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Thank you so much for
stopping by my Profile Page.

Butterfly love by Nina1love1
My name really is:

of Tea Photography

If you stay a bit, you will find my Galleries reflect various works of art-
each with a purpose, and for me, special meaning. :aww:
You are welcomed here, and I truly DO appreciate your visit.
Double Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by Kawiku

:note: IMPORTANT :note:

IF you have a dA account-
The best way to tell, ask, or SHOW me something
is to:
Please, NOTE ME
to be sure that I DO get your message.

I do NOT want to miss anything of VALUE from YOU!
:eager: :eager: :eager:

[And sadly, I do miss a lot in comments, :hmm: ]

But I WILL eventually SEE your NOTES! :w00t:

A LITTLE THANK YOU by Sugaree33-ArtA LITTLE THANK YOU by Sugaree33-ArtA LITTLE THANK YOU by Sugaree33-Art

Random from Gifts from My Precious dA Friends

deviation in storage by LensLove78

Thank You to ALL Who have Ever Gifted Me Art, Since I've been on dA

The fact that you would use your talents to dedicate something to me, is a humbling honour, that I don't take lightly and that I truly treasure.


I also want you to know, that it is your supportive friendships, which are are at the HEART of what are the TRUE GIFTS.


Random from TREASURE Chest

:trophy: The TREASURE CHEST is VERY SPECIAL :trophy:
I've been collecting works in The Treasure Chest for about Five Years. I used to choose a few of them each month to highlight here out front, but I am no longer able to keep up with that, so I will just highlight the whole folder!


The Treasure Chest is an EXTRA special collection of works which I have felt over the time I've been here, to...

:bulletpurple: Have some kind of very special meaning for me, personally.
:bulletpurple: Captivate me in a way that is stronger or more unique than usual.
:bulletpurple: Convey an important, meaningful message for society- such as in regard to issues we face and try to bring awareness to.
:bulletpurple: Perhaps be worthy of a DD, which in a few cases, I've likely suggested.

:bulletgreen: In a few cases, be from some combination above.



:sillydance: by catluvr2dA's BIG Heroes of
:sillydance: by catluvr2

are The Direct Purchasers/Contributors from dA
of this Project

i heart u by ashblackthornFeel Free to Visit this Collection of Their Wonderful Work HERE:…i heart u by ashblackthorn

Without them, this Project would not be possible, let alone the success that it's been, and that we hope it continues to be. :nod:

They make up a good portion of the TOTAL donation business for The Shelter Project, and I can never be more thankful for what they've done and continue to do!

:note: The first HALF listed, have made multiple purchases- therefore contributions, to the animals in need through The Shelter Project.

Double Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by Kawiku

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingPhilippe philippeL:iconphilippel:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingJocelyne JocelyneR :iconjocelyner:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingMel Meljean1 :iconmeljean1:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingCecilia bewilderedconfused :iconbewilderedconfused:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingJohn Corvidae65 :iconcorvidae65:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingRay Geak-of-Nature :icongeak-of-nature:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingJoe LayaboutJoe :iconlayaboutjoe:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingMel Arte-de-Junqueiro :iconarte-de-junqueiro:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingTeresa Tigles1Artistry :icontigles1artistry:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingJohanne Stygma :iconstygma:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingDenyse awesome43 :iconawesome43:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingSurglo surrealistic-gloom :iconsurrealistic-gloom:


purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingCheryl ArtByCher :iconartbycher:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingDana DanaAnderson :icondanaanderson:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingLin Lirulin-yirth :iconlirulin-yirth:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingJen Jenna-Rose :iconjenna-rose:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingJohn-Luke Shirimasen :iconshirimasen:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingSandy Iluvbiscuit2 :iconiluvbiscuit2:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingBeth Andaelentari :iconandaelentari:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingBeverly ArtBYbeverly :iconartbybeverly:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingCrista cwehaar :iconcwehaar:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingSue suezn :iconsuezn:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingCarolyn CarolynYM :iconcarolynym:

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingMirach MirachRavaia :iconmirachravaia:


purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thingPauline kurios-kat :iconkurios-kat:
was a partner in a SPECIAL PROJECT, called:
"The Shelter ART Project":
The Shelter ART Project by TeaPhotography
in which she sponsored the Artwork that I donated and presented to
the *FIRST* shelter that was benefiting from
The Shelter Project, before I had moved.
There was even some left over for a direct donation, and due to all of this, it is why she is included here!



Each of the above friends/supporters are truly fabulous individuals, who are extremely compassionate people, that they would participate in "The Shelter Project", in this way which directly benefits animals, while receiving any of my custom made Artwork!

Thank-You by KmyGraphic

I am forever grateful from the bottom of my heart!
.... to think of the ANIMALS they have helped!

