 
Please remember to leave a comment and link to this blog on your friends or 
watchers profile page, by doing so they will know you are helping
All of it gets reported in...
:rose: WishingWell WeeklyThe Wishlist | Granted Wishes | Featured Member | Featured Print
Point Features | Well Wishes | Tuesday Treats |
OCT. Nomimations
:rose: The Noms: October (Awareness Month - New Features)The Noms
Get your fill!
:damphyr: The Special in October
October is AWARENESS MONTH. This month, I think it would be great if we were aware of people needing commissions and people hosting contests! Sometimes it can be really hard to get your name out there. So if you know someone who needs some points or cash and has commissions open, link us to their commission info in the comments with a little explanation of why you think it is great to commission them! And if you know of any great contests going on where people can win cool stuff, link us to the contest with a little explanation of what makes the contest great! We will add it here!
:damphyr: Seniority
:iconTigles1Artistry: Tigles1Artistry
Nom 1
"Senior" I am already at 58 years of age... Also I believe I have contributed quite a lot to the DA community, may be more as a "Public Relations" type of person and "Information Desk", not to mention using my Counselling

deviantHEART :icondeviantheart:
This Group I love to work in promotes Positivity!
Current Initiatives as Featured on their Front Page:
Acts of Random Kindness!Hi there, fellow deviants!
In this small introductory journal, I'd like to explain an idea for a project I'm expanding upon.
So stay put, it's going to be an interesting read, I promise!
What are Acts of Random Kindness?
Acts of Random Projects, also known as ARKs is a project that was initially started by MzzAzn and builds upon the idea of "paying it forward".
Basically, each month you commit yourself to doing at least one or two (or more) random acts of kindness to spread positivity throughout the community.
This can be done by leaving small positive comments on pieces that haven't been commented on yet, by making art for someone, by giving points to donate towards someone's goal and in a various amount of other ways. The main idea is simply to do something constructive to make another person smile. It doesn't need to be a big gesture, it's the sentiment behind it that counts.
Why should I participate?
Besides the fac

100 Premium Memberships, 63,600 points!I am looking to collect 63,600 points by 25 December 2012!
I am raising 63,600 points to give 100 3-month premium memberships on Christmas Day of 2012, to give a little something back to deviants who give a lot to the community. I cannot do this alone.
How do you donate?
To donate to this cause, go to PrinceJose's page and click "Donate" on the donation pool, or go to the "Give" drop-down menu at the top-right of the page and select "Give Points." No matter which way you give, I still get them! :happybounce:
How else can you help besides donating?
To further help the cause, please favourite this news article and feature it in your next journal, poll, and send it to your friends! It will really mean a lot to the future recipients and myself. It doesn't matter how many watchers you have, but I need your help for this to be known to everyone site-wide!
You can also show your support with this stamp!


10 Super Group Status Project-Major Changes Grant supergroup status to 10 community focused groups.
Your group doesn't have to be large by any means, just aimed to support the community and your fellow deviants. :heart:
:eager: I can't do it without you. If you'd like to donate, go Here or go to Astrikos and click through drop down menus.
All donations from here on out will go to that cause! :dalove: Thank you!
If you see a group that has a community based goal, come and tell me. :heart: (notes) I will track it and at the end, I will use a randomizer to select 10 of those groups.
I will feature the donators. (when the goal is reached.)
Thank you. :heart:
Other things you can do besides donations
:+fav: this article so more people can see it.
Super Groups Wishes~ Comment here if you know a group to be eligible
Request basis.  CLOSED!
:icontheartofmanipulation: :iconstargroups: :icondeviantartheroes: :iconrising-artists: :icona


PetPicks :iconpetpicks:
This fun pet and nature group is hosting a fun MINI-CONTEST:
"Pets in Action"
Read all about it HERE:
PetPicks Mini Contest- Pets In Action!Theme: Pets in Action.
Deadline: 28th September- 20th October
Judges: :iconIluvbiscuit2: :iconWindInTheCoffeeCup:

