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November 5, 2012
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Sweet Sixteen by TeaPhotography Sweet Sixteen by TeaPhotography
:note: EDIT: Malori passed away just over a month after her 16th birthday, on NOV. 19th, 2012.
Something Personal, Plus Tribute, and ThanksgivingSharing Something a Bit Personal
Dearest Friends/Watchers here on dA...
I hope you don't mind if I share something a little bit personal.
I'm not used to sharing things publicly, that are personal, let alone dedicating a whole journal to it.
But... being that we live very far away from any sort of family, and have made so few local friends since moving here,
I feel a therapeutic need to put together a little something here, on dA, where this has been the only online community I have been visiting for almost five years now... it has become a type of family for me...
And I hope it is okay to say so. :heart:
I was away from dA, for a while again recently...
... and I know that some of you already know why, because as I've been trying to come back, I have been answering my notes, and whoever has left me notes during the time I was away, I told of these happenings.
Also, though it was not explained in any sort of detail, as to why I was not here for my commitments at my m

As I am very behind, and feel like I have missed quite a few birthdays from mostly the last week of October and also into and through the first week of November....

This is another dedication to all my Watchers/Friends whose BIRTHDAYS fall near the end of OCTOBER/beginning of NOVEMBER...
:cake: :party:

And... I hope ALL my watchers/friends will enjoy this BIRTHDAY collage, I made for our Beagle, Malori, who turned 16, this past Oct. 11th. :aww:

:cake: :iconlilplz: :cake:

Malori has been with me longer than any other pet, I've ever had, either during my childhood or my adulthood- okay, my whole life! ;)
[I think, I got her when I was a kid, given it was 16 years ago! :giggle: ]

She came into my life as a little puppy at the beginning of December, 16 years ago. We got her to be a companion for our now-passed Terrier Mix, Canela [who passed a couple years ago at the age of 14.5 years]

We are pleasantly amazed that Malori has made it this long, given her diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure over 3 years ago by now. But with medication, she's done quite well...
although, she's given us plenty of scares with some really bad weeks here and there... but she keeps bouncing back, has never stopped eating [which is what will really tell me...] and continues to wag her tail and have fun with treats.

She does wear diapers most of the time, as her medication makes her have to "go" more often than usual, and she is unable to tell us in time,
not to mention the fact that she is nearly blind with cataracts in both eyes by now.

But she gets along pretty well, despite the blindness-- we just can't move homes, or move any furniture around for a while. ;)

Because of such an adventurous life, this dog has had, and many stories of everything she's gotten herself into, and her many bad days, since her older age, we decided to make a HUGE DEAL out of her 16th birthday!!

Malori, we love you now and forever... :love:

Thank you everyone, for allowing me share,
and believe me when I say, that I wish you all very well!

Some photos of Malori, from over the years on dA:

Fifteen Years of Santa's Little Helper by TeaPhotographyFifteen by TeaPhotographyYay, The Beagle Made It by TeaPhotography
Cut from Different Cloths... by TeaPhotographyFrom One to Another... by TeaPhotography:thumb136391051:

The Puppy Song
by Harry Nilsson

Dreams are nothing more than wishes
And a wish's just a dream you wish to come true

If only I could have a puppy
I'd call myself so very lucky
Just ot have some company
To share a cup of tea with me
I'd take my puppy everywhere
La la la la I wouldn't care
Then we'll stay away from crowds
With sites that say no dogs allowed
Oh we... I know he'd never bite me
We... I know he'd never bite me

If only I could have a friend
Who sticks with me until the end
And walk along beside the sea
To share a bit of moon with me
I'd take my friend most everywhere
La la la la I wouldn't care
And we'll stay away from crowds
With sites that say no friends allowed
Oh we...we'd be so happy to be...
We...we'd be so happy to be together

But dreams are nothing more than wishes
And a wish's just a dream you wish to come true
Dreams are nothing more than wishes
(Your wish will come true)
And a wish's just a dream (Your wish will come true)
Your wish to come true (Your wish will come true)

:music: Lyrics HERE:…

:tunes: YouTube Link HERE:…

If you don't know this song... learn it! It's the cutest thing ever!
We discovered it YEARS ago, by now, from the film:
"You've Got Mail"


[ :note: NOTE: Thank you, in advance, for any :+fav:'s I may receive for this image. :thanks: :aww: :rose: I am honoured and grateful that anyone would think well enough to :+fav: it. :nod: So thank you from the bottom of my heart :heart: . I understand if you don't have time to comment, but thank you for any kind comments, too. :aww:
It's important to know this NOW, as I may NOT be able to do individual thank-you's for :+fav:'s, or in case I cannot respond to each comment, either. Thanks for understanding. :thanks:
And, if you just came to view, I appreciate that, too.
:w00t: ]

Respect � Tea Photography.
ALL work produced by Tea of � Tea Photography is protected, and shall NOT be reproduced, altered, or used in ANY kind of way.
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ArtByCher Jan 3, 2013   Traditional Artist
Annissina Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, it's so nice she's still with you :heart: None of our dogs have lived THAT long, I believe the longest lifespan of any of our dogs was 12 years... Ahh, we miss them anyway when they pass :heart:
TeaPhotography Nov 21, 2012  Professional General Artist
I wish this was true, and I'm sure you understand now that you know what has happened...
Here is a link to the journal that I just made:
Annissina Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yes, I'm sorry that you had to part with her a few days after I wrote that comment :( I saw the journal, it's beautiful :heart:
mefilmgal Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I love malory! Happy to see she's still going strong! xoxoxoox
TeaPhotography Nov 21, 2012  Professional General Artist
Hi C.,! :wave:
Wow, it's so amazing to see you... thank you for your lovely comment here...
however, Malori, has just passed away this past Monday:

I appreciate so much that you did love Mal. :nod:
mefilmgal Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh no. :( Oh, malory. I'm so sorry for your loss. We lost Tommy one year ago tomorrow. Had to put him down. :( love ya.
Cinzia-chan Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
happy b-day cutie! :love:
TeaPhotography Nov 21, 2012  Professional General Artist
It's super nice of you, I appreciate it...
she did just pass away this past Monday.
Thank you though. :heart:
Cinzia-chan Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm really sorry for your loss, I perfectly know how it day you will see her again! :heart:
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