:icondoggyplz: :iconbeatingheartplz: :iconwalkingcatplz:

Amazements of April!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 11:36 PM
My Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

1. Gifts
2. "SIX for SIX" Anniversary Project- Complete!
3. Personal
4. Can You Help Lilyas?
5. Special Groups & Other Special Info.
6. "The Shelter Project" :new: NEWS!
7. B-Day Features, PLUS Said & Did Features
8. 119th Special Random Feature- Suggest a Friend For NEXT time??
9. Special Edition Feature: The Treasure Chest


:wave: Hello and Thank You to Anyone who has a chance to read my journal.
I know that time is VERY precious. :aww: :rose:

I hope March had marvelous moments for all of my dear friends (AND family, should they see this), and now I WISH ALL Who May See This, an AMAZING APRIL!
Sending you all my love across various directions of miles, all over the planet. :earth:


:icongift1plz: GIFTS from dA Friends :icongift1plz:

:thanks: Thank you to my sweet friend :iconsarapereiraart: for: Hearts beating together by SaraPereiraArt :rose:
Truly the sweetest thing! And something extra special about it, that brought back memories, I could relate to.
Please visit more beautiful work, HERE: :heart:

:thanks: Thank you to my generous friend :iconthedarkenedbride: for: Stars of 2014 #4Hello everybody :tighthug: after the interview experiment here comes another feature and there are many more to follow; I hope you'll find your bias among today's stars :iconshinystarplz:
:love: :iconTeaPhotography: :love:
T E A - one of my favourite dA girls :iconhellokittyplz: comes from Oregon, USA... "I have made art of some sort for as long as I can remember. First, I was writing children stories as a kid, starting about kindergarten. I had huge notebooks where I wrote the short stories and did the illustrations myself. I remember wanting to do them, because I liked being able to control how the stories went along and turned out, myself. About 3rd grade, I carried around sketch pads, and I mostly drew trees, with charcoal pencils. I also had my first "diaries" at this time, and I began to write poems then, too. In 5th grade, I got my first film camera. I remember it was a kodak. These are my earliest memories in art. I think overall, my reason, was that it was
A lot went into this, in word and deed.
Please visit her amazing work HERE:… :heart:

:thanks: Thank you to my very good friend :iconsurrealistic-gloom: for: Little Kitten  BW by surrealistic-gloom :rose:
An adorable artistic piece! I love it!
Please visit more of her wonderful work HERE: surrealistic-gloom.deviantart.… :heart:

:thanks: Thank you to my thoughtful friend :iconannissina: for: Sakura by Annissina :rose:
This stunning piece is very meaningful for me.
Please visit more of her outstanding work

:thanks: Thank you to my really lovely friend :iconshinyheels: for: Sun is on her way by ShinyHeels :rose:
It's beautiful and it means a lot to me!
Please visit more gorgeous work HERE: :heart:

:thanks: Thank you to my kind friend :iconsesam-is-open: for: Ode To Joy by sesam-is-open :rose:
How brilliant! And it's an honour to be included here!
Please visit more sensational work HERE: :heart:

:thanks: Thank you to my dear friend :iconcorvidae65: for: Here's The Deal... by Corvidae65 :rose:
What a very cool feral cat photo, and great info. too!
Please visit more amazing work HERE: :heart:

:thanks: Thank you to my wonderful friend :icontigles1artistry: for: Tsurus and the Japanese Legend by Tigles1Artistry and WOMAN WONDERINGS.... by Tigles1Artistry :rose:
How intriguing, and the other beautiful and mystifying!- what an hounour to be included in both!
Please visit more awesome work HERE:… :heart:

:thanks: Thank you to my great friend :iconvasidgallery: for: Woman by VasiDgallery :rose:
It is gorgeous and so is the reason, too! What an honour to be included. I love it!
Please visit more beautiful work HERE: :heart:


:iconwhiteflowerplz: "SIX for SIX" Anniversary Project :iconwhiteflowerplz:

:iconpocketwatchplz: MARCH 9th, was my 6th Year Anniversary on dA!!! :iconpocketwatchplz:

Seriously, where DOES the time go? :XD:

So anyway, Thank you to those who chose to participate in the: "SIX for SIX" ANNIVERSARY PROJECT!

Here are the Participants and Their Feature Results:

Elina Vance and Blue the cat by LayaboutJoeLissi by LayaboutJoeBobcat at Oregon Zoo by LayaboutJoe
le chat noir by vasodeliriummeet Gizele by vasodeliriumcheshire cat drawing and application by vasodelirium


What goes there by gigi50As cold as blue by gigi50Good morning by gigi50
Pink Kunzea by MayEbonySo Blue by MayEbonyMarleys Tummy Rub by MayEbony


Spring Love by AnnissinaAn Evening Stroll in Spring by AnnissinaPurple Dawn by Annissina
Orbital decayAfter twenty three midnights,
Two kisses under thistle,
Rebirth made me a deal.
'Come back', he whispered,
That voice of silk and sea salt,
Could kill,
Fiddling with my cigarette in one hand and desires in the other, I almost did.
Lighting the tip with every wish to go back,
The ash flaring up like fireworks as midnight locked into place,
I faced
Orion’s belt
And read his mind.
He was still, solid,
Followed the same route all his life
Despite colliding with adventure after adventure.
I sat on a park bench and collected the stamps of my thoughts.
I wanted to post every single one to a destination I could not follow,
Walk the opposite way,
Travel faster than the speed of pretending, against the orbit,
Screw gravity,
Who’d have thought it?
The magnitude made my heart hunger, pull itself inward until it thundered,
I was going tear myself asunder
Become all the reset choices.
I was ready to let the wind gather my collection,
All but one...
I couldn’t
White WomanShe drifts across moors,
Veils of weeping tissues
Locked around her shoulders.
Her heart is made of pieces,
In sugar-like skin.
Rainfall plays with her hair,
Innocent once
Until her traitor found her,
Far away and right in front of you.
I wouldn’t call her a Goddess.
She’s better,
From a hell on Earth eternity which made her.
A guardian,
You’d see her reflection
Hoping to leave a while
While you walk down the aisle.
Instead she dreams
History won’t repeat.
History won’t repeat.
A fine bouquetI'm --------- T r e m b l i n g.
scared of plane tickets,
Because in them
Is the idea something could be waiting within
An ambush,
An onslaught;
Any kind of change this irregular default.
Sometimes we're unmade
When we handle those kinds of stars.
I may go far.
I hope I can stay
The same way sentential structures keep their words together like prose, like
Its sweet taste of sugar
...and maybe just a little