:bulletred: 2 Submission Limit Per member.
:bulletred: No (M) rated themes, no animal abuse or humans present in photograph
:bulletred: Must be the Highest resolution that your camera goes.
:bulletred: Image must NOT contain any sort of digital writing, other than a small watermark.
PRIZES :heart:
1st Place:
PetPicks Group Feature.
Unframed-Nature Group Feature.
Mesmerizing-Animals Group Feature.
Cat-Lovers-Group Group Feature.
Iluvbiscuit2 Personal Feature.
WindInTheCoffeeCup Personal Feature.
60 :points: ~ PetPicksPoints
20 :points: ~ WindInTheCoffeeCup
75:points: ~ pergamjee
Small Commission lluvia-estival
2nd Place:
PetPicks Group Feature.
Unframed-Nature Group Feature.
Mesmerizing-Animals Group Feature.
Cat-Lovers-Group Group Feature.
Iluvbiscuit2 Personal Feat


To help this lovely group finally become a SuperGroup,
consider donating POINTS :points: HERE:
Thank you so much!

Other Great Active Groups to Consider Joining,
and participating in their awesome activities!


:bulletblack: The South Coast Humane Society here, on the SW Coast of Oregon IS keeping me very busy these days... I do the photoshoots of their animals for adoptions for "Adopt-a-Pets" and "Pets-of-the-Week" for the newspapers, plus I work on the photos for the animals and upload them to their page at The same photos go their fb page. I share SOME, of these same photos with you here on dA! :heart:

It's always busy! :nod:

:iconcatearsplz: The Shelter Project! :iconcatearsplz:
:iconballoonsplz: To ALL who have Supported the TWO ANNIVERSARY :iconballoonsplz:

:iconblack-kittenplz: The Shelter Project: Two Year Anniversary!Special Edition News Article:

:iconlovetigerplz: :iconwalkingcatplz::icondoggyplz::iconblack-kittenplz::iconlilplz: :iconlovetigerplz:
:iconhurrahplz: As of this month of August, "The Shelter Project" is TWO Years Old! :iconhurrahplz:
~:rose:~ Intro., Purpose of Article, History, and Info. ~:rose:~
Welcome to The TWO Year Anniversary of "The Shelter Project"-!
EVERYONE is welcome to be here, to be a part of the celebration, to learn more about this project and why it continues to be so important, and find out all about those here on dA who have even made this worthy cause even possible as something to participate in, right here on deviantART! :heart:
Truly the MAIN PURPOSE of this News Article is to give thanks and gratitude to ALL of the outstanding AFFILIATES of "The Shelter Project", as THEY are the ones who have made this

Thank you so much to everyone for all the truly outstanding support for the ANNIVERSARY of this project!
It has meant so very much. :heart:

REMEMBER- The South Coast Humane Society here,
DOES welcome The Shelter Project:… as an official fundraiser of theirs. :aww:
:boogie: :party:
They are happy to have this, and help of any kind. :aww:

:flowerpot::flowerpot: EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU'S! :flowerpot::flowerpot:

First of All...
THANK YOU, [AGAIN] to those who have :+fav:'d "Part 2" of THE SHELTER PROJECT, HERE: The Shelter Project: II by TeaPhotography
The Shelter Project was presented first, HERE: If Only: The Shelter Project by TeaPhotography

:new: Most recently I have updated with: On Behalf of: The Shelter Project by TeaPhotography as a SPECIAL Thank-You to ALL dA Affiliates of the Project. :heart:

Thank you to all who continue to :+fav: the Project to at least simply spread the word, about helping animals in need. :heart:

Even a :+fav: is a big deal with a project like this, because by :+fav:'ing it DOES at least spread the word for a good cause. :aww:

An Extra Special Thank You to the Following Artists and Groups who have recently featured for the FIRST time, or re-featured The Shelter Project on their Journals or Profile Page, or even donated :points: on behalf of the project, or created some other type of support for the project. :love:

Mountain Scene! by ArtBYbeverlyYosemite by ArtBYbeverly
Fit For A King, Breakfast Companion, Cappuccino! by ArtBYbeverlyMy Favorite Place To Contemplate! by ArtBYbeverly

SEW YOUR BUTTONS by AudraMBlackburnsArtI AM NAIVE NOT GILLABLE by AudraMBlackburnsArt
048 by AudraMBlackburnsArtNOT NOW JOHN! by AudraMBlackburnsArt

The Lookout Tree by FreeSpiritFotographyCucumber Beetle by FreeSpiritFotography
Cosmic Fragments by FreeSpiritFotography..:Hide Me Here:.. by FreeSpiritFotography

Sunday Morning by philippeLEmma Watson by philippeL
Draw-Along Miss September by philippeLUnder Shallow Waters by philippeL