Bear Trail by NixityGo Fish by NixityNight Shadows Caress The Moon by Nixity


Charlie by Deb-e-annLove by Deb-e-annLilac Blue 44 by Deb-e-ann
Spring dreaming by George---KirkSeptember Sunrise by George---KirkAnemone hupehensis by George---Kirk


Sweets for my Tea by awesome43Joy's balancing act by awesome43Ventura Beach Rocks. by awesome43
Cosmic muse ~ Daily Inspiration by RazielMBSleeping with Dragons by RazielMBWind, my white horse by RazielMB


Secret of Mana by grantsaylorHope of Haemarch by grantsaylorCrafty by grantsaylor
Norgissice by VirginParchmentLet's take a rest, by VirginParchmentDjslgh by VirginParchment


Love Like a Tiger by CRGPhotographyTongue II by CRGPhotographySweet Sweet Petunia by CRGPhotography
Wager by DY-COMICSAsk Dy Comics by DY-COMICSPaladin Cover by DY-COMICS


Cityscape by LydiaRhianneSmooth by LydiaRhianneGreen Waves by LydiaRhianne
Myosotis by MayLPhotographyGerbera by MayLPhotographyHyacinth by MayLPhotography


Magic Farina by Twins72blackbirdchick by Twins72friendship by Twins72
Mother and Son by darkSoul4LifeServal Kitten by darkSoul4LifeJaguar in Studio? by darkSoul4Life

So Wonderful & Fun, Thanks Again SO Very Much!! :rose:
And now, I am well into my SEVENTH Year.... :iconpocketwatchplz:


:iconwhiteflowerplz: PERSONAL MESSAGE :iconwhiteflowerplz:

1. I really do have to start out by saying... thank you so much to everyone who has been so supportive during what has been a very challenging time for me these days- which is due much in part to what I publicly shared about my darling cat Merlyn: I've appreciated deeply the various forms of communication regarding this subject matter, and to those who have viewed the above link, but with difficulty to know what to say, believe me I understand this greatly, and it is more than okay. :heart:

On a much less public level of sharing, I also want to add my thanks and gratitude to those who have been encouraging about other various challenges in the last few months. I find myself going through types of hardships often enough through my life, not usually the same types, except for those of my ongoing health problems- but regardless, I honestly don't back down, and I say this, because I truly don't want people to worry.

2. One other thing, that I feel I can share publicly, is that my desktop computer just up and died a few weeks ago- testing and diagnostics were run... blah blah, over a week it was worked on, but that's it, it's done for.

The one BIT of good news in this story is my STUFF is okay, because my external hard drive, where everything continues to back up, was saved!

However, I currently share a desk top with a separate log-in, and as payment, I gave up my iPad. So I have half a desktop and my iPhone left,

which makes doing all manner of work on dA, more difficult and with less time, and less time staying in touch, too, etc.,

I do not have any idea when I will be in the market again for another computer or even a tablet...

:bulletblack: And due to all of the above, coming to- and staying ON dA, or online, or in email etc., has not been at all easy. But I am only doing the best I can.

2.  I am leaving this month for my ANNUAL TRIP to see my family in TUCSON, ARIZONA.
My last day on dA is: APRIL 8th.
I plan to return to dA on: APRIL 27th.
I will miss having my iPad for traveling. My mom has a lot of trouble with her computer, so I am not sure of the condition- if I can, I will use to at least check on my main group, and also see if there's anything urgent.
As far as big work on dA, dA is too complicated to work with on my phone...

BUT, I will be checking and using email OFTEN!!! For longer emails, I may not be able to reply, or at least not thoroughly.  But I will check.  If you are in USA, texting is also great!


Help for Lilyas

This is important!
Please read the story of :iconlilyas: HERE:
:heart: I am in Serious Trouble - A Call for HelpUpdate: I want to say a heartfelt thanks to all my friends and supporters, who are helping me now in my unfortunate situation! Your response is overwhelming. It means very much to me!
Update 2: I made a new friend recently, Anne. She was very kind to post an article about me on her blog. There are many more details about me, my home and my situation.
A fellow spiritual artisan needs our help

Read The Whole Story

Dear friends,
normally I don't come out if something is wrong. I am that kind of person who deals with their problems on their own. But this time I really need help otherwise I will not make it. So that's why I am reaching out to you.
Learn about my Story
Since a few years I live and work in a house t
There may be a way you can help!!
Even if you could at least please spread the word. :nod:

:iconshinyheartplz: Special Groups & Info.! :iconshinyheartplz:

Unframed-Nature :iconunframed-nature:
is my main group!
ENDS: APRIL 30th :la:
Because our Group's 8th BIRTHDAY is April 26th!
The Members will vote, when the folder is closed. HAVE FUN!