The little princess by Elwing-IsilielY e l l o w by Elwing-Isiliel
Growing Up by Elwing-IsilielR a i n b o w  D r e a m by Elwing-Isiliel


:pointr: PLEASE NOTE: SANDY, Iluvbiscuit2 :iconiluvbiscuit2: HAS HER OWN PROJECT, which also involves CARDS, called:
"The Card Project"
She states, it goes to pay off her horse, and advertise her photography, BUT she also plans to donate to a great cause called RDA:

For A LOT more DETAILS and PRICING, PLEASE see her PROFILE PAGE, on down the LEFT-SIDE! :nod:

I am very excited for Sandy, and super proud of her!

Those who CONTINUE to feature, have featured other times before, or also maintain a Promotion of The Shelter Project on your Profile Page or Journal- Thank you for your ongoing support. :heart::heart::heart:

:note: The names of those who have taken The Shelter Project further in a variety of ways, through their various types of features of the Project, :points: on behalf of the project, and Purchases DIRECTLY through Tea Photography© are placed on my Profile Page inside the Custom Box, titled: If Only- The Shelter Project and are listed in the AFFILIATES SECTION, because their type/s of support have earned them their official AFFILIATION with this project. Their names, or Group's names are also placed inside, in the Artist's Comments sections of each one of certain official pieces of associated with The Shelter Project. This is a permanent status. :heart:


:note: The EXTRA Special THANK-YOU Features for DIRECT PURCHASES, are also on the Profile Page, on the Left-side.

:note: :iconkurios-kat: is there for the OTHER project that we worked on together, where she sponsored the 5-piece set of framed prints of my images for the Shelter, as asked of me by the manager to donate, HERE: . While not the same as The Shelter Project, "The Shelter ART Project" STILL went to benefit that SAME Shelter! :heart:

:iconphilippel: :iconjocelyner: :iconmeljean1: :iconartbycher: :icondanaanderson: :iconjenna-rose: :iconbewilderedconfused: :iconflyvapnet: :iconshirimasen: :iconiluvbiscuit2: :icontigles1artistry: :iconarte-de-junqueiro: are still there, and remain there, for their business AND repeat business of my work. :happycry: :thanks: :rose: :heart: :thanks: :rose: :heart:

Repeat business, is not even all that a few of them have done, even though that's the epitome of awesome, and is direct help. But the repeat & ongoing promotions on the Journals and Profile Pages of Philippe, Jocelyne, Cheryl, Dana, Cecelia, Sandy, and Teresa, is phenomenal.
They have worked so hard to help promote, in addition to their purchases. I never could have imagined, not just awesome customers, but as if partners, throughout this whole Project. :nod:

:iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz:


SAID & DID Features!

I thank each of the following people for the various extra that they've said and/or done for me, lately.
:thanks: :rose:

Mother and son by gold-roseDay82 by gold-rose

Never Knew the Best was Yet to Come by cowboyB0BThat's All I Know by cowboyB0B


Sweet Dreams by AnnissinaRainbow Sparkles by Annissina

Magic Carpet by seven-sKitchen Garden II by seven-s

The Cake is Mine by MiarathCold Night by Miarath

Your feet by ShinyHeelsMemorable morning,Croatia by ShinyHeels

Nika by DanaAndersonSummer Taste by DanaAndersonDaisy Field by DanaAnderson

MANDALA DESIGN 99 by PhilluppusLOST MINE by PhilluppusA CROWD OF ROSES by Philluppus

Autumn Flowers by SamcattRings by SamcattShine by Samcatt

Time Versus MenTime Versus Men
Time, a lover to the human flesh
Equally sensual and demanding
Begs me to stay
Forever sway
In his pace
While men attempt to
Penetrate my heart with
Innocent swords,
Their guilty words
Hit me in the face
Still I dance like many do
In men's arms warming
Before I grow old
Like I was told
By jealous time
Profiles pass fast
To tribal rules conforming
If you like, bet
But don't regret
Sorrow sublime
:thumb269799466: Always AheadAlways Ahead
Where will swallows fly to when world ends
When nests are burned
And smoke itches the eyes?
Will they greet the homeless hearts they'll meet
Justice is blind but they aim to find
Generous coasts lined with olive trees
Does it hurt to die? asks my little bird
His pretty eye beseeching
Feeding on pinches of Saturday salve
Collected from jars high on mother's shelves
They smell like home while it still lasted
With smiles and cushions, for that is what counts!
I say it doesn't, no, how could it even...
You'll just lay your head down into my palms
And when you wake up, you will fly on
Towards ruby sunrise, always ahead
Don't look back, do not search for me
I'll be the wind beneath your wings

White Blossom by bewilderedconfusedMighty Hunter devours the kill by bewilderedconfusedPale Pink Azaleas by bewilderedconfused

Down in the valley by axel91370 On the Hunt, PoemWaiting by the midnight stream,
Tucked away near the icy brook,
It's eyes in the darkness seemed to gleam.
Waiting in it's snow-covered nook.
As it hears the hoot of an owl,
It matched it with a chilling howl.
Waterfall 2 by axel91370

Upside Down World by DemonMathielSecret by DemonMathielWhen the Rain Comes by DemonMathiel

Skye 06 by Iluvbiscuit2Skye 12 by Iluvbiscuit2Skye 11 by Iluvbiscuit2

Wild by Arte-de-Junqueiro The DancerThe Dancer
At a time of pain and endless strife,
When words and acts cut like a knife,
Its hard to know which path to take,
Which one is safe, which choice to make.
But know you well, this life is yours,
Of tears and joys, fond kisses, sharp claws,
But life is there for those who chance,
And through the pain they choose to dance.
Simple Happiness by Arte-de-Junqueiro

Nothing To Lose by sesam-is-openA Moment In Time by sesam-is-openGoblen- Portrait of a Lady by sesam-is-open

Pam with her Cats by CarolynYMTree Against Colors by CarolynYMAvedon 4 by CarolynYM

Happy Birthday Laxmi by LUCILALEYLAI Promise I Will Be Your Friend Forever by LUCILALEYLALisa Schneider.In Memoriam.What Dreams Are Made Of by LUCILALEYLA

Lounge Like A King by SilkenWindsAutumn Still Blooms by SilkenWindsPrimate Portraits 4 by SilkenWinds

Thinking Long and Hard by WindInTheCoffeeCupDwelling on Dreams by WindInTheCoffeeCupFun in the Snow by WindInTheCoffeeCup

Forbidden Spot! by JocelyneRFlowers at the Cemetery by JocelyneRFemale Purple Finch 02 by JocelyneR

Portugal Flower Return.... by Tigles1ArtistryMusic for Selina by Tigles1ArtistryAutumnal Impressions by Tigles1Artistry

Opalescent gems - ApoChallenge 143 by marthigBottled-in RR3-3DT2-mig3-YT1 by marthigTiling the Hypertile - ApoChallenge 145 by marthig

Multi colored paperweight! by ArtBYbeverlySeascape of the Coromandel by ArtBYbeverlyPastel Pencil Painting WIP_2 by ArtBYbeverly

bride and groom by samiibuniihorse by samiibuniiisn't he cute by samiibunii

This list is, by no means, complete!

:party: A few B-Days from last part of SEPT. and FIRST part of OCT. :party:

:iconsetsiangelsailor: :cake:
Little Friend by SetsiAngelSailor:thumb328969910:Beach and lovely sky by SetsiAngelSailor

:iconmk-kayem: :cake:
Night Cyclone by mk-kayemPeaSoup by mk-kayemFractal Catepillar by mk-kayem

:iconcandysamuels: :cake:
you are not alone.. by candysamuelsOctober birthdays.. by candysamuelsStill loving you... by candysamuels

:iconmomotte2: :cake:
Stealth encounter in mountains by Momotte2Sweet Dido Longwing by Momotte2The speech of jackdaws by Momotte2