Current CONTEST:
ENDS: MAY 6th :la:
:iconoceanplz: Unframed-Nature's Next BIG Contest!:iconjoyloveplz: Welcome to Unframed-Nature's Next BIG Contest :iconjoyloveplz:
:iconoceanplz: Spring THEME 2014: "Earth's Wonders of Water" :iconoceanplz:
:iconearthplz: About Earth Day, And How It Relates To This Contest :iconearthplz:
Earth Day is a Global Holiday which began in 1970!
This year in 2014, this international celebration which aims to promote awareness, education, and action in order to help preserve and protect our Nature on Earth, falls on Tuesday, April 22nd!
Our Group has been expanding for over a year now, via several types of efforts, in an attempt to reflect that not only do we love and enjoy the beauty of Nature, but that we also care about protecting and preserving it, and would like to seek ways to join with others to do so, and learn about and create better ideas for this!
There are so many environmental issues, which do, in fact, adversely affect Earth, our common home.
Sometimes, it can seem over
1,035 :points: for FIRST PLACE!! :la:

Also our Group's Points :points: Account is HERE:
:pointr: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts:

Thank you to ALL, who have EVER donated, and continue to do so- YOU ROCK!!!

Other Great Active Groups to Consider Joining,
and participating in their wonderful activities!



:iconcatearsplz: News From "The Shelter Project" :iconcatearsplz:

:bulletblack: The South Coast Humane Society here, on the SW Coast of Oregon continues to keep me very busy... I do the photo shoots of the animals for Adoptions for the "Adopt-a-Pet" sections of the areas' newspapers, plus I do post edits on the photos, and they are uploaded to their page at Many of those end up on their fb page, too. I share just a very FEW, of these same photos with you here on dA! :heart:

This, alone, is always busy! :iconcatlaplz:

:iconballoonsplz: Info. From The THREE ANNIVERSARY :iconballoonsplz:

Thank you to ALL who visited the Information, Celebrated with me, and also who :+fav:'d the THREE YEAR ANNV.
:iconblack-kittenplz: The Shelter Project: Three Year Anniversary!Special Edition News Article:
HAPPY THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY to "The Shelter Project"!!!

:iconlovetigerplz: :iconwalkingcatplz::icondoggyplz::iconblack-kittenplz::iconlilplz: :iconlovetigerplz:
:iconhurrahplz: As of just this previous August 2013, "The Shelter Project" is THREE Years Old! :iconhurrahplz:
:iconspreadmoreloveplz: AND... THIS YEAR "THE SHELTER PROJECT" IS CONGRATULATING ITS dA AFFILIATES!!! :iconspreadmoreloveplz:
"THE SHELTER PROJECT" is NOT one person; it's not BECAUSE OF one person, nor is it, or could it EVER BE successful, because of just one single person. For it to be anything AT ALL, of any of the helpful VALUE that it is, and continues to strive for, it takes A TEAM of VOLUNTEERS, who we have called here on dA, "The dA Affiliates of 'The Shelter Project.'"
:heart: :earth: :community::community::icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz::community::community: :ear

Thank you so much to everyone for all the truly outstanding support of this project during its FIRST THREE YEARS,
and SINCE!
It has meant so very much, but MOST of ALL, to the animals who together we are trying to help!  

:note: REMEMBER- South Coast Humane Society here,
DOES welcome The Shelter Project:… as an official fundraiser! :aww:
:boogie: :party:

:icondoggyplz: :new: NEWS, New Events & Fundraising:icondoggyplz:

As per THIS SAME SECTION, in the previous journal, I finally DID decide, after all these years, to include a
:points: POINTS WIDGET :points: on my Profile Page. As many of you know, it was a difficult decision, which I already tried to explain... :aww:

To date, I want to thank the first several individuals who have donated :points: points!
I am absolutely delighted, and so grateful... :happycry:
I mean when I think of the potential we have now, together, to raise the funds for the animals in need, through "The Shelter Project" with these two BIG events this Summer,
seeing these first generous donors, have really brought me hope, and, especially during what has been a difficult time, as I've already described, in personal matters.

And the truth is, the humane society here, was actually hit hard in a couple of bad ways in this last month of March... someone knowingly brought in a whole litter of nine puppies with their mother, when the director was away for a week, which were all infected with parvo, only one puppy was acting sick at the time, but because the man said he had pepper-sprayed the mother, the staff was more hurried to intake the group- and get them away from the man- who as they soon found out, had left a fake phone number... even now the kennels are still quarantined, even though the whole place had been quarantined for quite some time... it was a gruesome time, and though still very sad, only one other dog- another puppy- had to be put to sleep besides the group that had been brought in- the director was back by then, etc.

This was a huge blow to us, physically, emotionally, and even from a financial stand-point.


:bulletgreen: The "Tea Photography OPEN HOUSE on behalf of THE SHELTER PROJECT" :excited:

It will be mid- JUNE, and it will be held AT The Shelter! I am so excited, as I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time! And now that I have lived here for a few years, I actually know a few people by now, and so I think I could actually have some success for the animals, which is my HUGE WISH!!! :fingerscrossed:

:bulletgreen: But I won't worry if I did have left-overs of whatever, because TWO short months later, I have to do the annual "Mutt-Strutt" anyway, and that's the whole shelter's BIGGEST fundraiser!

I would like lots more variety of products for that event this year anyway... - and STILL whatever might not sell, there will continue to BE opportunities to sell the products at future events, and inside The Shelter, itself.

At these events, I would have as much variety of my jewelry products available, pre-made photo greeting cards,

:note: PLUS, framed prints of 11x14, which I am already trying to prepare for, and I also want to include mugs, magnets, (and stickers, pens, & couple of other things I can just use Vista Prints for- I hope.)...
Most ALL of these items to contain images of the shelter animals, and a few to include nature in general.

The only thing is... I will have much difficult to obtain the latter products myself. :hmm:

In the past, I have been donated POINTS :points: through the GIVE BUTTON "on behalf of what you do for THE SHELTER PROJECT", and while so much appreciated I didn't know how to directly help animals with points, so I would give the points to certain groups that were specifically helping animals... :aww:

but now, I am able to use a :points: POINTS WIDGET :points: that I could use DIRECTLY for fundraising for the animals via "The Shelter Project"!

So, anyway, I am already actively needing to prepare for THESE *SUMMER* EVENTS, you see. :aww:

When I get back from my April trip, I will need to start to make some purchases in May. :nod:

Thank you for letting me share. :heart:

AND, thank you again to those who have already donated, AND thanks so much in advance to those who may decide to donate to this cause!! :love:


:note: ALL Affiliates' PERMANENT features have been on my Profile Page... forever, and ever...  ;)

EXTRA Special Thank You to my dear friend John :iconcorvidae65: who purchased:
Flare of Earth and Sky by TeaPhotography
for his wife AUDRA!

Supporting the animals via "The Shelter Project" via direct purchases means the world to me for the animals!
Feature for:
Oneness by Corvidae65Drive by Corvidae65
Glow by Corvidae65Ol' Blue by Corvidae65
Bighorn Yellow Balsamroot by Corvidae65Merry Christmas, Bob by Corvidae65Beside Still Waters by Corvidae65

A Special Thank You to the Following Artists and Groups who have either featured for the FIRST time, or very recently RE-featured The Shelter Project in their Journals or on their Profile Page, or perhaps created something special FOR The Shelter Project, or who donated POINTS :points: on behalf of the PROJECT, or did something else, or thought of some other creative way to support this Project. :love:

A Diamond In The Ruff by suezn
Into My Soul by sueznSpring And Squirrels And Things by suezn

A Special Sunflower by Tigles1Artistry
Happy Birthday Thelma by Tigles1ArtistryWANDERING FURTHER.... by Tigles1Artistry

Views of Coventry Cathedral 05 of 15 by LayaboutJoeMy Russian wristwatch by LayaboutJoe
My Hermitage 3 of 12 by LayaboutJoePortland Japanese Garden 15 of 28 by LayaboutJoe

Row of Cosmos by JocelyneRThe Little King by JocelyneR
Sweet Animal by JocelyneRPeaceful Mom Squirrel by JocelyneR

InFull BLOOMOON by Anj3lla
Silent Sun by Anj3llaDaisy Drop by Anj3lla

Wisteria by CarolynYMMoon by CarolynYM
Yujie's Blue Flower by CarolynYMOur Galaxy, The Milky Way by CarolynYM

Pansy After the Rain by surrealistic-gloomDusk in Winter by surrealistic-gloom
New Kitty by surrealistic-gloomMy Kitty by surrealistic-gloom

Julia Butterfly by GreenEyedG0ddess
Birds Crest by GreenEyedG0ddessIn My Dream, The Water Is Always Blue by GreenEyedG0ddess

Waiting to Bloom by bewilderedconfusedPenney by bewilderedconfused
Everyone Needs a Good Friend by bewilderedconfusedRosalyn by bewilderedconfused

Honey bee and Tribulus terrestris by bugadrienne
N. clavipes portrait by bugadrienneBougainvillea by bugadrienne

Frozen by Annissina
Skyfall by AnnissinaFestive by Annissina

Attentive by Stygma
The Ice Fortress by StygmaBelieve by Stygma

Snow by M-i-t-c-h-e-llittle Swirl by M-i-t-c-h-e-l
pretty in pink by M-i-t-c-h-e-lThe beauty of mathematics by M-i-t-c-h-e-l

#11 Memory by dragondoodle
The Scarlett Illusion has Sarah by dragondoodleRyuko and Rysta by dragondoodle

Those who CONTINUE to feature, have featured other times before, or also maintain a Promotion of The Shelter Project on your Profile Page or Journal- Thank you for your ongoing support.

:note: The names of those who have taken The Shelter Project further in a variety of ways, through their various types of features of the Project, :points: on behalf of the project, and Purchases DIRECTLY through Tea Photography© are placed on my Profile Page inside the Custom Box, titled: On Behalf of THE SHELTER PROJECT and are listed in the AFFILIATES SECTION, because their type/s of support have earned them their official AFFILIATION with this project. Their names, or Group's names are also placed inside, in the Artist's Comments sections of each one of certain official pieces of associated with The Shelter Project. This is a permanent status. :heart:


:note: "THE SUPER AFFILIATES" Custom Box is for those who have made DIRECT PURCHASES, on behalf of THE SHELTER PROJECT which benefit animals in need, DIRECTLY!! :love:

:note: :iconkurios-kat: is there for the OTHER project that we worked on together, where she sponsored the 5-piece set of framed prints of my images for the Shelter, as asked of me by the manager to donate, HERE: . While not the same as The Shelter Project, "The Shelter ART Project" STILL went to benefit that SAME Shelter! :heart:

:iconphilippel: :iconjocelyner: :iconmeljean1: :iconartbycher: :icondanaanderson: :iconjenna-rose: :iconbewilderedconfused: :iconlayaboutjoe: :iconshirimasen: :iconiluvbiscuit2: :icontigles1artistry: :iconarte-de-junqueiro: :icongeak-of-nature: :iconhayley--jade: :iconcorvidae65: :iconsurrealistic-gloom:
:iconawesome43: :iconartbybeverly: :iconcwehaar: :iconstygma: :iconsuezn: :iconcarolynym:
 are ALL there, and will remain there, for their business AND in a few cases, their repeat business of my work. :happycry: :thanks: :rose: :heart: :thanks: :rose: :heart:

Repeat business, is not even all that a few of them have done, even though that's the epitome of awesome, and is direct help. But the repeat & ongoing promotions on the Journals and Profile Pages of Philippe, Jocelyne, Cheryl, Dana, Cecelia, Sandy, and Teresa, etc. ... is phenomenal.
They have worked so hard to help promote, in addition to their purchases. I never could have imagined, not just awesome customers, but PARTNERS, throughout this whole Project. :nod:


BIRTHDAYS! :cake: ...Plus, Said & Did Features!

:iconcakecookieplz: Some Belated B-Days from the last half of March,  and a *few* from the first part of April... (I am bound to miss a few people... and that's awful- but, PLEASE know it is NOT intended at all.) :iconcakecookieplz:

:bulletpurple: :cake: Last of MARCH:

:icondavincipoppalag: by davincipoppalag

Little Blue Star by SilivrenTinu

Easter Bunny by KmyGraphic

Kevatkukka by FrancescaDelfino

Climbing to the sky by monikabuz

Gazer by MarinaCoric

Round Robin! by smallsofthamish

learning to fly by virtud

:bulletorange: :cake:  A few from the first part of APRIL:

Die Farbe des Fruehlings by feigenfrucht

Pierrot et Colombine by ElissandrAnne

Woodstock Gems by GypsyH

Rays by fashioneyes

Chande says Hi by spiralofvertigo

Jewellery by Bastet 047 by Bastet-SAN

Trapani by Francy-93

Coming Back Down by Riemea

My Love will always Stay with You by DanaAnderson

Benji by LuLupoo

It's a Kind of Magic by Annissina

Fairy Forest by RavingEagleMedia

Red Sky by TrinitySage

[ I am sorry to not include everyone from this time period. It was too hard for me to do.
But I genuinely send out my wishes to ALL who have had, or will have a B-DAY, during this time. :cake: ]


And now, I'd like to thank each of the following people for the various extra that they've said and/or done for me, recently!

A touch of blue by VasiDgallery

Evening Lights by Annissina

Ruffled by LydiaRhianne

SWEET!!! by morningstarskid

Class Portrait of Sylvester by Geak-of-Nature

Wish You Were Here by Corvidae65

Abyssal Stalker by philippeL

Take Time   By Lady Timeless by I-Am-Lady-Timeless

Thrilling by SaraPereiraArt

I spent a lot of time waiting for better timing
For either cloudless skies or crystal rain
Looking for signs, signals and indications
My eyes got itchy and I swore I wouldn't love again
Shooting stars aimed too well and in a pompous crash
They mercilessly cracked the telescope
Moonstones mingled with broken lenses of a dream
I shook my head and left with no more hope
I burned the bridges and then made my way through smoke
To get a one-way-ticket for just me
The fool I was, the proud and stubborn man
Didn't count on that there'd also be - She
A mirage, daydream they might say... I thought that too
But only 'till She smiled and offered me a seat
And from that moment on She's become You
Undoubtedly we were destined to meet
I kept my vow, I haven't loved "again"
For You taught me the meaning of that word
Now I stand in front of You, dearest friend
Your trust with my devotion to reward
I'm aware of that time runs much too fast
The more during the happiest of our days
But love like ours

Migration by surrealistic-gloom

Nocturnal Growth by ArtByCher

Glamour 17 by Deb-e-ann

Leaving Miami by zootnik

Black-Headed Gull 002 (04.03.14) by LacedShadowDiamond

Afterglow by LUCILALEYLA

Daisy white rain by gigi50

Red Bricks by wingsofdragons

Shimmer by bridgetbright

Study ~ African Bee Eater done in Pastels! by ArtBYbeverly

Iridescent on pink by Nameda

COQUI by SavageFrog

Awakening by awesome43

Half-Blood Kingdom CSChapter Twenty Nine – Part Seven
This is gonna be easy! As Lowell reaches the field he chuckles to himself and lights up his eyes underneath the blindfold he now wears. Instantly his senses are magnified, and although he can't visually see where his opponent is standing, he has a very good indication of where Dave is, almost like viewing him through thermal imaging binoculars. Lowell digs his feet into the dirt and snow below and takes a long whiff of the cold December air, supplying himself with even more information on his opponent, including the state of his emotions and the extent of his Lightning abilities. Dave still hasn't made a move though, not even an inch. C'mon, this is supposed to look real, damn it! Come at me already! Right on cue, Dave collects a surge of Lightning at his chest. Lowell can tell from its crackling that an attack is imminent, but there is no telling where it will come from just yet. Now we're talkin'! I'm gonna make this look so goo

art decor by Dieffi

Nyhaven II by Arte-de-Junqueiro

You Are Fired! - my secretary sleeps on the job by pergamjee

Silence by ShinyHeels

Pink Dogwoods by bewilderedconfused

White lilies by Lust0fADeeperPain

Artist Block Series - Dos by TheGalleryOfEve

Earth,Wind and Fire by sesam-is-open

Relaxed Little Squirrel by JocelyneR

:note: This list really is by no means, complete!


Special Random Artist Feature!