:iconweird-and-proud-lol: :cake:
Once We Became EstrangedI will not lament you
Not as I lament an intrusive, annoying fly
Buzzing incessantly
You do not annoy me-
Do not threaten my solitude
I will not detest you
Not as I detest the ignorant man
Insulting blindly
Without education
You are not ignorant
You are wise and without hate
I will not loathe you
Certainly not as I loathe silence!
Silence, which grows heavy with time
You rarely grow silent
You talk of beautiful things
I will adore you
Despite every obstacle
You have shown me goodness
You have shown me purity
Leave me forever if you must
I will adore you still
Piano      In a quiet room in the back of the house, she sits and plays piano. Nimble fingers dance gracefully to an almost familiar melody, mesmerizing my silent eyes that watch from over her shoulder. I'm like a long-deceased soul watching a dear lover from a window in my afterlife. She smiles gently as she acknowledges my presence, though she dares not remove her eyes from the song which flows from her fingertips. Moving like a shadow in the night, I perch on the ancient bench beside her. My hands reach out to the old ivory keys before I have a change to realize what I'm doing. Nervous fingers find the perfect octave to harmonize with her perfect song. Together we crate crescendos that flow into soft legatos, our fingers doing a sort of ballet as we finish our lover's song. I rest my head on her shoulder and drift off into my thoughts while she sloppily pulls together the music sprawled out on top of the piano. We're happy here, in our world of musical conne Rainbow     Red bows hold up her orange hair, which shines ever so slightly in the pure autumn sunlight. Eyes of deep yellow glisten as she smiles and takes my hand. Her fres hand fumbles with the green dress she's found in her mother's closet. We both know it's much too big for her, but it's fun to pretend. She takes a clumsy step forward and almost tumbles over in the brilliant blue heels she wears on her small feet. I pick up my little girl and tickle her tiny toes, which are sloppily covered in purple nail polish. She always did like to do things herself. I carry my little rainbow child off to her wonderland, where everyone is happy.
      Where every single color is a rainbow.

:iconblueivyviolet: :cake:
oct 1st sunset 2 by BlueIvyVioletbaby's breath by BlueIvyVioletpurple flower by BlueIvyViolet

:icondeviouswitch: :cake:
Mystical dream by DeviousWitchTime for cuteness by DeviousWitchMess in my head by DeviousWitch

:iconlilsunnygirl: :cake:
Horse Pixel (first try!) by LilSunnyGirlFor Mili by LilSunnyGirl:thumb298060357:

:icon1001g: :cake:
Moving Along by 1001GWatch Out by 1001GAfter The Sunset by 1001G

:iconcraigp-photography: :cake:
moon 0049 by craigp-photographySelf admiration by Belle by craigp-photographyMacro 2897-1a by craigp-photography

:iconphotographsbybri: :cake:
Sweet Surrender by PhotographsByBriLiL Dude by PhotographsByBriPretty In Pink by PhotographsByBri

:iconlarabln: :cake:
For my dear friends (Animation) by LaraBLNSpider's Web of Deceits by LaraBLNSpace Place by LaraBLN

:iconscarlet-pikachu: :cake:
Little Red Baby by scarlet-pikachuEvening Sky On The Horizon by scarlet-pikachuLittle Lizard by scarlet-pikachu

:iconeuroxtc: :cake:
Genevia by euroxtcPolygalicean Splash by euroxtcRetro Ampus by euroxtc

:iconuae4u: :cake:
Still Life by uae4uRocks by uae4uBlue Lake by uae4u

:iconmim304: :cake:
A Lily For Selina by mim304Foggy Morning Sunrise by mim304The Dimming of the Day by mim304

:iconsalemcat: [Have your cake and eat it too]
The Amazing Telekinetic Squirrel by SalemCatMr. Salem by SalemCatA Walk in the Park by SalemCat


[I am sorry to not include everyone from this time period. Truly so difficult to do.]

Special Random Artist Feature!

[Bullet; Orange] Special Random Talented Artist Features Began in March 2009!! [Boing! Boing!]

In over three years that I've been doing this certain type of feature, I've finally featured ONE-HUNDRED Artists! I hoped this day would come! [Party]

[New] The 104th Special Random Artist goes to my friend Lydia :iconlydiarhianne:
Feel free to visit her incredible work! Here are a few examples below:
:thumb330000159:Reach High by LydiaRhianne:thumb76152894:
:thumb304696883::thumb82567081:Perspective Example 1 by LydiaRhianne
Zugspitze by LydiaRhianneLucky Shot by LydiaRhianne

[Bullet; Blue] Active on dA for 1 year or more.
[Bullet; Blue] 10K page views or less.

Wanna spread some happiness by NamedaPAY IT FORWARD by luffsfromafriendEncourage others stamp by Ramen27

Page views alone do not necessarily reflect levels of creativity & talent. I think there's a lot of wonderful art/artists out there who just haven't been seen enough.
[For all the immense support and generosity that I have received since being on dA, I Pay it Forward ...]