:bulletorange: Special Random Talented Artist Features Began in March 2009!! :boing:
In over four years that I've been doing this certain type of feature, I've finally featured over ONE-HUNDRED Artists... and onward we go... > ... >
:new:  The 119th Special Random Artist goes to.........
Someone YOU may Suggest, for NEXT TIME! :nod:
:note: Send in a NOTE, if you want it to be a surprise!!! :la:

:pointr: CRITERIA:
:bulletblue: Active on dA for 1 year or more.
:bulletblue: 10K page views or less.

Wanna spread some happiness by NamedaPAY IT FORWARD by luffsfromafriendEncourage others stamp by Ramen27

Page views alone do not necessarily reflect levels of creativity & talent. I think there's a lot of wonderful art/artists out there who just haven't been seen enough.
[For all the immense support and generosity that I have received since being on dA, I Pay it Forward ...]

Design and CSS by sukoto-san
Photograph by Tea Photography


TeaPhotography has started a donation pool!
3,890 / 18,000


Special Fundraising Events for:
“The Shelter Project”

For some reason… I really never thought I would have a Points Widget on my page.
In fact, I’ve tried hard not to, which has often led to spam, and people thinking it meant I must have tons of points- which I do not.

But, I’ve finally built up the courage to place a Points Widget here, because I found a really great way to correlate points directly with new expanded fundraising for The Shelter Project.


:bulletblack: There will be a First Annual,Tea Photography OPEN HOUSE on behalf of “The Shelter Project” this JUNE 2014. :excited:

:bulletblack: Then, just TWO short months later, August 2014 is The Annual MUTT STRUTT, It is our shelter’s The South Coast Humane Society’s biggest fundraiser of the year. It will be my FOURTH time to participate. :nod:

For the first, to be successful I am in much need of expanding my available products, because I will be the only artisan on public dislpay, and those who have known me best, know, that I would not be able to financially do this on my own, which for me is just difficult to admit.

(Though, those who have followed "The Shelter Project" from the beginning, nearly 4 years ago by now, and in detail, know this is how the Project was born. It was due to the sudden loss in my ability that I once had, to support precious animals in need. So I began to combined art for purchasing, to donate proceeds to the animals...)

I am looking to purchase 11x14 and 10x10, or 12x12 prints from dA, mostly of our own shelter animals, but also somewhat of a variety. I plan to do my own framing in order to afford to get a wider variety of prints.

I've always liked to do my own framing, anyway, AND, I DO have a couple of other types of donors who can sponsor the framing, that I will do.

I also plan to purchase mugs, and magnets of similar subject matter.

I would like to have these similar items for The Annual Mutt Strutt as well, as each year I’ve been trying to expand the variety of products at this event, to better be of service.

(Last August, when I included my line of jewelry, I was so much more successful for the humane society, that I was asked what other artistic products could I produce/create for "The Shelter Project", which really humbled me and inspired me all the more!)

All of this is in addition to what I already offer locally, and to you here on dA, directly, in photo greeting cards, prints that are 8x10 or smaller, and of course my newish jewelry line!

:note: And remember: The most direct way YOU can support The Shelter Project is through purchasing of the aforementioned, and I thank ALL of the SUPER-Affiliates here on dA, who have done that, AND repeatedly do that! :heart:

:note: To learn more about what IS, The Shelter Project, please see the Info. placed directly on my Profile Page, all down the left-side, which will likely lead you to anything else you might want to know. :heart:


Though even 1 :points: will be very highly valued, and used toward this fundraising endeavor,
I will do as much as possible, and as time allows, for donations of 20 :points: or more…
such as:
:bulletorange: Give you a llama, if I haven’t yet. (I would certainly do this for less than 20 :points:!)
:note: It’s only that TIME is my main issue in general, and is the only reason I make any distinction, as such.
:bulletorange: Give you :+fav:’s on your work that I like… and I usually find something! :nod:
:bulletorange: Give you comments, especially some constructive ones.
:bulletorange: For higher donations you’ll likely find yourself in some of my features!
:bulletorange: For higher donations, if you are someone that enables “CRITIQUES” and would like me to do any, link me to a couple of them, via NOTES. :aww:
:bulletorange: There might be something else I can do- Such as a project, or a friend of yours, you would like me to promote, feature, or go to :+fav: or comment on work of a friend of yours. Just me know where the need is, and I would be happy to HELP,
(of course I probably would anyway! :XD: )

:icondoggyplz: :iconwalkingcatplz:


I want to thank the few LOVELY LOVELIES, who *have* indeed been “keeping” me “in some points” via “The Give Button”
for… well, for a very long time by now… without you, I would not be able to save up to do the few things that have made me SO VERY happy to do for others here on dA…
such as the few times I gifted a :iconcakebadgeplz: cake… :la:
Or… give points to a few specific people in need or who I felt deserved it, due to their kindness or special project, or to very specific groups, such as… dAWishingWell and a few of their wishes, and Unframed-Nature PetPicks stopBSL InspirationStation1 and a couple other so groups dear to me, or who are trying to help with ANIMAL NEEDS.

YOU, initially have made this possible… NOT me…

I would NOT mind, if anyone still wanted to use THE GIVE BUTTON, for these personal points, so that I could continue to be helpful in this way, as it is going to be SEPARATE from this widget,
which is going to be kept very specific for fundraising events for “The Shelter Project”.

I thank you humbly and kindly, in advance, to all who help with this endeavor!


You must be logged in to donate.


Artist | Professional | Varied
United States


One of The Most Moving Gifts I've Ever Received... In Life, Created by Candy candysamuels

Tea by Candy by TeaPhotography
"Tea by Candy"
The self-portrait I am holding in this photo, is a traditional work done by the extremely remarkably talented Candy Samuels
candysamuels :iconcandysamuels:
This was the original upload:
Tea.. by candysamuels
Then she mailed it!

She's such a dear, sweet friend, who is simply FABULOUS!

This gift was such a unique surprise for me,
and I'll always feel moved by her amazing kindness.

More from Candy:
Joy in my soul.. by candysamuelsmusic man by candysamuelsWhats it all about?? by candysamuels
bench side blues... by candysamuelsunspoken.. by candysamuels
I love Lucy by candysamuelsBruce Willis by candysamuels
My beautiful Dayna by candysamuels



Gorgeous Videos Created For Me By Teresa Tigles1Artistry

The photos used for this video can be found HERE:…

This amazing video was made for me, by my dearest friend Teresa :icontigles1artistry:
as a surprise gift...
She wanted to make this video to place in her Custom Box on her own Profile Page where she is so very generously promoting The Shelter Project:… :rose:

Not long after, she also made yet another one which contains more of my animal work, and is more particularly about The Shelter Project:… :rose:

And... HERE IT IS:

The photos used in this video can be found HERE:…
and from a number of other Sub-Galleries of mine. :aww:

And, THEN, as also a BIG Part of The Shelter Project she created another video to support my hand-crafted jewelry that also donates funds for the animals, through purchases:

She'd made THIS one for my birthday!
Teresa never ceases to amaze me with her creativity in seeking out ways to support this worthy cause for animals! :heart:

:note: To SEE ALL JEWELRY which Supports the Animals of THE SHELTER PROJECT, GO HERE:…
Contact me directly... and thank you in advance for your interest! :heart:

A feature of Teresa's :icontigles1artistry:'s stunning work:

Country Medley for Canan by Tigles1ArtistryME AS I AM - BY ME ...... by Tigles1ArtistryConcert in Shades of Purple by Tigles1Artistry
Batalha Monastery, Batalha, Portugal by Tigles1ArtistryI CAN SEE YOU.... by Tigles1Artistry
Pas de Deux ... by Tigles1ArtistryFor Christina by Tigles1Artistry
KINDRED SPIRITS... by Tigles1Artistry

I thank you profoundly, my dearest Teresa, as this is so very special to me from the bottom bottom of my heart- the same way I am always truly humbled by your ongoing support and friendship!
You are a fabulous and beautiful friend!



"Treat the Earth well. It was not given to us by our parents; it was loaned to us by our children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors- we borrow it from our children."

~Native American Proverb

"Human beings are more alike than unalike, and what is true anywhere is true everywhere, yet I encourage travel to as many destinations as possible for the sake of education as well as pleasure."
~Maya Angelou

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1963

"I can't understand what makes a man [person] hate another man [person]..."
~lyrics to People are People by Depeche Mode

"You can't shake hands with a clenched fist."
~Indira Gandhi

"When the power of love, overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
~Jimi Hendrix

"The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only object of government."
~Thomas Jefferson

“I truly believe that compassion provides the basis of human survival.”
~The 14th Dalai Lama

“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one,
I hope someday you'll join us, And the world will live as one.”

~lyrics to Imagine by John Lennon

"I'm tired of people being ugly to each other. I'm tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world everyday. There's too much of it. It's like pieces of glass in my head all the time."
~John Coffey in The Green Mile

:flowerpot: Sometimes, certain quotes & music lyrics can reflect bits of me here and there, the way my own writings and photography can. But it's difficult to truly presume to know me, no matter how much is on one website, or in one gallery... I run deep and I've lived broad...

Regardless, for more literal info., there's the BIO called "The 411 on Tea of Tea Photography" here:
:bulletpurple:… :bulletpurple: It's down the right-hand side.

Personal Quote: Life is Art, Messy yet Beautiful all at Once. ~Tea

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:pointr: FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
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:pointr: FAQ #29: How do I become a Senior Member?

That's a start anyway. If you need help with other FAQ, ask away! SIMPLY, :note:NOTE ME.

:heart: If you still are not finding specifically what you are looking for or how to find something, on dA, :note:NOTE ME, and I will try my very BEST to help you, or I'll find someone who can, or try to research the avenue you need... Yes, I am here to help.

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We care very much about ALL of Nature, and accept ALL Media, and we are concerned about our Earth and the Environment as well.
:heart: :earth: :heart:

HOWEVER, we ALSO support other wonderful, positive causes and events as found happening throughout dA!



Feel free to DONATE POINTS :points: to our large, beautiful, & VERY active Group, at:

We truly thank you in advance... and you WILL be thanked again! :nod:



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My dear friend, this is a small present with all my sincere appreciation for you.  Here the link:…
ArtBYbeverly 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the fave! :cuddle:
Thank you ever so much for the favourites, my dear Tea!  :heart:  :hug:
MayEbony 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist

Dear Angel Without Wings,


Do you remember being given this award during 2008 / 2009?  Well the project has been running again since 2013 and this time we have started up a group for awarded Angels, and the ‘Gangstas of Love’ who feature them.


The group is so that you can submit deviations, exactly as with any other group on dA.  Just asking if you would like to be invited to join?  Please let me know if you do and I will invite you straight away.


Heaps of love dear Tea :iconttaasst:


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