Special Edition Feature: "Autumn & Spooky Touch"

We've entered the season I seem to have always enjoyed the most...
For me, Autumn is a gorgeous season with it's changing colours, the crisp air, and I love the darker elements that begin to creep in! [Nod]

Perfect Day by KellieArtFare Thee Well Summer...Till Next We Meet by Trippy4USeptember Sunset by seven-sIt's just the ghost by moonbeamsandlace
Do Not Enter by FashionFreak25Sitting Dead by FashionFreak25

Mature Content

Lilith Rising... by Villenueve
Change of Season by SilverCurlyART
Honeymoon by CanankkColour Me Pumpkin by seven-sThe End Of The Sailing Season - Marina Malchow by BarbaraPommerenkeoptical by sa-nick86
A small snackin Sitticus by The-Dude-L-BugNature's dream catcher by PoppyHunterThe Fly by davincipoppalagSoft And Cuddly by BirdinByNoon
:thumb329750894:Sticky by TheFlyingSparrowLittle Pearls In A Web by Tigles1Artistry710 by TheDarkenedBride
Wallpaper: Spidey 26 by letTheColorsRumble:thumb328594245:Kezmarok skies by MirachRavaiaQuiet Line by CanadianRy
Slow Dance by LUCILALEYLAHidden in the mist by Lirulin-yirthOld Victorian by tracy-Me:thumb101877625:
Ethereal Standing Stones by SamcattFarmer Dell by RaindropsOnRoses21Fairy-tale Tree by MirachRavaia:thumb320424434:
Only Memories Remain by SalemCatOld left 2 by lica20:thumb329457526:Owl Keeell You by Earleywine
Vlad2 by Jac888Grass Snake by EnallaCome to Bernie! by alterOFnotionWhite-Faced Owl II by SarahVlad
Dear Deer by AwsteinScreech Owl of the Night by CrystalMarineGalleryYes, come to see me! by JocelyneRVibrant Ripples by Brian-B-Photography
SISTER by sinsenorone for sorrow, two for joy by cheshirecat84Freeze! by therampantbookwormLone Rock in the Sky by Rasgonras
Squirrel B and W by coffeenoirThe night of the hunter by sr-pomelo:thumb206860758:something to remind you by LuizaLazar
tu silencio by LuizaLazarThe Moon Turns Its Clockwork Dream by catch---22Dreamscape by RavingEagleMediavolcanic lightning by JEX1
Essential Insanities by catch---22Autumn Light - Faux IR Edit by Cluke111Golden Pond by Allen59Salmon Clouds -- Crescent Moon by Geak-of-Nature
A Liklelihood of Change by Brian-B-Photographymanana de otono by kriakaocuando el otono regala sus colores.. by kriakaoSunset 2399 by Mammoth-Hunter
Natural by fashioneyesThe Rocks by RezzanATAKOLDark Night by MissMirceaQuisque Leaf by MissMircea
Yeeeeeees? by Straasha-Arashi:thumb321981386::thumb329900935:I'm going to eat you by 914four
:thumb326060944:Listek 2 by Assire2Moving Along by 1001GCat Number Four Offering to Free Fella Redux by Geak-of-Nature
Halloween Cat by Geak-of-NatureStrawberry Leaf by sannwald:thumb314076931:Floating by Enalla
Scratchy by Clu-artWhip your hair by Angel-TenshiePassion by Angel-TenshieThe Art of Yawning by cats III by pagan-live-style
Mini King... by Katrin-ElizabethUnless by CinderBlockStudioses tarde.. by kriakaosabor de otono by kriakao
Cats - 94 by shiroangBienvenidos a deguento by AceKilmisterSunset 2421 by Mammoth-HunterNature Edited by PhotographsByBri
:thumb328318267:Winter Is Coming... by surrealistic-gloomLittle cone fall by gigi50:thumb324300885:
Solitary walks around the city park_09 by Bastet-SANNow what by amorphisssMarpleleaves by MiarathSupernatural by evolvingeye
Tattered by PhotographsByBri:thumb329751716:Infinite calm woods by AldemButcherMistery Forest.. by Tigles1Artistry
early autumn by arbebukAutumn is coming by AshaleForest Warmth by kkartTombs of Lafayette Cemetery by SalemCat
Embrace by Eosthewitch:thumb331162724::thumb317514158::thumb60562368:

A few of my own:



Design and CSS by sukoto-san
Photograph by Tea Photography
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